giftAnd it is a good thing to receive wealth from God and the good health to enjoy it. To enjoy your work and accept your lot in life—this is indeed a gift from God. God keeps such people so busy enjoying life that they take no time to brood over the past (Ecclesiastes 5:19-20, NLT)

Surveys of American workers consistently find that between 66% to 75% of them say they’re dissatisfied to very dissatisfied with their work.

And these surveys find little difference for Christians at work.

So how can you as a Christian business person move from dissatisfied to satisfied at work?

Here are 3 Strategies to Enjoy Your Work More:

Enjoy Your Work as a Gift

Ever stop and think about how you wound up in the job you’re doing? In the career you’re in?

Sure, you applied. Of course you went to college or some kind of education to prepare. Your work activity was integral to where you are today.

And yet, there were other activities that happened beyond your control and influence to place you where you are today. The employer chose you from among other candidates.

How did all of this happen?

Your work is a gift from God.

God converged resources beyond your abilities to place you where you are right now.

Sure, your workplace is imperfect, and yet so are you.

Your work is a gift from God. See it as a gift. Unwrap it daily. Take it out of the box and play with it.

Enjoy Your Work as a Gift of Wealth and Health

Your work generates a multitude of benefits for you and others.

Think about it: who benefits from your work?

Your co-workers? The customers? The vendors?

Ponder for a moment all of the wealth—financial, emotional, mental, physical—permeating from your work.

Now think about your good health.

What good is wealth without health?

You are healthy enough to work. Sure, some days you go in with a headache or backache or pain-in-the-rear-ache. Overall, if you’re healthy enough to work, it means you have enough to eat, a place to stay out of the weather, and people who care enough about you to see to your well-being.

Your wealth and health are gifts from God that are an integral part of your work. Enjoy them. See them as gifts and thank God for them.

Enjoy Your Work as a Gift of Wealth and Health: The Present

When you see your work as a gift of wealth and health, you live into all of the heavenly riches present in the day God gives.

You rejoice for this is the day the Lord has made!

There is no time left over to brood over the past. To project from past regrets and disappointments into the future where worries lay waiting to ambush you.

Such brooding pales in the bright contentment of enjoying your work as a gift of wealth and health in the present moment. Your anticipation of what God is about to do next in your work far exceeds any concerns or worries.

Enjoy your work as a gift of wealth and health in the present daily.

Your faith increases with greater joy at work and you love God and others more.

As you do, you work Faith Positive in a negative world.

Dr. Joey Faucette


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