News Headlines

Catch up on our curated list of headlines for today, hand-picked from across the Web by Bruce Gourley.

April 6, 2015

  1. Christians Around the World Celebrate Easter (Dallas Morning News)
  2. Obama and Family Attend Easter Service at Historic Baptist Church (Christian Science Monitor)
  3. Teacher to Children: Your Parent ‘Is Not a Christian’ if They Supported Obama (ReverbPress)
  4. A Bigger Political Predictor Than Your Religion? How Often You Go to Church (NBC News)
  5. Number of Churches in Wiregrass Continues to Grow (Dothan Eagle)
  6. In National Climate of Declining Attendance, County Churches Hold Their Own (Burlington Times News)
  7. Why Sit in Pews When You Can Walk and Worship? Rural Churches Preach Better Health (PRI)
  8. At Bethel Baptist Church, Co-Pastors Promote Diversity From the Pulpit (Columbia Missourian)
  9. Kenyan Churches Hold Easter Services in Aftermath of Attack (NBC News)

April 3, 2015

  1. Islam World’s Fastest Growing Religion (CNN)
  2. The Future of World Religions: Population Growth Projections, 2010-2050 (Pew Forum)
  3. Southern Baptist Minister: Indiana Religious Liberty Law Permits Denial of Some Services (NPR)
  4. Giants Reliever Jeremy Affeldt Urges Christians to be More Accepting of Gays (Yahoo Sports)
  5. Arkansas, Indiana Approve Fixes to Acts Seen as Targeting Gays (Reuters)
  6. Angie’s List Rejects ‘Religious Freedom’ Law Fix, Calls it Insufficient’ (Indianapolis Star)
  7. Conservatives Go On the Attack in Religious Freedom Debate (Politico)
  8. Indiana Pizzeria Finds Itself at the Center of ‘Religious Freedom’ Debate (CNN)
  9. Michigan Governor: I Would Veto a Religious Freedom Bill (Detroit Free Press)
  10. North Carolina Church Gives Free Gas and Food on Good Friday (WFMY)
  11. Baptist Pastors: Power Up, Don’t Water Down, Easter Message for Millennials (Baptist News Global)
  12. Judge Dismisses Glorieta Lawsuit; Appeal Expected (Baptist News Global)

April 2, 1865

  1. Bruce and the Bible: Inside the Rutgers Course on ‘Springsteen’s Theology’ (
  2. The South: The Present Past (The Economist)
  3. Disciples of Christ Cancels Indy Convention Over ‘Religious Freedom’ Law (Indianapolis Star)
  4. Arkansas Governor Sends Religious Freedom Bill Back to Legislators (CNN)
  5. Baptist Joint Committee Statement on RFRA Legislation in Indiana and Arkansas (BJC)
  6. Texas Has Its Own Religious Freedom Law (CBS Dallas / Fort Worth)
  7. Louisiana Has Religious Freedom Law Similar to One Stirring Controversy in Indiana (NOLA)
  8. Connecticut Law Protects Religious Freedom While Also Prohibiting Discrimination (NH Register)
  9. Pennsylvania Has a Religious Freedom Law too, But Not Like Indiana’s (PennLive)
  10. Madison, Wis., Council Votes to Ban Discrimination Against Atheism (National Public Radio)
  11. In Shift, Big Business Takes Lead on Slamming ‘Religious Freedom’ Laws (Fortune)
  12. Bill to Make Bible Official State Book of Tennessee Advances (WKRN)
  13. At Christian Fashion Week, Modesty is One Policy (New York Times)
  14. American Bible Society Moving With $300 Million in the Bank (Non Profit Times)
  15. Baptist Ministers Oppose Tax Break for ‘Ark Park’ (Baptist News Global)
  16. Asia’s Richest Man Funds $193 Million Monastery With Bulletproof VIP Rooms (CNN)

