Nurturing Faith Bible Lesson

Now you can access all the Nurturing Faith Bible Study resources in one place!

NFscreenshotVisit the Baptists Today website and and use (or setup) your login to be taken to a single web area that now includes everything you need to lead or participate in a Nurturing Faith lesson.

Visit Baptists Today Login Area

Once you login, you will see an option to access the current resources. Each lesson’s webpage includes this content:

  • Bible Lesson with Tony Cartledge
  • Teaching Resources for Adults
  • Teaching Resources for Youth

The teaching resources for adults includes the Digging Deeper, Hardest Question and Teaching Guide by Rick Jordan, as well as a video with Tony Cartledge.

The teaching resources for youth includes the Teaching Guide by Jeremy Colliver, as well as a link to a video to share with youth.


  1. I would like to do a bible lesson

  2. I attend First Baptist Church of Oklahoma City and use Baptists Today for my Sunday school lessons. How do I get to the Nurturing Faith Resources that I have been using?????

  3. Click the red button (“Visit BT log-in area”) above.
    Then click the “Free Log-in/access resources” button.
    Click “View lessons” and then go to the July 21 lesson.
    The actual lesson will appear; scroll down to the end to find the teaching materials.
    (Next week our office will assist subscribers having trouble creating log-ins. In the meantime, there is free access for all.)

  4. You have made it very difficult to get to the material that is needed for teaching the lesson. I am still trying to find this week’s lesson & I have been trying for 40 minutes.

  5. Looking for teacher lesson plan for July 19

  6. Accessing your website for lesson resources is VERY difficult. A simpler home page with clearer directions to get to the current lesson material would be a much better use of the page instead of quick links on how I can donate – it ain’t happening if this is the best you can do.

  7. I am very frustrated with this website as it seems many others are. I have a church code and successfully get in. But, what I find myself in is a circle where I cannot get out of and cannot find the resources. It is a endless cycle of logins that get me no where. When I log in on the home page, it put me on the Resource page that asks me to log in. When I log in from that page it just puts me back on that page.
    Please fix this. I need the resources since this is the only place to get them.

  8. I find the process difficult and very frustrating. Unable to access to teaching materials.


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