fullsize_aBy his divine power, God has given us everything we need for living a godly life. (2 Peter 1:3a, NLT)

When a co-worker gives you a gift, do you open it?

Or, do you leave it lying around your workspace, saying, “Oh, I’ll get around to opening it one of these days”?

I bet you open it immediately. Like a kid at Christmas.

God gives you 3 Work Gifts that are lying on your desk daily for you to open.

Are you opening them?

Here’s what they are:

Divine Power

Think back on one of those work days when it seemed nobody was listening to you. You’re sitting in a meeting. You offer your best thoughts, expressing yourself clearly and succinctly. Then nothing. It’s like you never spoke.


That’s how it is in the negative world. You work hard and then nothing sometimes.

Everyone faces these experiences.

These defining moments are opportunities to unwrap God’s gift of divine power.

Pull the bow and tear the paper on this gift of divine power and you discover an inner strength to endure such moments, a God-confidence that validates your personhood, and a peace that surpasses everything you understand.

Spiritual gifts you can wear daily as you dress for success in a negative world.

Unwrap your gift of Divine Power now.

Daily Bread

Along with the gift of Divine Power for your spirit, God gives you everything we need for living. Think of this present as your daily bread.

Your body requires nourishment daily. Everything [you] need for living is what Jesus teaches us to pray for in the Lord’s Prayer.

Like the Hebrews gathering extra manna in the wilderness, the temptation is for you to stockpile your definition of everything [you] need for living.

Recognize God’s daily provision of the essentials like food and shelter. In gratitude, thank God for good food, a beautiful home to eat it in, and delightful family and friends to share it with.

Daily bread is needed for success in this negative world.

Unwrap your gift of daily bread now.


You unwrap Divine Power to fortify your spirit at work, daily bread to strengthen your body for doing the work, and you unwrap your destiny each day at work to keep your mind focused on the eternal.

God has a calling on you for a godly life. That includes your work.

What difference does your relationship with Jesus make in how you work?

Do your teammates wonder how you love even the difficult people—Eeyore Vampires?

Can they tell you receive greater joy from your work than others?

Your destiny is to live a godly life with an eternal viewpoint that keeps your mind focused on what God sees, how He sees it, and why He looks at it. To be in the world and yet not of the world. It’s why Jesus descended, died, and was resurrected.

Destiny draws you to eternal success in this negative world.

Unwrap your gift of destiny now.

So what are you leaving on your desk, unopened, that God gives you for work?

Unwrap these 3 Work Gifts from God—divine power, daily bread, and destiny—each day so you work Faith Positive and increase your faith with greater joy at work so you love God and others more.

Dr. Joey Faucette


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