Welcome to Nurturing Faith Journal & Bible Studies from the publishing ministry of Baptists Today, Inc.

Why the change? The short answer is because times change.

Last fall, an envisioning committee took a close look at all we were doing, brought in others with unique insights, put everything on the table, and ended up with some creative ideas embraced by the Board of Directors and implemented by the staff.

We discovered that we could actually produce a higher-quality publication bimonthly and develop a more robust website while reducing operational expenses.

Unlike many newspapers, secular and religious, our publication is not in circulation decline. Adding the excellent Nurturing Faith Bible Studies by Tony Cartledge and the online teaching resources gets the credit for the growth and stability.

That move a few years ago did two additional good things: It showed how print and web can be used together effectively. And it brought a good brand name to light.

Since then, Nurturing Faith, Inc., was formed as a subsidiary to publish books and other resources. We received a trademark for Nurturing Faith, and launched Nurturing Faith Experiences.

Consolidating the brand name Nurturing Faith brings continuity to this multifaceted publishing ministry — with this signature journal carrying on its unique and important role during shifting times.

As Board Chairman Don Brewer put it: “While our appearance is changing, our DNA remains the same — an autonomous news journal for critically thinking Christians.” NFJ

What HAS changed — AND WHAT HAS NOT?

The answer is mostly in your hands. The look, size, feel and frequency are different. This allows for the Bible studies and the journal issue to have the same dates.

A new website is under construction that will bring together the best of the current Baptists Today and Nurturing Faith sites and more.

As a result, subscribers will get more from both the enlarged, bimonthly (print or digital subscription) journal and the expanding, daily-updated website.

So please delve into this first issue of the bimonthly Nurturing Faith Journal, which continues the mission of Baptists Today through a consolidated brand and a bit of freshness.

With just the flip of a few pages you will find much that is familiar: original feature stories, the popular quotations page, the editorial and other commentaries, Brett Younger’s delightful “Lighter Side,” and much more including the scholarly, but applicable Bible studies.

We’ve also added new columnists — Colleen Burroughs and John Franke — with others to join in future issues.

Most importantly, the long-held mission continues: to openly address issues and trends that impact Christian living and ministry, to provide thoughtful analysis and helpful resources, and to share inspiring stories of faith and hope.

The purpose, principles and people behind this mission remain the same. We are simply embracing fresh, cost-saving and wider-reaching ways to address the issues of Christian living in a fast-changing world. NFJ

“The new bimonthly magazine is a visually stunning design that will appeal to a much broader audience without sacrificing Baptist principles and a distinct point of view.”

Will Dyer, Associate Pastor for Discipleshipand Young Adults, First Baptist Churchof Gainesville, Ga.