News Headlines

Catch up on our curated list of headlines for today, hand-picked from across the Web by Bruce Gourley.

August 12, 2016

  1. Speaking to Evangelical Leaders, Trump Entertains Notion He Could Lose to Clinton (Washington Post)
  2. Trump Predicts Winning the Presidency Will Get Him into Heaven (Politico)
  3. Pro-Trump Evangelical Outreach Stalled by Uneasy Donors (Bloomberg)
  4. Hillary Clinton: What I Have in Common With Utah Leaders – Religious Freedom and the Constitution (Deseret News)
  5. ‘Rev. Kaine’ Talks Faith, Principles at Baptist Convention (Washington Post)
  6. Democratic VP Candidate Calls Voting a ‘Sacred Act’ (KLFY)
  7. Baltimore Neighborhood, Church at Odds Over Zumba Class (WBAL-TV)
  8. The Bible Grows a Gardener’s Faith (Pittsburgh Press-Republican)
  9. Controversial Mars Hill Pastor Starts New Church in Arizona (12News)
  10. California Lawmaker Drops Controversial Proposal to Regulate Religious Colleges (Christianity Today)

August 11, 2016

  1. Franklin Graham Prays, Rallies With Thousands at Idaho Capitol (KBOI2)
  2. Trump to Meet 700 Evangelical Leaders at ‘Pastors and Pews’ Gathering (Christian Today)
  3. Rick Warren, Russell Moore and Other Evangelical Leaders Protest California Education Bill (Christian Today)
  4. Chicago Church’s Transformation to Elite Circus School Nearly Complete (DNAInfo)
  5. Hong Kong Baptist University Lecturers Allegedly Threatened Into Not Applying for Reappointment (South China Morning Post)
  6. State Department Criticizes Crackdowns on Religious Freedoms (Vice)

August 10, 2016

  1. Phyllis Schlafy’s Objections to Brewery’s Trademark Dismissed (St. Louis Business Journal)
  2. Oconee Christian Group Renews Call for Public School Bible Studies (Athens Banner-Herald, GA)
  3. Trump Goes Traditional With Florida Meeting of Evangelical Leaders (Bloomberg)
  4. Mormons Distaste of Donald Trump Puts Utah Up for Grabs (New York Times)
  5. FLDS Prophet Warren Jeffs Reorganizing Sect from Prison, Feds Say (CNN)
  6. Iraq: Christians Say Defeating ISIS Won’t Make Iraq Safe for Them (Military Times)
  7. UK: Woman Flips the Bird As She’s Filmed ‘Reading the Bible’ While Driving (Mirror)

August 9, 2016

  1. Vice Presidential Candidate Tim Kaine to Address Progressive National Baptist Convention (RNS)
  2. Poll: Only 10% Hear About Political Candidates from the Pulpit (Baptist Joint Committee)
  3. Most Churchgoers Are Hearing Politics from the Pulpit: Report (RNS)
  4. Mixing Religion and Politics Presents ‘Tricky’ Balance for Dallas Clergy (Dallas Morning News)
  5. Why Donald Trump Appeals to Evangelicals (The Atlantic)
  6. Brooklyn Church, Over a Century Old, Likely to Make Way for Affordable Housing (New York Times)

August 8, 2016

  1. Evangelicals Feel Alienated, Anxious Amid Declining Political Clout (Boston Herald Courier)
  2. Former KKK Leader David Duke Says ‘Of Course’ Trump Voters are His Voters (NPR)
  3. Top Nazi Leader: Trump Will be ‘Real Opportunity’ for White Nationalists (Washington Post)
  4. Geomythology: Can Geologists Relate Ancient Stories of Great Floods to Real Events (The Conversation)
  5. God, Religion and the Olympic Games (National Catholic Reporter)
  6. Egypt: Attacks on Christians Raise Alarms (USA Today)
  7. Singapore: Exhibit Charts Christian Movement Across Asia (Inquirer)
  8. Britain: Decline of Religion Comes to a Halt, Major Study Suggests (Telegraph)

August 3, 2016

  1. Ministers Speak Out Against Violence (The Sentinel, MD)
  2. Evangelical Pastor, Citing Bible: Hillary Clinton as a Woman is Unfit for Presidency (PennLive)
  3. Bob Jones University Moves Up on List of Affordable Christian Universities (Greenville News)
  4. Pope Francis Creates Commission to Study Female Deacons (CNN)
  5. Ex-Catholic Church Official Convicted of Child Abuse Gets Bail (ABC News)
  6. Buckner Chief Elected NABF Vice President (Baptist Standard)
  7. Israel: Jerusalem Group Using Bible to Train Third Temple Priests (Forward)
  8. Switzerland: Tiny Church Clock Secretly Maintained by Rolex for 70 Years (Business Insider)
  9. Australia: Atheists Ask Citizens to Not Jokingly List Their Religion as Jedi (New York Daily News)

August 2, 2016

  1. Mississippi Pastor Suspects Racial Motivations Behind Termination (WTOK)
  2. Hattiesburg Church Gives Free Back-to-School Haircuts (WDAM)
  3. NFL Hall of Famer Speaks to Boys Camp at Virginia Church (Delmarva Now)
  4. South Carolina Churches Plea, to No Avail, to Stop Sunday Alcohol Sales (Spartanburg Upstate)
  5. Investigators Believe Baylor’s Student Code Pressured Sexual Assault Victims into Silence (Scout)
  6. Christian Ethicist Endorses Donald Trump (Patheos)
  7. On Wikipedia, Pokeman Go is a Bigger Deal Than the Bible (Gizmodo)
  8. Franklin Graham Rebuts Pope on Islam: ‘This is a War of Religion’ (RNS)

August 1, 2016

  1. Supreme Court May be Converting on Religion (USA Today)
  2. Fury as Trump Mocks Muslim Soldier’s Mother Ghazala Khan (BBC)
  3. Khizr Khan: Trump Has a ‘Black Soul’ (CNN)
  4. Riding Trump’s Wave, Former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke Runs for Senate (AlterNet)
  5. Former KKK Member Convicted in Deadly 1963 Alabama Church Bombing Up for Parole (Greensboro News & Record)
  6. Satanic Temple Responds to Christian Groups at Elementary Schools with Plan for Its Own After-School Clubs That Will Deny the Existence of Satan (Orange County Register)
  7. Europe: France Church Attack: Muslims Attend Mass (BBC)
  8. Vatican: Pope Condemns ‘Wave or Terror,’ Urges Young People to Shun Indifference (RNS)