blessed1130. . . live a blessed life. John 13:17, (MSG)

When Jesus gathered with his best friends for a last meal before his crucifixion and resurrection, he humbled himself and washed their feet. He squeezed himself of any ego needs and bathed their smelly, callused feet.

Peter had trouble getting his head wrapped around this paradox. It challenged his understanding of what it means to be God, to be powerful, to be “large and in charge.” He pushed back against Jesus’ example, primarily because he knew what it meant—if Jesus did it, he would have to squeeze himself dry also. He had fought off James’s and John’s mother’s appeal for her sons to sit on the rightand left hands of Jesus when he came into power, leaving no room near the throne. How was he to fend off this redefinition of the abundant life?

As Peter protested this paradigm of power-gifting, Jesus said to him, “My concern . . . is holiness, not hygiene.” (John 13:11). He went on to tell them, What I’ve done, you do. . . . If you understand what I’m telling you, act like it—and live a blessed life (13:14–15, 17; emphasis added).

Peter misunderstood Jesus at first. Then he learned what Jesus meant—as you squeeze yourself and your work dry, you get some unexpected, pleasant outcomes in your new faith reality.

I sat with my neighbor as we did many evenings after work. My friend shared that he had rehired a young woman to help him in his business. I questioned that decision as this employee had gotten into some trouble and had proven before to be a difficult employee.

The neighbor pulled his chair a little closer to mine, looked me in the eye, and said, “We are self-employed businessmen. We can help persons who have made mistakes and give them another chance.”

He went on to describe the many blessings God had given both of them, and the greatest blessing was their ability to help others. He gave me a lot to think about that evening.

The next day a former employee of mine called asking for help finding work. She didn’t ask to come to work for me, but I remembered the conversation from the night before. While on the phone, I offered her a position to begin work immediately. I was considering adding someone to help me with the “stuff” that comes with owning a business. She filled the role with such success that it gave me more time to visit with customers and spend with my family. My neighbor taught me the law of squeezing yourself dry so God can fill you up again.

Squeeze yourself dry helping others as you work Faith Positive and increase your faith with greater joy at work so you love God and others more.

Mike Van Vranken

Adapted from the #1 best-seller Faith Positive in a Negative World available on Amazon .

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