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Stay alert! I am God, the God of everything living. Is there anything I can’t do? (Jeremiah 32:27, MSG)

I developed a lot of great relationships during my 16 years as an insurance agent. I unfortunately had a not so great association with one of my fellow agents. You could call it “toxic.”

We agreed not to even speak to each other, that’s how bad it was.

Then I became a field consultant for the company, which required me to work with every agent, including “that one.”

After setting several appointments with him where he was a no-show, I wanted to just forget him. No need to waste time and energy on someone who had no intention of working with me.

This approach didn’t work so well for me. God wouldn’t leave me alone about him. Eventually I realized it was time to pray.

Frankly it took more than a little prayer for me. More like several weeks of prayer. I was led to the words of Jeremiah 32:27. God told the prophet to be ready. To stay alert. To keep on keeping on. Even reminded Jeremiah that he really can do everything.

God put it on my heart while sitting in my office one day to call this particular person and apologize.

“Apologize for what? It wasn’t my fault!” I thought.

As I spent some time reminiscing, I realized that I had no idea how our poor relationship ever came to this point.

Whose fault was it?

I really didn’t know.

I called him and said, “I know we have never really gotten along too well. And, I have no idea why or who’s fault it is. So, if I have ever done anything that has hurt or offended you, I apologize and ask your forgiveness.”

The next five to ten seconds of total silence seemed like an hour.

His response was, “You know Mike, I wasn’t expecting that. And, like you, I don’t know how we got here either. But I’m a Christian and my answer to you is, I accept your apology and I would love to work with you.”

We scheduled an appointment and I became his business consultant.

Did we become best friends? No

Did we begin a very positive working relationship?  Absolutely.

What seems impossible at work for you today?

Do you have a poor relationship with someone that needs healing?

Maybe your income is not adequate to take care of your responsibilities.

Is it more difficult than ever to find new customers?

Listen to God’s voice gently remind you: “Is there anything I can’t do?”

Ask him what your next move should be. Then, be obedient and let him be the God that does anything for you.

Does it seem like it’s too late?

Don’t quit.

He’s a “do anything” God.

Keep on keeping on.

As you anticipate your breakthrough, thank God for what’s coming.

And even before he does the impossible for you, enjoy your increasing faith, greater joy at work, and more love for God and others as you work Faith Positive in a negative world.

Hang in there, okay?

God is on the way.

Mike Van Vranken

What “impossible” will you ask God for now?

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