Starling Avenue Baptist Church, Martinsville, Virginia is seeking a pastor who will lead our congregation as we continue a heritage of faith, stewardship, equality and missions. The new pastor should:

Be Spirit-led.
Articulately convey the relevance of scripture to daily life.
Be relational.
Be collaborative, willing to work ecumenically, and open to marginalized people.
Bring an innovative approach to a traditional worship style.
Hold an undergraduate degree from a regionally accredited college and a Master of Divinity or equivalent degree from a seminary accredited by the American Association of Theological Schools.
Be personally and innovatively involved in missions.
Be willing to accept the challenges of growing the church, bringing a better age balance to the congregation and re-engaging inactive members.

SABC affirms the priesthood of believers and servant leadership. We are affiliated with the Baptist General Association of Virginia and the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship. There are 325 resident members with an average attendance of 110 in two worship services. More information is available at

Submit résumés by April 15 to:
SABC Search Committee
c/o Merle Prince
23 Pine Forest Dr.
Spencer, VA 24165

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