photobomber. . . I’ll be with you always . . . Matthew 28:20 (NLT)

A whole lot of pictures will be taken over the next couple of weeks.

A cute picture of baby’s first Christmas, ripping open an age-appropriate present carefully chosen by a loving parent, only to discover the kid is more interested in the box than the toy.

A family picture where people who gather only for funerals, weddings, and Christmas cram themselves together in a single frame and act as if they like each other.

A last picture of a parent who is bald from cancer chemo treatments, smiling and trying to hold up her head and say “Cheese.”

A couple picture, newly engaged, excited to think that next Christmas they will be husband and wife.

A sad picture of Pops without Mimi for the first Christmas, looking rather lost because he had never shopped for this many before; hoping they like his gift cards.

A happy picture of a little girl with a new bike, shiny and sleek, her favorite color just like she whispered in Santa’s ear—and he remembered!

A cool picture of a teenaged boy holding up enough cash to get new pipes on his truck plus new speakers and even a sub.

A team picture of people who work together sharing gifts and refreshments.

Now if you look closely at all of these pictures, you’re promised to discover a photobomber. You know, that one person in the group who has to be in all the pictures, smiling a goofy grin, flashing rabbit ears behind someone’s head, putting up the peace sign, or just waving.

There’s always a photobomber, right?

Of course there is. Whether it’s a cute Christmas, family Christmas, last Christmas, first Christmas, couple Christmas, sad Christmas, happy Christmas, cool Christmas, or team Christmas, there’s always a photobomber.

The one person who promised to always be with you.

The one person who makes Christmas possible.

Yep, Jesus is the photobomber.

Work with him, okay? Avoid shooing him off . . . especially this time of year.

Dr. Joey Faucette

Faith Positive

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