1000dd9fc177c36cf4a1103aaa68606cxPeople ruin their lives by their own foolishness and then are angry at the Lord. (Proverbs 19:3, NLT)

You’re sitting in a work meeting. Someone brings up a project that failed miserably. Never got off the launch pad.

And everyone starts jockeying for position, bobbing and weaving, avoiding responsibility.

The Blame Game is on.

It’s natural to blame someone when a project goes sideways.

God gets a lot of blame, even anger, at such times.

Truth is much of the time it’s your own foolishness that’s in play. You head off in a self-chosen direction without asking the Master Consultant who has infinite wisdom, limitless resources, and Creator-vision for at least a Divine Direction.

And then you get angry at God for letting it happen, regardless of your personal responsibilities.

What if you could trade your foolishness for faith?

Here are 3 Tactics to Increase Your Faith at Work:

Trade Your Anger for Acceptance

Work as worship was God’s original plan. Adam worked in the garden, worshipping God in a Paradise-relationship. As soon as he stepped out of Eden, work became harder.

Work is imperfect east of Eden. You will wander into the Land of Foolishness, forgetting God, and run down a career path of your own choosing. Such self-chosen journeys dead-end.

Rather than getting angry at God, accept your role in the outcome. Accept personal responsibility for leaving God’s direction out of the decision.

Your work story as a Christian is that God brings life out of death. Accept the consequences and pray for resurrection.

Increase your faith. Trade your anger for acceptance.

Trade Your Anger for Access

Once you accept responsibility for your role in the decision, you open yourself to a spiritual access to God in you.

Anger blocks your access to the Holy Spirit. Anger is pervasive and invasive. It takes over your thoughts, emotions, actions, and relationships. It leaves a black hole within where the image and likeness of God is stamped.

Acceptance cracks the veneer of anger. Access to God filters through like sunlight into a cellar and you remember to pray, even if you are unsure of what to pray for or how to pray for it.

Just because you were foolish once, you still get a do-over. Access God’s wisdom through prayer and watch your anger dissipate further.

Increase your faith. Trade your anger for access.

Trade Your Anger and Accelerate

As your faith increases, you notice that anger is now in your rear-view mirror. Acceptance of personal responsibility opens your work to new life. Access to God through prayer revises your work for greater success.

You can now accelerate.

You’ve been set free to work with the Holy Spirit’s guidance; an insight in decision-making that is supernatural, defying anything you imagined, guessed, or even requested previously. With the mind of Christ and God by your side, you move forward with confidence to achieve your faith-reality at work. Success is yours as you serve others more effectively with greater outcomes.

You accelerate and your faith increases exponentially.

The Blame Game is a zero-sum exercise in human futility.

Work Faith Positive God’s way. Exchange your foolishness for faith.

Trade your anger for acceptance of personal responsibility, access to God, and then accelerate with the Holy Spirit’s guidance.

As you do, you increase your faith with greater joy at work so you love God and others more.

Dr. Joey Faucette

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