Bible Lands Study Tour: Israel,

Posted by BT on Nov 4, 20161

Giving is Good

Posted by BT on Dec 20, 20162

Now Available! Weaving Strong Leaders

Posted by BT on Oct 3, 20163

Glacier / Montana 2017

Posted by BT on Aug 16, 20164

Get thoughtful, original content

Posted by BT on May 3, 20165

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John Pierce

Q&A with Frederick Douglass

Q&A with Frederick Douglass

By John D. Pierce Q: Thanks for taking the time to talk today? FD: Sure. It’s been awhile since I’ve done an interview. Q: Well, what do you make of this newfound attention? FD: We’ll, it’s a bit surprising, but it seems some of the things I’ve been saying for...

Tony Cartledge

Alternative faces

Alternative faces

I continue to struggle with what to say these days: with so many bad choices, hurtful orders, and childish displays coming from the White House, it seems irresponsible not to comment on them — but many others more qualified than I are providing cogent...

Bruce Gourley

An Unholy Alliance to Make America Old Testament Again

An Unholy Alliance to Make America Old Testament Again

Merely one year ago it is was largely unthinkable that evangelicals would turn to an evil man like Donald Trump — a malignant narcissist, sexual predator, serial hater, unethical businessman and pathological liar dismissed by many evangelicals at that time as an...

Faith Positive

Faith Positive Radio: Paul Erwin

Faith Positive Radio: Paul Erwin

Paul Erwin, DVM is Dr. Joey and Mike’s guest on this episode of Faith Positive Radio. An Auburn graduate, Dr. Erwin specializes in large animal care as co-owner of Chatham Animal Clinic in Chatham, Virginia. His faith informs his love and care for all creatures great...

Religion News Service (RNS)

Some evangelicals reaching out to the other side

By STEVE RABEY © 2016 Religion News Service DENVER — In the early 1990s, the conservative Christian group Focus on the Family raised the ire of LGBT groups by backing Colorado’s Amendment 2, a measure — ultimately struck down by the Supreme Court — that would have...

Is the pope Catholic?

By DAVID GIBSON © 2016 Religion News Service NEW YORK — That’s always been the jokey answer to a dumb question, but it’s now a serious issue for Catholic intellectuals who have been criticizing, and defending, the Catholic bona fides of Pope Francis, especially since...

Nurturing Faith This Week

NF Bible Lessons

Now you can access all the Nurturing Faith Bible Study resources in one place! Visit the Baptists Today website and and use (or setup) your login to be taken to a single web area that now includes everything you need to lead or participate in a Nurturing Faith lesson....

Weekly Photo

Photo of the Week

Saint Martin of Tours Catholic Church, Louisville, Kentucky. One of the oldest churches in the archdiocese of Louisville (which is the oldest inland diocese in the United States). Founded as a church for German immigrants, the building was completed in August of 1854....

Books, Resources, Experiences

Nurturing Faith Publishing

A few years ago Baptists Today leadership formed Nurturing Faith, Inc. as a wholly-owned subsidiary to provide books, experiences and other good resources with a commitment to creativity, quality and respect for deeper thinking. Books The book-publishing venture, a...