1. Church Advertises ‘HIV … It’s Time to Take Control of This Gangsta’ (WGNO, LA)
  2. Religious Rants in the Classroom: Students in Public School Say Christianity Forced Upon Them (Slate)
  3. Class Controversy: Missouri Parents Worried Course on Islam Teaches Religion (Fox2Now)
  4. Pew Study: More Americans Reject Religion, But Believers Remain Firm in Faith (Washington Post)
  5. Poll Watch: Republicans Diverge on Religious Liberties and Guns (New York Times)
  6. Poll: Survey Shows Religious Decline Among Democrats, GOP (CNN)
  7. Steeples and Millennials – Does Church Architecture Matter? (Baptist News Global)
  8. Society and Tech: Average U.S. Teen Watches Nearly Seven Hours of Media Daily (Christian Science Monitor)
  9. Society and Tech: Teenage Instagram Star Quits Social Media: ‘It’s Not Real’ (Christian Today)
  10. Christsploitatian – Hollywood Gives Thanks for the New Wave of Faith Movies (Guardian)
  11. In Religious Arbitration, Scripture is the Rule of Law (New York Times)
  12. Prestonwood Baptist Church Sells Dallas Campus (Baptist News Global)
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