A new documentary from ethicsdaily.com, The Disturbances, tells the untold story from 1966 of Christian missionaries saving lives amid genocide in Nigeria.

Robert Parham, head of the Nashville-based organization that produced the film, said research began with his own experiences in the seventh grade at a nondenominational mission school in Nigeria.

“We had some family correspondence from the year,” said Parham, who was raised in a Baptist missionary family. “We had my mother’s memory.”

“We didn’t have much else, mostly because very little had been written about what happened,” he added. “Missionaries simply didn’t talk publicly about it. Some mission agencies even downplayed the events.”

The story unfolded, however, said Parham, through 15 months of research that included 24 video interviews with missionaries, missionary children and Nigerians, and the amassing of period photographs, film footage and written documents such as meeting minutes and correspondence.

Emerging from the depths of research is a feature-length film about the thousands of people killed in a matter of days in 1966 and how Christian missionaries took action to save others from certain death. Information on the film’s release is available at ethicsdaily.com. NFJ