April 1, 2015

  1. Indiana Republicans Were Warned About Their Anti-Gay Bill (Daily Beast)
  2. Indiana Gov. Mike Pence Either Confused or Misleading Everyone About Controversial Law (Huffington Post)
  3. Indiana Law Draws Republican White House Hopefuls into Culture Wars (Washington Post)
  4. Southern Baptist Ethics Czar Defends Indiana Religious Liberty Bill on MSNBC (Baptist News Global)
  5. N.C. Governor McCrory Says He Won’t Back Religious Exemptions Bills (WNCN)
  6. Arkansas Sends Religion Freedom Bill to Governor (CNN)
  7. Little Rock Mayor Asks Arkansas Governor to Stop ‘Divisive’ Religion Bill (Reuters)
  8. Walmart Asks Arkansas Governor to Veto Religious Freedom Bill (Huffington Post)
  9. Lawmakers Delay Making Bible Official Book of Tennessee (The Tennessean)
  10. Americans United Seeks to Intervene in ‘Ark Park’ Tax Incentive Lawsuit (Americans United)
  11. Most Young Republicans Support Birth Control, Poll Says (TIME Magazine)
  12. Mike Tyson’s Abandoned Mansion to be Turned into Church (Bleacher Report)
  13. Faith Leaders Issue Holy Week Call to Abolish Death Penalty (Baptist News Global)

March 31, 2015

  1. Indiana Religious Freedom Act: What’s Behind the Law and the Backlash (Los Angeles Times)
  2. Democrats Call for Repeal of Religious Objections Law (Chicago Tribune)
  3. Ga. House Panel Cancels ‘Religious Freedom’ Bill Meeting (USA Today)
  4. Florida Church Van Crash Kills 8 (CNN)
  5. Former Church Employee Charged with Securities Fraud (WTVC, TN)
  6. Stevie Wonder Surprises Minneapolis Baptist Church (KARE 11)
  7. No Forgiveness for Slavery, Racism Without Repentance, CBF Pastors Say (Baptist News Global)
  8. Supreme Court Won’t Force NY to Allow After-Hours Worship in Public Schools (Baptist News Global)

March 30, 2015

  1. Indiana Governor Defends ‘Religious Freedom’ Law (CNN)
  2. Indiana Backlash: Opposition to Anti-Gay Bill Grows (CNN)
  3. University Presidents Decry ‘Religious Freedom’ Law (Indianapolis Star)
  4. Why Were Indiana’s ‘Religious Freedom’ Supporters Mostly Silent? (Indianapolis Star)
  5. Arkansas Follows Indiana into ‘Religious Freedom’ Fight (Christian Science Monitor)
  6. Montana House Narrowly Defeats ‘Religious Freedom’ Bill (NBC Montana)
  7. Harbor Church Picks Up Where Mars Hill Left Off (The Olympian)
  8. ‘Realism’ is the New Face of Bible Epics (USA Today)

March 27, 2015

  1. Arizona Senator: Church Attendance Should be Mandatory (KPHO)
  2. Upstate S.C. Atheists Want to Give Secular Invitation at Greenville Co. Council (WSPA)
  3. NCAA Concerned with Indiana Religious Objections Bill (Washington Post)
  4. Gov. Mike Pence Signs ‘Religious Freedom’ Bill in Private (Indianapolis Star)
  5. Ted Cruz: Baptist of Fire (The Economist)
  6. Church of Scientology Calls New HBO Documentary ‘Bigoted’ (National Public Radio)
  7. Kentucky Baptists Applaud Failure of Medical Pot (Baptist News Global)
  8. Christians Flee ISIS in the Middle East (Newsweek)

March 26, 2015

  1. Religious Freedom Bill Headed to Gov. Mike Pence’s Desk (Indianapolis Star)
  2. Indiana May Lose Disciples of Christ Convention Over Anti-Gay Religious Freedom Bill (Washington Post)
  3. West Michigan County to Keep Sign With Bible Verse (Detroit News)
  4. Thief Returns Plaques to Fort Worth Church (Fort Worth Star-Telegram)
  5. Faith Leaders Ask Congress to Protect Programs that Aid the Poor (Baptist News Global)
  6. Banner Sunday Boosts Baptist Women in Ministry (Baptist News Global)

March 26, 2015

  1. Christian Associates of Southwest Pa. Push Better Race Relations (Pittsburg Post-Gazette)
  2. Obeying Police is Not Enough, Group of Diverse Evangelical Leaders Tell Franklin Graham (Christianity Today)
  3. At Pepperdine’s Surf Chapel, Prayers Come in Waves (Los Angeles Times)
  4. Every Refugee is a Chance to Live the Gospel, Ministers and Missionaries Say (Baptist News Global)
  5. LifeWay’s Nashville Campus Under Contract of Sale (Baptist News Global)
  6. Christian Pastor in China Gets One Year Prison Term in Battle Over Crosses (New York Times)