glorydays“Forgetting what lies behind but straining forward to what lies ahead, I continue my pursuit toward the goal, the prize of God’s upward calling in Christ Jesus” Philippians 3:13-14 (NAB).

In our Faith Positive Radio podcasts and our best-seller, Faith Positive in a Negative World, Dr. Joey and I discuss God’s Divine Design for each of us.

You know, that unique calling from God for your work. That sweet spot of personal satisfaction and unique contribution from which you work for the Lord and not yourself.

However, as I coach Christian business professionals about their work, I find that many of us love to think back on the “glory days.” With selective memory, you emotionally revert back to a time when everything was better, more productive and successful. You received some awards “back in the good ole days” that are a little taller and more significant now. Wow, you were so good back then . . . or, were you?

You obsess on memories that get better with age.

The result?

You are paralyzed from moving forward to work in God’s will out of your Divine Design.

Paul says: Do the opposite.

Forget about the past. It’s gone.

Press on to the future. Work in your Divine Design for God now.

After all, now is all you have.

Your so-called “glory days” are gone forever.

Adam and Eve felt the same way. They had it made: a perfect garden, walking with God himself in the cool of the day.

Then things changed. By their choice. They had to move on. No going back to the garden “glory days.”

God didn’t call in the angelic clean-up crew to fix the mess so the first couple could move back in.

God moved forward. He always does.

He calls you to do the same.

Looking back stops everything. You drown in a sea of distorted memories that pull you back down.

God knows that is a dead-end future.

Yes, it’s hard work to move forward. Paul calls it straining which means there’s probably some grunting involved as you lift that “glory days” weight and throw it off.

Yes, it’s an upward calling God gives you in your Divine Design. God invites you to reach new heights of personal satisfaction and unique contribution. Such higher planes of success  bless you, and all those around you at work, home, and community.

That’s when you discover how to increase your faith at work.

That’s when you find greater joy at work.

That’s when you love God and others even more.

Thank God for your “glory days” of work life past. Smile and see God at work in them.

Then, forget them and move on.

And if you think those past blessings were glorious, you’re gonna love the future he has planned for you.

Work Faith Positive today.

Mike Van Vranken

What “glory days” work do you need to forget and move on?

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