It’s a revolution going on. But a revolution of love and hope.”

—Honduran Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga, who heads an effort by Pope Francis to reform the Vatican that is finding intense opposition from some more conservative Catholic leaders (RNS)

I hope that all of it in some way will result in some very practical ways in which the church can move forward with this issue and also help to influence the culture.”

—President Jerry Young of the National Baptist Convention, USA, on joining Southern Baptist Convention President Ronnie Floyd for a November event in Mississippi to foster racial unity (RNS)

Support for capital punishment among Americans has fallen from a high of 78 percent in the mid-’90s to 55 percent in 2013. While evangelicals are more approving of the death penalty than is the general public, their support has also waned in recent years.”

—Religion News Service senior columnist Jonathan Merritt responding to the National Association of Evangelicals softening its position on capital punishment (See story on page 10)

America’s 13-year church-building slump may soon come to an end.”

—Wall Street Journal economy writer Ben Leubsdorf

I don’t see any reason why women can’t be ordained.”

—Neurosurgeon and presidential candidate Ben Carson, taking an opposing position to his Seventh-day Adventist denomination (Christian Post)

Hairstyles and fashion shouldavoid extremes.”

—A new, less-specific statement replacing a page of dress code restrictions for Liberty University students (Washington Post)

They might have stolen his zebra carpeting or those types of things, but the actual structure of the building has been literally untouched.”

—Co-pastor Nick Dejacimo, on the vandalized, neglected former Ohio home of boxer Mike Tyson being transformed into Living Word Sanctuary (USA Today)

We estimate that the treeis somewhere between 350 to 500 years old.”

—Business administrator Cecil Dunham, after weather brought down a massive oak inside First Baptist Church of Waco, Texas (KWTX)

I was just glad to be able to do it.”

—Former Olympic basketball player Jack Robinson, 88, on helping christen the new gym floor Nov. 4 at First Baptist Church of Augusta, Ga., where he served as pastor from 1953-1974 (Augusta Chronicle)

“‘God’s Word’ always trumps evidence, no matter how apparently convincing. Just ask Galileo.”

—Blogger Pete Enns, who teaches biblical studies at Eastern University in St. Davids, Penn. (

Now people can say we are the church with the steeple instead of the church behind the Taco Bell.”

—Student pastor Scott Shelton of First Baptist Church of Athens, Texas, after the congregation decided to replace a leaking cupola with a traditional steeple (BNG)

In the New Testament, God’s reign is the alternative governance founded on subversive generosity that stands opposed to Roman oppression. Today, God’s reign provides the moral vision to see through the distortions of consumerism.”

—Pastor Jason Coker of Wilton Baptist Church in Wilton, Conn. (Christian Reflection)

We grown-ups need to be reminded about simple virtues absent of our cynicism and skepticism. Maybe that is why Jesus asked his disciples to enter the kingdom as children.”

—Jake Hall, pastor of Highland Hills Baptist Church in Macon, Ga., and the father of a 3-year-old son, Logan (Family Matters)

The same Jesus who said ‘go make disciples of all nations’ is the same Jesus who said ‘as you did it to the least of these who are my brothers and sisters you have done it to me.’ They’re all part of the same package. Matthew 25 and 28 are both in the same Gospel.”

—Presiding Bishop Michael Curry, the first African American to lead the Episcopal Church, when asked whether evangelism or social justice is more important to him (RNS)

We often don’t know what to do with the hard sayings of Jesus, so we spiritualize them, ignore them altogether, or use them to beat each other up in Jesus’ name. At best (or worst) we are selective literalists, and there are plenty of hard sayings to go around.”

—Church historian Bill Leonard of Wake Forest University School of Divinity (BNG)