GetAheadGodsWayCareful planning puts you ahead in the long run; hurry and scurry puts you further behind. (Proverbs 21:5, MSG)

My younger daughter enjoyed distance running in high school, as in cross country, the mile, and the two-mile events. Fortunately she was blessed with enough natural talent to excel in these long runs, but wanted more. So her coach showed her how careful planning in managing these races leads to success.

The strategy that led to her becoming the mile district champion was a comprehensive improvement plan that included a target finish time, training for better technique, and a daily practice focus on these.

As this Proverb says, careful planning puts you ahead in the long run of having faith in your work, also.

Here are 3 questions to guide your careful planning for the long run of 2016 so you get ahead God’s way in your faith-filled work:

Where Do You Want to Finish?

My daughter set a time goal for each event. She knew where she wanted to finish.

What will your work be like as you finish 2016?

Decide and set a sales goal, a company revenue goal, a customer satisfaction improvement goal, or a better evaluation goal. Ask God how you can be successful in His will for your work in 2016. Carefully plan it for December 31, 2016 with mile markers on March 30, June 30, and September 30.

First ask yourself, “Where do I want to finish in 2016?”

What Will You Do Differently?

My daughter practiced different techniques in running. The ones that resulted in time improvements, she kept and worked as she trained daily.

To reach God’s growth goals for your work in the New Year, your behavior must change. To do what you did in 2015 and hope for better results is insane.

The God you work for is the one who brings life out of death, transforms your mind, and guides you every step of the wa

Careful planning means you are surgically honest with yourself about habits that are counter-productive to what God wants for you.

Invite God to show you one work habit to improve or quit. Ask a trusted teammate for feedback as well. God speaks through those around you, as well.

Second, ask yourself, “What will I do differently in 2016?”

How Will You Focus?

My daughter timed each lap or mile. Her metric was a timed distance which allowed her to manage the race. She knew where she was on the track or course at designated points. They were the focus of her attention, not the other runners.

Focus on that work habit God showed you. How will you measure your improvement? And when?

Choose a length of time like a week, month, or quarter.

Then select a metric like sales made, money generated, or customer survey results.

To run the long race of 2016 without them is to hurry and scurry, chasing the other runners.

Seek God’s wisdom and carefully plan how to measure your work habit’s improvement.

Think of 2016 as a long run. Carefully plan how you will achieve God’s will for your work as you run it by asking yourself:

Where do I want to finish?

What will I do differently?

How will I focus?

As you answer, you increase your faith with greater joy at work so you love God and others more. You work Faith Positive in a negative world.

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