06_0900091Farmers who wait for perfect weather never plant. If they watch every cloud, they never harvest. (Ecclesiastes 11:4, NLT)

So here you are at work, negative worries booming through your ego. You begin talking to yourself, and the conversation starts with, “I’ll be OK. Business will be better when . . .

I get some new team members.”

I find a new job.”

I have more time.”

I . . . ”

Sure, you’re important to your work. However, you are not the sum total of your work.

There’s more. Much more.

Farmers who wait for perfect weather never plant. If they watch every cloud, they never harvest.

It appears you have to do it on your own, apart from God, when the economic noise assaults you at incredibly difficult decibel levels, and your first recourse is to bend in to your ego. You then set up unrealistic “perfect stages” of your work life when everything will be just right.

So what if those ideal scenarios you’ve dreamed about your business suddenly materialized? What do you picture then?

Do you see yourself working with God to coach, develop, and serve your customers and team? Or do you envision yourself after a year of rolling up your sleeves, at your company’s next national convention seated next to the CEO, sounds of roaring applause ringing in your head?

Are you bent on serving others? Or toward your own ego?

Your ego fears failure, rejection, and a host of other paralyzing scenarios, none of which exist except in your emotions. This fear prevents you from getting up and doing what you can do, controlling what you can control, and avoiding worrying about the rest. This fear blocks from your heart the faith-reality that “with God all things are possible” (Matthew 19:26, NIV).

The way you work best is more about what you believe to be faith reality than you ever imagined. Maybe that’s why you’re reading this blog. You know the negativity of working of the world.

You have exercised your ego to the point of exhaustion, trying to make something perfect out of your problems.

But the weather just won’t clear.

You’re hoping more is left in your work, more than what you and your ego have done so far. You’re praying for an increase in faith and especially greater joy at work.

The good news is that there is much more to your work than what you’ve experienced so far. Remember that moment when you felt led to this work, to your unique contribution? Your excitement, passion, and desire to help others? Hope for that calling on your life to succeed peeks up through the cold adversity of your ego-constructed work like the first crocus of spring through six inches of snow.

You were born to believe you can increase faith with greater joy at work so you love God and others more and generate success, avoiding bending inward to your ego.

You are actually at your best, enjoying a Faith Positive lifestyle, when you live into your birthright to believe and imagine how you can best work to co-create with God a faith reality in a negative world.

That’s when your faith increases with greater joy at work and you love God and others more.

Regardless of the economic weather.

Adapted from Dr. Joey and Mike Van Vranken’s #1 best-seller, Faith Positive in a Negative World available on Amazon.

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