Scott FosterScott Foster is Dr. Joey and Mike’s guest in this episode of Faith Positive Radio. An insurance agent with a Fortune 50 company, Scott is one of their most successful agents for over 40 years. He has helped the company create agency development programs that catapulted hundreds of agents into their own success. In this exclusive interview, Scott reveals why he abandoned the risk management side of insurance to go into agency. Also, he shares the one strategic key to his success and how his faith and love of God are at the heart of that success.

Dr. Joey and Mike are co-authors of the #1 best-selling, Faith Positive in a Negative World, and creators of the “7 Weeks to Faith Positive Coaching Program” for individuals, companies and churches as well as the “Faith Positive Master Coaching Program.”

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Dr. Joey Faucette and Mike Van Vranken are the #1 best-selling authors of Faith Positive in a Negative World, Faith & Work Success coaches, & speakers who help Christian business professionals increase their faith with greater joy at work so they love God and others more. Discover more about the Faith Positive Coaching Resources for individuals and churches by clicking on the banner to the right or at www.GetPositive.Today.