insomnia. . . guard Clear Thinking and Common Sense with your life. . . you’ll enjoy a good night’s sleep . . . (Proverbs 3:21-26, MSG)

“I was awake until 2 and had to get up at 5,” he said.

“Why were you awake until 2?” I asked.

“My mind wouldn’t shut off,” he said. “I couldn’t stop working.”

Sound familiar?

Maybe the times are a little different, but the problem the same: you’re not sleeping well.

The negative work world demands more and more of your time, energy, and attention—your three most important resources.

All of which means your “off switch” is broken.

This Proverb offers three ways you can sleep well tonight.

First, guard Clear Thinking.

With so many demands assaulting you from so many directions muddy thinking is your daily experience. When allowed, one phone call or text or email can stir up the waters of your attention into a murky mess.

Clear Thinking is a hyper-focus on the positive God is doing in your work. Clear Thinking is your praying for the mind of Christ at work so you focus with blinders attached on the positive, Spirit-driven activities that benefit others, the company, and glorify God the most.

You mow negative thoughts and sow positive, God-centered ones with laser precision. No need to panic over alarms or surprises, or predictions that doomsday is just around the corner (v. 26).

Clear Thinking is the fruit. Guard it so you sleep well tonight.

Second, guard Common Sense.

These demands that threaten Clear Thinking are delivered by people who challenge Common Sense.

My late grandfather was fond of saying, “Common sense ain’t so common anymore.”

Truth, right?

Such folks have lost their Clear Thinking. Their focus is dispersed by irrational demands. The murkiness of their thought results in a workstyle of poor judgment.

You guard Common Sense when you exercise your option about who you work with and do business with. It costs too much to do business with some people, especially for whom Common Sense was lost years ago.

You best glorify God in your work by remembering that you become like the people with whom you invest the most time, especially the top five.

Common Sense is the fruit of careful relationship pruning. Guard it so you sleep well tonight.

Finally, guard control by God.

When God controls your Clear Thinking and Common Sense, your soul is alive and well. You are fit and attractive. . . . you’ll enjoy a good night’s sleep (vv. 25-6).

You focus on the positive God does at work. Your Clear Thinking reflects the mind of Christ.

You focus on positive relationships God brings you through customers and teammates. Your Common Sense reflects the fruits of the Spirit.

Your work is vibrant, growing in both value and profits.

Your work is healthy and balanced as you attract the abundance Jesus promises.

You enjoy a good night’s sleep—God is right there with you—because you’re increasing your faith with greater joy at work as you love God and others more.

Sleep well tonight as you work Faith Positive today!

Dr. Joey Faucette

Which do you need to guard more right now—Clear Thinking or Common Sense?

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