airdownFools are headstrong and do what they like; wise people take advice. Proverbs 12:15 (MSG)

Some friends blessed my wife and me with some time at their beach house. We love the beach, having lived near the ocean for a few years and miss it.

This particular beach has wild horses grazing on sea oats and some grass. My wife loves them, saying, “It’s the best of all worlds—we’re at the beach with horses, and I don’t have to feed them.”

Getting to this beach house requires driving on the beach for about 3.5 miles.

Yep, driving on the beach.

You have to watch the tide charts to insure you have enough beach on which to drive. A four-wheel drive vehicle is necessary for getting there.

We have one so off we went to drive on the beach.

Some of my friends who had been to this four-wheel-drive-only area told me that I must “air down,” meaning that you reduce the air pressure in your tires to 18-20 pounds so your tires hug the sand better.

I decided I knew more than my friends did. My four-wheel-drive was superior to theirs and I would be just fine without airing down.

I was headstrong. I did what I liked.

Turns out I was a fool.

We bounced our way down the beach, hanging on for dear life to keep from hitting our heads on the roof.

Then we arrived at the dune we had to climb. I accelerated quickly, headed up, got about half way, and got stuck.

I reversed down the dune and tried again. Four times. Same result.

I did mention I’m a fool, right?

A local, “Bubba,” showed up on his ATV and watched three of my attempts. He putted over after the fourth and asked through our open window, “Did you air down?”

I should have said, “Nope, I’m a fool and just do what I want.”

My wife almost did.

“Bubba” suggested we get on the high line of the dune and “gun it” to get over. Then he said, “Most folks air down.”

Have you ever wished you aired down at work?

As in, deflated your ego and asked for advice, and then abided by it?

It’s sure easy to be a fool and do what you like, isn’t it?

How many attempts will you put yourself through before you humble yourself and wise up enough to take some advice?

Took me four but I’m a fool.

Have a little faith in the team you work with.

Ask for their advice. Take it.

Hitting your head repeatedly on the roof of your own abilities hurts after a while. Enjoy your work a lot more.

Ask for advice. Take it.

Love your friends more, and the “Bubba”-angels God sends your way.

Ask for their advice. Take it.

Air down all the way to humility and work Faith Positive in a negative world

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