Dollarphotoclub_70680221Use your freedom to serve one another in love. That’s how your freedom grows. (Galatians 5:13, MSG)

I met with a new client who asked me to help with team building. Following several hours of conversation, we chatted about his need to spend more time developing his team.

When he understood I was recommending he take individual time with each team member daily, he dismissed me. We have yet to meet about his business again.

He thought he was too busy to spend daily time with his team members.

He said his job was to serve his clients.

Can you relate?

The people you work with need help and you know it. But, you’re too busy to be their coach, guide, or mentor.

After all, you have your own responsibilities, right?

Yet, you realize your team is dysfunctional.

Why? None of them knows how to do what they are assigned to do.

Oh, they’ve been told. They’ve even been given some instruction.

But at that intersection where instruction meets practice, they are alone to wing it.

They make the same mistakes today they made yesterday.

It happens.

As a Christian business person, where did your motivation to serve one another in love go?

What happened to serving others at work as a testimony of faith?

Does that mean serving customers and clients?

Of course.

And yet those team members who don’t know how to best serve the clients, create unhappy and un-served customers.

See, true servant leadership means you understand and serve the needs of your co-workers and team members first. Serving others includes those you work with.

Such servant leadership is for more than just team leaders. Paul wrote to you regardless of your work position. We are all called to be servants at work.

I worked with someone who was in a very toxic, negative work environment.

As we discussed the situation, I discovered the team lacked direction, guidance and someone to respond to their daily needs.

Their language was coarse and harsh to each other, even mean-spirited and hostile. Yet, my client assured me these are all good, nice people.

The problem? No one cared enough to help them change.

No one served them to help them learn better ways to convey their message.

No one helped them to look after each other in love rather than only focusing on themselves.

No one taught them to rise above the negativity and see the positive in their daily routines.

Authentic Christian leaders serve each other in love regardless of title. They coach and guide each other away from toxic habits and into loving lifestyles.

They gently help one another see how to minister to the team in ways that benefit everyone.

They understand this is part of their Christ-calling.

You owe it to the people you work with to help them on a daily basis.


Every day.

Lead them. Teach them. Show them. Coach them.

You increase their faith, with greater joy at work, so they love God and others…and you do, too.

Mike Van Vranken

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Who is one person you can serve today at work? How will you do it?

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