bible_image“Nurturing Faith” was first used by Baptists Today as the name of the Bible study curriculum written by Tony Cartledge.

The Nurturing Faith Bible Studies are unique in the scholarship of a consistent writer, the depth of lessons based on Lectionary texts, and the presentation of the lessons within the news journal along with abundant teaching resources (including video) online.

“Nurturing Faith” conveyed the intent of providing more-scholarly Bible study than most Sunday school materials yet also applicable to daily living. But the question was raised: “What other resources can add to that mission?”

A unique approach to book publishing soon emerged — along with the tag line: “Something Good Is Growing.” Indeed, Nurturing Faith continues to grow as an extension of the publishing ministry that began more than 30 years ago.

Nurturing Faith™ respects the intelligence of its readers and their commitments to growing in faith. Books and other resources are collaborative efforts with authors, sponsors and organizations with shared values.

A creative team of writers, editors and designers has been assembled to produce the varied Nurturing Faith resources available at
Nurturing Faith Bible Studies by Tony Cartledge – Found in the center spread of Baptists Today, and with group subscriptions available, these studies also offer online teaching resources.

Nurturing Faith Bible Study Series by Tony Cartledge – Short-term Bible studies with background materials included are now available in book format. (See the ad on page 41 for more information.)

Nurturing Faith Books – A broad array of excellent books (devotional, inspirational, biblical, topical, biographical, fiction) is available in print or digital format.

Nurturing Faith Resources – Published in collaboration with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship and CBF of North Carolina, these resources continue to grow with new ones in production.
Nurturing Faith Experiences – Unique group travel opportunities emphasizing adventure and spiritual growth are offered each year. Previous trips included Israel/West Bank and Yellowstone and Glacier national parks.

So what is Nurturing Faith? It is a growing way to extend the ministry of Baptists Today. Check it out! “Something Good Is Growing” at BT

By John Pierce