1. With Interfaith Sunday Schools, Parents Don’t Have to Choose One Religion (NPR)
  2. Austin-Based Churches, Synagogues Call for End to Anti-Muslim Bigotry (Austin American-Statesman)
  3. U.K.: BBC is ‘Too Christian and Could Broadcast Muslim Prayers’ to Reflect Growing Multi-Culturalism (Telegraph)
  4. Middle East: Iraq’s Christian Population Could Be Gone Within Five Years (Telegraph)
  5. Middle East: Egypt’s Anti-Blasphemy Law: Defense of Religion, or Tool of Persecution? (Ahram Online)
  6. Middle East: Jesus’ Baptism Site to be Cleared of Mines (CNN)
  7. Methodists Debate Church’s Possible Gay Marriage Policy Change (Dallas Morning News)
  8. Franklin Graham: School Boards Must Be Run by Evangelical Christians Instead of ‘Wicked, Evil’ Gays (New Civil Rights Movement)
  9. Anne Graham Lotz: 9/11 Was Warning About Evolution, Church State Separation (Right Wing Watch)
  10. Angry, Bible-Waving Woman Screams at Target Customers: ‘Are You Gonna Let the Devil Rape Your Children?’ (Raw Story)
  11. Private Memorial Held for Prince at Church in Minnetonka, Minnesota (Fox9)
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