FatherKnowsBestI know what I’m doing. I have it all planned out – plans to take care of you, not abandon you, plans to give you the future you hope for (Jeremiah 29:11, MSG).

My first job post-college finally materialized after a lot of interviews and no other offers.

It wasn’t easy finding work in the summer of 1973. And I knew this offer from one of the largest companies in the world had promise. I was on my way to success!

But a funny thing happened on the way to the top. After I was with them about 18 months, this huge organization began a 100,000 employee lay-off.

You know what I was thinking: last hired, first fired.

My only hope came when a position opened up for the mailroom clerk.

My path to success took a hard turn down.

“What kind of career is that?” I thought. My prideful ego yelled, “Get another job!”  But that still, tiny voice inside begged, “Have a little faith.”

I quickly found myself dragging 70lb bags of mail from the Post Office twice daily.  Being out of shape and overweight in the Memphis summer heat didn’t help.

I hated my job.

My wife reminded me one day during a meltdown of complaining what my mother taught me from birth: Always do your best. Always be a gentleman. Always have faith.

It took a lot of prayer, but I cleaned up the dingy, dirty mailroom daily. I printed, copied and did whatever I could to help my former colleagues.

As God would have it, the Marketing and Advertising Manager noticed me and wanted to be my mentor.

When I left the mailroom a year later, he helped me move up to more responsibilities and pay.

The providential irony was that only when I was humbled to what I thought was a lowly job, did God arrange the opportunity to put me in a position that I loved and where I excelled.

God really did have it all planned out.

He saved me from the lay-off by opening a position delivering mail.

That position opened the opportunity to meet and work with my mentor.

That relationship led to the position where I worked best from my God-given gifts.

Has 2016 begun as a time of waiting and wondering about your future?

Believe God knows what he’s doing and has it all planned out for you.

He’s preparing the future you hope for.

And, when you get there, you’ll find he has increased your faith, given you greater joy at work, so you can love him and others more.

Mike Van Vranken

How would you describe the future you hope God has planned for you?

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