1. Trump Supporters Stand Behind Their Man Amid Onslaught, Saying We ‘Must be Vigilant’ (ABC News)
  2. Nevada Lawmaker Denies She’d Shoot Syrian Refugees (Chicago Sun Times)
  3. Most Republicans Have Negative Views of Muslims – and Toward a Religious Test (FiveThirtyEight)
  4. In Evangelical Country, an Apocalypse of Rising Seas (Inside Climate News)
  5. Holy Nativities! Ohio Church Aims for World Record (Mansfield News Journal)
  6. Zombie Nativity Scene’s Macabre Manger Scares up Religious Protests, Fines (San Diego Union Tribune)
  7. Barna: American Reading Habits Shape Churches, Spiritual Development (Baptist News Global)
  8. Clergy Urge Welcome for Syrian Refugees (Baptist News Global)
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