Church is one day a week. This will be six days a week. It will change our lifemicrophone

—Marsha Always of Vittoria, Ontario, opposing a bakery/café opening in a vacated Baptist church building adjacent to her property (Simcoe Reformer)

Those of us who understand that we are better together had better raise our voices, because there are others who are trafficking in theater, in paranoia, and they ply the trade of fear as part of their political craft.”

—Pastor Raphael Warnock on Atlanta’s historic Ebenezer Baptist Church participating in interracial efforts through the New Baptist Covenant (New York Times)

Teaching privilege and entitlement of any kind is dangerous. Racial privilege, social privilege and gender privilege are all slippery slopes that we do not want to perpetuate in the church with messages about male headship, husband pastors, and spiritual leaders. We need to do away with archaic cultural models of power and lean in to the teachings of Jesus Christ.”

—North Carolinian Carrie Fernandez, who blogs at

We simply cannot achieve the perfection toward which we erroneously aspire. One of the maxims of my childhood was ‘confession is good for the soul.’ It does allow sober self-assessment and a window into our need for grace all the while. When we fail to confess our sin and the hubris that shrouds our actions, we cut ourselves off from the flow of God’s mercy.”

—President Molly Marshall of Central Baptist Theological Seminary (Baptist News Global)

Religious liberty should not be code for anti-gay or anti-any-other-people.”

—General Counsel Holly Hollman of the Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty

This flag is a stumbling block to many African-American souls to our witness. I rise to say that all the Confederate flags in the world are not worth one soul of any race.”

—Atlanta-area pastor James Merritt, a former president of the Southern Baptist Convention, supporting a successful effort to pass a resolution opposing public display of the controversial flag (RNS)

Just because you are the loudest voice in the Christian community doesn’t mean you’re the majority voice or the correct voice. There are people who speak on behalf of Christianity or speak politically while claiming a Christian mantle who may not be reading the Bible the same way the rest of us do.”

—Mark Wingfield, associate pastor of Wilshire Baptist Church in Dallas, when asked on public broadcasting about his compassionate approach to understanding transgender persons (

God help us all! In a world that is desperate for the message of Christ, we continue to be less diligent in sharing the Good News.”

—Southern Baptist Convention Executive Committee President Frank Page regarding statistics compiled by LifeWay Christian Resources from church reports that show a denominational membership loss of more than 204,000, down 1.3 percent to 15.3 million members in 2015 (RNS)