102815 Tried EverythingMartha, dear Martha, you’re fussing far too much and getting yourself worked up over nothing. (Luke 10:41, MSG)

Jesus shows up at the door of your business.

What’s your response?

Do you invite him in, apologize for the messiness of the place, start straightening papers, go get him a cup of coffee or bottle of water, offer him a snack, or tell your teammates, “Not now! Jesus is here!!”?

Or, do you invite him in, offer a chair, and sit down to chat?

The Martha Trap associates busyness with business.

The more appointments scheduled, the more phone calls taken, the more church committees served on, the more Bible studies led, the more building campaigns implemented—the more is more syndrome somehow buys favor with Jesus who is conned into overlooking your sins.

It’s the Martha Trap.

And like Martha, you resent it, even whine about the fact that not everyone falls prey like you.

“They’re a bunch of freeloaders who think work just does itself around here,” you think. “If it weren’t for me, nobody would eat!”

You fuss far too much and get yourself worked up over nothing just like Martha.

Worship is the way out of the Martha Trap.

You swap activity for adoration.

You trade chaos for consecration.

You exchange temper tantrums for thanksgiving.

You flip a sanctimonious attitude for service.

Jesus told Martha that Mary chose the one essential ingredient, the main course—worship before work.

You worship and linger in Jesus’ presence and remember he is with you, even to the end of an incredibly long work day.

You worship and listen to Jesus’ teaching and recall his wisdom when making business decisions.

You worship and lie back into his arms for strength when you’re weak and weary, tired and torn, beat up and beat down.

Worship is your one thing.

Worship. Then work.

It’s how you increase your faith with greater joy in your work so you love God and others more.

Dr. Joey Faucette

Faith Positive

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