110215 StetsonStay with God! Take heart. Don’t quit. I’ll say it again: Stay with God. Psalm 27:14 (MSG)

Our younger daughter’s boyfriend is in law school. He found a puppy he wanted, a German short-hair pointer and English setter mix. Law school is pretty stressful, you see, and since a dog is a man’s best friend, well . . . you understand. He named him Stetson.

The little guy looks more like a LeRoy to me. Luh. Roy.

Sophisticated yet approachable.

Stetson (LeRoy) has spent some time in our home. I took him outside one evening, trying to help him figure out what trees are for. We live on a farm with no fire hydrants. Trees are a fine substitute.

He bounds out the door, tripping over his feet, excited for a new adventure. Running through the front yard toward an oak tree, he stops dead in his tracks when our yellow Lab in the back yard, Dutchess, barks. Terrified, he pivots on a 180 and runs for me. He circles me, stops beside me. Sits and stays.

As in, “Get ‘em Pops!”

Another time, Stetson (LeRoy) and I were in our family room along with Lily Grace, our daughter’s border collie/blue heeler mix. She’s a smart, young dog, just out of the puppy stage and yet incredibly energetic.

Evidently she mistook the little guy for a stuffed animal because she picks him up by the rear leg and starts dragging him across the floor. He yelps. She remembers that stuffing doesn’t yelp and turns him loose.

Next thing I know he’s by my recliner. Sits. Stays.

“Get her Pops!”

I can relate to LeRoy. Some days at work, someone barks at me and I get scared. It’s dark out there in the land of big bills in small business.

Other days some bigger-than-me situation keeps grabbing me by the hind quarters and all I can do is yelp. It hurts being a leader sometimes.

It’s in those times, that I’m a lot like LeRoy.

I make a beeline to God.

I sit.

I stay.

I look up toward heaven and pray, “Get ‘em God!”

I get a lot of courage from God when I sit and stay. It’s the only way I can take heart and not quit.

Might be a good idea for me to sit and stay more often with God.

Like LeRoy does with me.

After all, we’re best friends.

Dr. Joey Faucette

Faith Positive

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