Church Histories

Perfect for publishing your church or organization’s history

With an experienced team of designers, editors and publishers, Nurturing Faith Publishing is the ideal partner for publishing local church (or other organization or institution) histories.

Whether starting with a completed manuscript and assembled art — or just a desire to have a history written and published, Nurturing Faith provides the level and detail of service needed.

• Attractive, coffee-table style books with colorful dust jackets and art throughout
• Creative custom designs along with careful editing
• Perfect-bound 10’x10′ books of 128-160 pages
• Personal attention from concept to delivery by knowledgeable, experienced professionals

“The team that managed the editing and design of our book of history did a remarkable job helping us to format our history with the inclusion of photographs that made us proud of the finished product and grateful to their staff. It was a great experience to be guided by professionals who were so detail-oriented and created a timetable to get our published history in advance of the time we would need it. Their suggestions related both to content and layout resulted in a product that exceeded our expectations.”
Dr. William L. Hardee, Pastor, First Baptist Church, Griffin, Ga.

-Detailed editing, design and publishing — in collaboration with the client — from completed manuscript and assembled art to delivery of the books
-Scanning and/or placement of up to 150 images with additional scanning available (Submission of high-resolution digital files for all graphics is preferred.)

In addition to the basic package, these are popular options for enhancing the book: indexes, appendices, photography, additional image scanning, research and writing.

Nurturing Faith has the writers, editors, designers and photographers to provide whatever level of service is desired from concept to delivery. We can provide an experienced writer if that is your need.

(Actual pricing may vary according to current printing and design costs at the time of contract.)

For 500 books: $20,000 ($40 per book)
For 750 books: $22,500 ($30 per book)
For 1,000 books: $28,000 ($28 per book)
For more than 1,000 (Just ask us!)
* Basic package includes editing, design, printing and delivery from receipt of completed manuscript and assembled art package according to specifications. Options and additional services are listed below.

OPTIONS (if submitted according to specifications):
Indexes: $425.00 for up to 250 entries ($1.50 per entry above 250)
Appendices: $50.00 per page for text only; $100.00 per page for charts, graphs or detailed designs
Image scanning/placement (above first 150): $1.50 per image

Price quotes can be provided for whatever level of service is needed beyond the basic package and popular options — including concept, writing, research, editing, photography and more.
Just let us know what you desire and we’ll provide pricing to ensure a high-quality history volume of which you’ll be proud to share.

A nine-month time frame is sought from receipt of the completed manuscript (with index entries, appendixes, etc., if included) and assembled art package — all submitted according to Nurturing Faith specs— to ensure a timely delivery.
If contracting for additional services (writing, editing and photography/art) a longer time frame is needed. Please plan ahead; you can’t start too soon to ensure a high quality book with on-time delivery.

Nurturing Faith is a publishing ministry of the independent nonprofit Baptists Today, Inc. To begin a conversation about publishing your history or to get a price quote depending on the scale of your project, contact:
Managing Editor Jackie Riley at