Why Call Friday Good? Spiritual Reflections for Lent and Holy Week

By Chuck Queen

Although we have already started the 2012 Lenten journey, it’s not too late to add this devotional resource to your weekly personal meditation times or to use it in Sunday school lessons or sermons or other oral communications. Perhaps it would be best utilized as a stand-alone study piece for Holy Week.

Short and to the point, the reflections are based on the seven last words of Jesus from the cross (including an Easter message). Combining scriptural study and illustrations from modern culture, they invite readers to contemplate the spiritual, theological and biblical significance of the death and resurrection of Jesus – and to apply the Lenten principles in a personal way. Chapter titles include:

Feeling Forsaken

Preemptive Forgiveness

The Gospel in a Snapshot

A New Family

Thirsting for Life

The Glory of Love

Why Call Friday Good?

Choosing Life


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