IMG_5595Work six days and do everything you need to do. But the seventh day is a Sabbath to God, your God. Don’t do any work. (Exodus 20:9-10, MSG)

We live in an economy that requires some people to work on Sunday. So, how do we reconcile that with God’s command to not do any work on the seventh day?

The literal definition of Sabbath is “to cease” or “to stop.” God’s desire is for you to stop work long enough to devote time and energy to him.

As we coach Christian business professionals, the cry for help we hear most often is, “How do I balance my devotion to God, my family and my work?”

Yes, it’s not just you.

We all struggle with this desire to “come away” and “be with God” and still take care of family and career.

As you celebrate the Sabbath, you turn away from the worldly attachments of work to the Source of life itself—work life and family life.

Think of Sabbath as giving primary attention to God.

And certainly, if you are free to do that on Sunday’s, do it. And yet, if your vocation requires you to work on Sundays, find another day of the week to be with God.

Sabbath-attention to God benefits you with rest and peace. Remember when Jesus invited, Come to me all who labor and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest (Matthew 11:28, KJV)? And his continual offering of himself to his disciples with peace?

It’s so very easy for you to fall prey to the slavery of busyness, mentally associating frenetic activity with business; while knowing in your heart that it’s really “sound and fury, signifying nothing.” And yet you can’t stop because “there is too much to do.”

Work becomes your God.

You lose focus on the only God.

And the longer you buy the lie, the stronger the tie that binds you to the negative world grows.

As you set aside that one day and spend it with God, you free yourself of the negative world’s attachments, and the Holy Spirit transforms you to resemble the image of God within.

So what about you? Do you have too many responsibilities to give an entire day to God?

How’s it working out for you and your family to break yourself down to near exhaustion and allow busyness to dominate?

Would you like to exchange your exhaustion for peace?

Could your body benefit from some rest?

Should your spirit be more joyful?

Then give a day to God.

Pray. Worship. Fellowship.

Then watch as you increase your faith and find greater joy at work because you love God and others more.

Mike Van Vranken

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How would you spend an entire day of fun with your family?

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