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They do not fear bad news; they confidently trust the Lord to care for them. (Psalms 112:7, NLT)

“So which do you want first: the good news or the bad news?”

What’s your usual response?

“Go ahead and give me the bad news,” you say, and steel yourself, praying that the good news can overcome it?

“Give me the good news first,” you say, somehow hoping the bad news won’t be so bad.

Or, does it ever seem to you the question has morphed into, “So which do you want first: the bad news or the worst news?”

Sure seems that way sometimes, doesn’t it?

Do you fear bad news?

Afraid to ask, “What’s next?”

Here are 3 Ways to Enjoy God-Confidence at Work:


Whenever bad news presents itself at work, remind yourself: “This isn’t my first time.”

You’ve endured previous experiences with bad news. Whether it’s a lay-off, a firing, or a mistake you made, you’ve been here, done this before, or something like it.

Remember that previous experience, specifically how God showed up and showed off to deliver you; to care for your every need.


Once you remember that previous experience, relive it. Go back to the feelings you had when God spoke and created exactly what you needed, when you needed it.

How did that feel to you? What positive emotions charged your spirit?

Gratitude. Grace-filled. God-struck.

Relive what it was like for you when you were afraid, feared bad news, thought you had reached the end of your rope, and God sent the Holy Spirit to care for you.

Soak in the warmth of that deliverance experience. Relive it.


Once you remember and relive God’s extreme care for you when you feared bad news at work, then reward yourself by saying with God-confidence, “If you did it then, Jesus, I know you’re going to do it again.”

Say it out loud with conviction in your voice.

Looking yourself in the eyes in a mirror.

Reward yourself by trusting God to do it again.

Reward yourself by remembering the history you have with Jesus.

Reward yourself by reliving that history as if it were happening all over again.

Reward yourself by standing tall on that previous experience and knowing God is on the way to care for you…again.

Trust God.

And enjoy your newly discovered God-confidence which increases your faith with greater joy at work so you love God and others more.

Dr. Joey Faucette


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