Earth2AXRayvisionWe don’t yet see things clearly. We’re squinting in a fog . . . We’ll see it all as clearly as God sees us, knowing him directly just as he knows us!

(1 Corinthians 13:12, MSG)

I wanted to be Superman when I was a kid. Flying looked really cool. Superhuman strength was awesome. And yet what I wanted most of all was x-ray vision.

I still want x-ray vision. Only now I want to see more clearly everything related to work. It seems like a fog rolls in pretty often and I’m left with more questions than answers.

Evidently there are lots of us who want x-ray vision based on my clients’ questions:

The Owner: “What if the bank calls my note due early because I had a down quarter?”

The Manager: “What if my key employee quits to start his own business?”

The Team Member: “What if my spouse says I’m never home and leaves me because I have to do three people’s work now?”

A mental fog seems to roll in, and because you can’t see into the future far enough, worry slips in on “little cat feet” (Carl Sandburg, Fog).

Or horse’s hooves.

The kitchen in our home overlooks a hill across a horse pasture. It’s really beautiful … except when the fog rolls in. Then we can’t see down the hill and across the pasture, which means we can’t see the horses and make sure they’re safe. That’s when worry rolls in with the fog:

A snake could bite a horse on the nose.

A horse could step in a hole.

One could get sick and die because the vet wasn’t called in time.

Of course, none of these things have ever happened, with or without the fog. But because the fog blocks our vision, we worry.

Are you that way at work?

You worry about the “What if …?” future of your work. And yet so far in your career, few if any of these things have actually happened.

That doesn’t keep you from worrying, does it? You allow your imagination to morph into worry and take control of your mind, and negative thoughts crop up.

It happens to you and the rest of us, too.

If you only had x-ray vision, right?

Paul says you can’t have x-ray vision because you work east of Eden. We’re squinting in a fog.

If you can’t have x-ray vision, then what?

Paul clears the fog by offering two things to say to yourself today:

First, say to yourself, “The fog is temporary.”

One day all of your fog will disappear and you’ll see clearly. It might take a while, and yet it will all make sense one day.

The fog just seems to last forever.

Your worries are like the fog. About a cup of water is all you get out of a city block’s worth of fog. Around 98% of what you worry about fails to happen.

Your worry, like the fog, is temporary.

Second, say to yourself, “God has x-ray vision.”

The original Superman, Jesus, sees you and knows you, your struggle, and your work intimately.

God is on the job with you, offering you the mind of Christ, and the peace of the Holy Spirit.

You are seen regardless of how well you see.

Say to yourself today, “The fog is temporary” and “God has x-ray vision” so you can work Faith Positive and increase your faith with greater joy at work so you love God and others more.

Dr. Joey Faucette

What are you worried about right now that’s fogging up your work? What do you want God’s x-ray vision to see?

Adapted from Faith Positive in a Negative World available at Amazon.

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