doyouknowyouKeep a firm grasp on both your character and your teaching. 1 Timothy 4:16 (MSG).

Are you aware of what motivates you at work?

Paul told Timothy to have some self-awareness. To make sure he knew and had control of his character; both his inner and outer self, thoughts and emotions.

File this one under “Easier Said than Done,” right?

Been angry at work lately?




Do you know why?

It’s easy to blame these feelings on someone you work with. Paul wants Timothy—and us—to know more than just what happened.  To also be aware of why.

Why do I choose to react in a particular way during certain situations?

Why do I respond with something besides faith, joy, and love?

You have probably learned a lot of skills where you work. Maybe on your own initiative or because the training was mandated. Most employers are very supportive of skill and technical education.  And, that is all good.

But God wants you to know yourself. He constantly works within you; changing you; transforming you by the renewing of your mind.

Keep a firm grasp on both your character and your teaching.

There are lots of ways to learn the skills and proficiencies you need at work.

But only you and God, working together, can provide the inner change you need.

You can randomly respond without much thought to the thousands of different stimuli at work each day.  Or, you can be so aware of who you are in Christ Jesus that only Christ-like responses emerge when you’re squeezed by business pressures.

Want to be more self-aware of Christ within you?

Every morning, begin your day by asking God to show you the baggage he needs to take from you. Then give it to him.

Every morning, ask God for the grace to see and understand the special gifts to joyfully and faithfully do your work.

Every morning, ask God for a profound respect for all the people you will encounter today.

Know yourself. Keep a firm grasp on who you are in Christ. Ask God to continue to change and transform you.

As you do, watch your faith increase with greater joy at work as you love God and others even more.

Mike Van Vranken

Faith Positive

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