6a00d834516bb169e2019b006e8c76970cGod took the Man and set him down in the Garden of Eden to work the ground and keep it in order. (Genesis 2:15, MSG)

Is your work also worship?

God created Adam, the first Man, and put him in the Garden of Eden to work the ground and keep it in order.

Maybe your idea of Paradise means no work. So why was God’s Divine Design for Adam to work?

The word translated work is avad, which is also used in Scripture to mean worship. God, Creator of Paradise, places the Man there to work with him in the Garden. Work done with God is worship.

Do you work as worship?

Here are 3 Ways to Work as Worship

First, work for God only.

When I lead workshops and seminars on the Believe core practice of a Faith Positive lifestyle, I ask the question, “Why do you work?”

Most of the time I receive looks that translate into “Are you stupid?” The answer is obvious, participants reason: to pay my bills.

Money is a necessary, pleasant benefit to your work. As a Christian business person though, there’s a deeper answer: God created us to work. The “why” lies in your Divine Design, tucked inside the image and likeness of God in your spirit.

You work for God. Your created purpose is to work for God only. Yes, you, along with the rest of us, choose to live outside of Paradise which makes the work more difficult and tempting to work for self over God. However, even with a Garden of Eden zip code, work is the created purpose of humanity. You co-create alongside of God.

Work is a given. Your question as a Christian is, “For whom do you work?”

Work for God only.

Second, worship God only.

Work affords you the financial resources to provide a home, food, transportation, and other such physical accommodations for you and your family. Of course you can spend your money on lots of other stuff, too.

Part of our work and life east of Eden is the temptation to substitute this stuff for God. It gets our primary time, energy, and attention.

There’s a reason the first commandment is about worshipping God only. Like the Hebrews, you and I craft false gods out of just about anything, work included. Worshipping these imitation deities leaves you unfulfilled and empty because your work and worship are separated.

Worship God only with your work.

Third, work and worship God only.

Work and worship intersect in your relationship with God. For the Christian, you work “for the Lord rather than for people” (Colossians 3:23). Now certainly people benefit from your work, i.e., their problems are solved, their needs met, their work becomes more meaningful. For your work to be worship, it focuses on God only.

This Divine focus prompts an excellence in work. You give your best effort for the One who created you, called you to this work, and is with you in your work. Your activity, productivity, and receptivity are all guided by the Holy Spirit’s movement. Your workplace becomes a temple of spiritual activity, directed by God, for God, and with God’s assistance.

Work and worship God only with your work.

As you do, you increase faith with greater joy at work and love God and others more.

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