.thumbs-down1He who goes to and fro weeping, carrying his bag of seed, Shall indeed come again with a shout of joy, bringing his sheaves with him. (Psalm 126:6, NASB)

Some days work just sucks.

Even if you’re a Christian.

It can be for a variety of reasons.

A deal falls through.

The company is laying off and you might be next.

Your evaluation comes back poor.

It’s enough to make you want to cry, or get angry, or…insert your favorite strong emotion here.

You want to go to and fro weeping.

King David knew what it was for work to suck. That’s why he wrote this psalm. It was one of those times when adversity reared it’s ugly, three-headed, hound-of-hell-looking self, trying to take a bite out of him.

And remember, David was a king after God’s own heart. The Divine’s favorite.

If his work sucked some days, is it any wonder yours will, too?

So how did David deal with such work days?

As he ran around crying on anyone’s shoulder who would stop and listen, notice that he carried a bag of seeds.

Seeds hold within the promise of a better future.

A bushel basket overflowing with zucchini squash.

An acre of corn as high as an elephant’s eye.

A massive oak over a hundred feet tall.

Your weeping tears water those seeds.

Adversity produces character-refinement.

(Cue song here: What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger…)

 Yes, it’s painful.

Yes, work sucks some days.

And yet, the question that transforms your tears of self-pity into seed-watering is: God, what do you want me to learn?

Or, Lord, what is the harvest these seeds will return?

 You see, the tears will dry up.

You will get another chance.

There is a day coming when work moves beyond sucking to satisfying, from sorrow to joy—even a shout of joy, as hard as that might be to imagine on that day.

David confesses you will bring sheaves with you. There will be a harvest from your tear-watering seed-scattering.

A harvest of character formation.

Your faith will increase at work. You will understand your work as an opportunity to worship your Savior who is always with you, even to the end of the world; the real end of the world, not just when your work sucks so much you think it’s ending.

Your joy becomes greater at work. For every valley there is a mountain. You will stand high on that mountain again and shout joy from it, giving praise to the Creator for your amazing, miraculous work.

Your love for God and others multiplies exponentially. You are so blessed that your love for God captures all of you. You even love those Eeyore Vampire teammates and customers who are so hard to love.

So the next time your work sucks, and you’re crying everywhere you go, grab your bag of seeds and know there is a better day coming for you just like it came for David. And get ready for a harvest of miraculous proportions.

Dr. Joey Faucette


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