JohnFBridgesMACON, Ga. — John F. Bridges of Kings Mountain, N.C., is now serving as director of development for Nurturing Faith, the publishing ministry of Baptists Today, Inc. He is also pastor of Green Hill Baptist Church in Rutherfordton, N.C.

For 10 years he worked in development and church relations at Gardner-Webb University.

“Having someone of his caliber and experience in the role of financial development not only will bring in much-needed revenue but also will free our other staff members to focus more on enhancing our publication and our entire business operation,” said Don Brewer of Gainesville, Ga., who welcomed Bridges in September to “our already excellent team at Baptists Today/Nurturing Faith” on behalf of the Board of Directors.

Bridges is building support for the independent publishing ministry that produces the Nurturing Faith Journal & Bible Studies as well as books, resources and experiences for thoughtful, compassionate Christian living.

“I have been privileged to watch Baptists Today, now Nurturing Faith Journal, develop into the excellent translator of spiritual freedom in Baptist life and beyond,” said Bridges. “I am excited to serve as part of the Baptists Today/Nurturing Faith team and to advance its important mission.”

With roots going back to 1983, Baptists Today/Nurturing Faith has evolved through changing times and technology while retaining its commitments to freedom, high-quality publishing, and addressing issues of relevance, said executive editor John Pierce.

“It is good to have John Bridges helping us advance this unique publishing ministry,” said Pierce. “He understands and appreciates our mission, and conveys its importance in an honest and compelling way.”

Board chairman Jack Glasgow of Zebulon, N.C., said having someone working to encourage support for Baptists Today/Nurturing Faith is an important ministry, adding that Bridges “is a marvelous choice to do this work on our behalf.”

“John is excellent in building positive relationships with churches and individuals, and helping them to find ways to invest in significant ministry that is important to the Kingdom of God,” said Glasgow. “I believe his work on our behalf will be fruitful. Relationships will be established and strengthened, and generated resources will undergird our important work.”

Nurturing Faith is the publishing ministry of Baptists Today, Inc., a 501(c)(3) charitable organization based in Macon, Ga., and guided by an independent Board of Directors. Bridges may be reached at or (704) 616-1725. NFJ