bossTrustworthy messengers [employees] refresh like snow in summer. They revive the spirit of their employer. (Proverbs 25:13, NLT)

Do you ever think about how your boss/supervisor/team leader—whatever you call her—could use some help?

Ever wonder what you can do to make his work more satisfying?

Many of us don’t.

We just assume that whatever hassles accrue to the work are why they pay her the big bucks, right? That the pain is what he has to endure for the pleasures.

And yet your team leader is like you—a human being in search of meaningful work.Usually we ask of our supervisor, “What can you do for me?” What if instead we ask, “What can I do for you, boss?”

Your boss needs help, too.

To work Faith Positive is to love God and others more including the boss. The NLT translation of messenger in this verse includes the implied meaning of “employee.” The messenger works for an employer.

Being a trustworthy employee creates a more pleasant work environment, especially for the boss.

Here are three ways you can help your team leader by being trustworthy:


It’s lonely being the boss. Hard decisions are required almost daily. These decisions all have consequences that few understand or try to comprehend.

Such loneliness is like walking the desert alone in search of water.

When you are trustworthy—do your work to the best of your ability—your boss receives refreshment like snow in summer. The hot stress of being misunderstood diminishes. The dry loneliness lessens.

You refresh your boss when you work trustworthy.


Your team leader’s spirit gets downcast. The struggle between what she wants to do and what she has to do is real. He gets pressure from above, below, and everywhere in between.

When you are trustworthy—execute your assignments on time—your supervisor’s spirit is revived. You deliver hope to her that lifts her spirit. You offer a reason for greater joy that resuscitates his attitude.

You revive your boss when you work trustworthy.


Your team needs a leader. We all need someone whose Divine Design is such that others look to her for guidance, that we turn to him for direction.

Our ego suggests otherwise. That you can do it all without regard for leadership.

And yet the most effective leaders are those who know what it is to be led.

When you work trustworthy, you declare to your boss, “I’m here to be led. I want to be led. I believe you will lead me well.”

Such affirmation renews your supervisor. She feels your faith increasing. He experiences greater joy in his work. You love God and others more.

You renew your boss when you work trustworthy.

Work trustworthy to refresh, revive, and renew your boss. And as you do, watch as you increase your own faith with greater joy in your work so you love God and others more.

Dr. Joey Faucette

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