Looking for a Bible study curriculum that brings the same quality and integrity as Baptists Today? Try the new Nurturing Faith curriculum series, brought to you by Baptists Today.


Nurturing Faith Resources for Youth & Adults Offer:


Bible Study with Tony Cartledge

cartledge_tonyEach week, Bible scholar Tony Cartledge provides an in depth look into the selected scripture passage. The written Bible study is offered in the printed Baptists Today news magazine, with addition written materials — “Digging Deeper” and “The Hardest Question” offered online for download. Tony also gets in front of the camera each week to offer an overview of the focal passage.

Experienced Team

The people who create and support Nurturing Faith include names you already know and trust, including: John Pierce, Tony Cartledge, Rick Jordan, David Cassady, Lex Horton, Jeremy Colliver, Kelly Belcher, Jackie Riley, Kim Hovis, and Jean Trotter.

Print and Digital

Using a combination of print, video and online tools, Nurturing Faith resources provide a rich learning experience for learners and teachers.






How it Works

Teachers and Learners: Read the Bible Study with Tony Cartledge, printed inside Baptists Today. Need a subscription?

Teachers: Visit Nurturingfaith.net and click on either Adult or Youth to find a wealth of teaching resources. Teaching guides are available for downloading and printing, and videos are provided for each Sunday’s focus.

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