A road leads deep into a Kansas cornfield in late July.God made everything beautiful and in its time, but he’s left us in the dark, so we can never know what God is up to. Ecclesiastes 3:11. (MSG)

I had just spent an hour or more coaching a client about how God sometimes allows us to wait for the solution longer than we hoped. Waiting grows our dependence on the Holy Spirit instead of ourselves.

On the way back to my office, it was my turn for that chat.

I was praying and believing for a breakthrough. I prayed daily, asking God to show me if something I was doing was causing the delay. I even fasted.

Every day the breakthrough I believed for was so close I could taste it. But, it hadn’t quite materialized yet. A great time for the enemy to slip some thoughts of doubt into my mind.

And, sometimes, I fell for it.  Why was it taking so long?  Did God really call me to do this particular assignment?  Maybe I misheard his words!  Should I stop now and move on to something else?

My morning routine always includes listening to spiritual music. The lyrics the next morning were this:

“Lord, please show me every day, as you’re teaching me your way, that you do just what you say, in your time.”

Oh yea . . . in His time.

Not mine.


I quickly repented and turned back to faith in Him instead of the world. The Holy Spirit reminded me that leaning on Him and not myself is the Divine Way of doing things.

What about you?

Have you planted seeds and feel stuck in time waiting for the harvest?

The farmer plants corn in the spring. It takes him a few weeks.

He picks all that corn in the fall.  Again, it takes a few weeks.

But he has to wait about four months in between.

During that waiting time, he prays for rain, no rain, sunshine, clouds, no weeds, no bugs – no problems.

During that waiting he can get restless, feel helpless and lose his reliance on God to grow the corn.

But unlike the farmer who relies on the weather and pesticides, you and I can rely on the God who created the universe.

Are you believing for something at work that has yet to materialize?

Are you convinced God showed it to you, but now you wonder, “Was that really God?”

Stand on the solid ground of God’s promises to be with you between planting and harvesting.

Pray for reassurance that you received the right vision.

Ask to see anything that stunts your seeds’ growth.

Follow the instructions you hear.

Watch God manifest in His time.

As you do, you increase your faith, with greater joy at work and love God and others more.

Mike Van Vranken

Faith Positive

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