102115 WorkaholicStay calm; mind your own business; do your own job . . . [live] in a way that will command the respect of outsiders . . . (1 Thessalonians 4:11-12, MSG)

As I coach business professionals in groups and individually, I run into two extremes of work attitudes. The first is the workaholic—smartphone in one hand, tablet in the other; two monitors for the desktop; with a couple of empty Red Bull cans crumpled in the trash.

The second is the leisureholic—the disengaged worker who sees the job as a necessary evil, a means to a paycheck; living for the weekend.

Both give the same response when asked to rate their work on a scale of very satisfied to very dissatisfied. They are the two-thirds to three-fourths of American workers who respond, “dissatisfied” to “very dissatisfied.”

Even if they are Christians, neither the workaholic or the leisureholic command the respect of outsiders. They are not calm, minding their own business, or doing their own job.

Calm comes from following Jesus. You know he shares the work load with you. The success of the company, even if you’re the owner and the sole employee, doesn’t just depend on you and your wily ways.

Workaholics know no calm. Their whirling dervish strategies have no center of peace. Throw enough bologna on the wall and something has to stick.

Leisureholics know no calm. Their pursuit of fulfillment apart from God is insatiable and anxiety-driven.

Minding your own business comes from knowing who you are in Christ—your spiritual gifts, your passions, your unique contribution to work.

Workaholics have no concept of their own business. They convince themselves they have to do it all, which they may very well can, but not all at once.

Leisureholics mind no business except cashing a check. Their entitlement attitude tells them they are owed everything for doing very little.

Doing your own job recognizes that you are a part of the whole of work, that the team includes you, but isn’t about you.

Workaholics insert an “I” in team and take on the burden alone.

Leisureholics delete the “T for Together” in team and want you to achieve more for them.

Where are you on this work attitude continuum between workaholics and leisureholics?

Jesus wants you to work Faith Positive. Increase your faith with greater joy in your work so you love God and others more as you:

Stay calm
God designed you to work as an expression of your humanity. Follow Jesus’ guidance as you work. You are not alone.

Mind Your Own Business
Working out of your passion, the work you care most about that engages you emotionally with meaning, purpose, and satisfaction, is how you best mind your own business. It’s yours to do.

Do Your Own Job
Your spiritual gifts demand manifestation through your work. They are yours to edify others. Do it!

How satisfied are you with your work?

Live in a way that others respect as you work Faith Positive today.

Dr. Joey Faucette

Faith Positive

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