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nfpublishingimprintNURTURING FAITH is a new publishing venture created by an experienced team of editors, designers and marketers with a commitment to providing excellent books at a great value in both print and as digital downloads.

Combining the latest in publishing and marketing technology with creative and competent editing and design, Nurturing Faith attracts both superb authors and wise readers. A wide range of titles from moving memoirs to resources for spiritual growth to practical application is now available — with more on the way.

“We have created a formidable team of writers, editors, designers and marketers with extensive experience in every aspect of publishing,” said John Pierce who serves as publisher for Nurturing Faith Inc. “Our work is marked by creativity, collaboration and contemporary methodologies.”

David Cassady and Lex Horton, each with more than a decade of experience in publishing books and curriculum, guide the process to ensure that excellent titles are acquired and the production process is smooth, and that the well-written, well-designed books that are available to customers in the ways they want them.

Nurturing Faith books make excellent gifts, whether bought individually or in small or large quantities. Nurturing Faith, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Baptists Today, Inc., that produces an autonomous national news journal and Bible study curriculum. The resources are produced in a close relationship with the creative services firmFaithlab.

The Nurturing Faith Team

Publisher – John D. Pierce
Senior Editor – David Cassady
Acquisitions Editor — Lex Horton
Copy Editor – Jackie B. Riley
Designers – Vickie Frayne, Jean Trotter
Production Director – Jean Trotter
Operations – Julie Steele
Customer Service – Jannie Lister

Acquisitions/Editorial Board

David Cassady
John D. Pierce
Lex Horton
Jim Dant
Tony W. Cartledge
Bruce Gourley

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Are you an author with a book proposal you would like considered for publication with Nurturing Faith books? We would enjoy seeing your  proposal. Nurturing Faith uses an innovative approach to publishing that creates a more balanced partnership between authors and publisher.

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