AcheiveYourNewYearsResolutionRefuse good advice and watch your plans fail; take good counsel and watch them succeed. (Proverbs 15:22, MSG)

So how are you doing on keeping your New Year’s resolution?

I start every year with the best of intentions, resolving to transform some part of my work or life for the better. And about this time I realize it’s not going so well. I’m tempted to quit trying.

Sound like your experience?

This year is different for me though as I discovered this Proverb. The primary reason my resolutions fail is I overestimate my ability to do it on my own.

 Refuse good advice and…fail means you’re going it alone, pursuing your plan in isolation, and it’s not working.

Take good counsel and…succeed is the better method. It’s how God created you to succeed.

So what does that look like?

Here are 3 Steps to Achieve Your New Year’s Resolution God’s Way:

Take Counsel

Somebody in your network of relationships has resolved to do what you’re attempting. They found a path of failures and successes; information and methods beyond what you know.

God puts you in such relationships for mutual benefit. God is relationships as Creator, Son, and Holy Spirit and created you to be as well.

Take counsel from your friends and work teams whom God has given you and succeed. Ask questions.

Take Collaboration

Follow up on taking counsel by collaborating with your friend or team member. Invite her to partner with you to achieve your resolution.

If he is successful in realizing the same resolution, he knows the power of collaboration. If not, she needs it just like you.

Solomon, who wrote this Proverb, had numerous teams of advisors whom he called upon to help manage the tremendous wealth of the kingdom. He knew the wisdom God gave him equipped him to collaborate with others.

Take collaboration from your friends and work teams and succeed. Ask for a partnership.

Take Community

You and your friend collaborating to achieve your resolution is powerful. But what happens when one of you can’t meet up?

It happens, right?

The exponential power of community leverages your forward momentum by offering you unlimited resources. That’s why you are more likely to work out on schedule at the YMCA instead of using home equipment. It’s why you lose weight by going to a meeting for encouragement instead of counting calories with just one other person. It’s why you learn new work skills in a class.

And it’s why God birthed the church at Pentecost—a community of believers from whom you take counsel and collaboration.

Take advantage of community and succeed God’s way. Ask to join.

You have time to achieve your New Year’s resolution God’s way.

Take counsel, collaboration, and community and succeed in 2016. You work Faith Positive as you do!

Dr. Joey Faucette

Who is one person you can contact right now to achieve your New Year’s resolution?

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