News Headlines

Catch up on our curated list of headlines for today, hand-picked from across the Web by Bruce Gourley.

November 16, 2016

  1. Hopeful and Relieved, Conservative White Evangelicals See Trump Win as Their Own (Washington Post)
    White Evangelicals, Black Evangelicals Worlds Apart on Donald Trump (NOLA)
  2. Global Evangelical Leaders: Trump’s Win Will Harm the Church’s Witness (Christianity Today)
  3. This Indiana Church Was Defaced With ‘Heil Trump’ Graffiti – and is Keeping It (Washington Post)
  4. Two Students at Christian University in Texas Expelled for Posing in Blackface in Snapchat (NY Daily News)
    Hundreds of Hate Crimes Reported Since Election: SPLC (NBC News)
  5. Following Hate Crimes and Trump’s Election, Muslims Remain Resilient (NPR)
  6. A Growing Number of Americans Raised in Interfaith Households (Wisconsin Public Radio)
  7. Texas Baptists Endorse First Chaplain to Native Americans (Baptist Standard)
  8. U.K.: Anglo-Saxon Christian Coffins Unearthed in Norfolk (Financial Times)

November 15, 2016

  1. Maryland Church Targeted by Racist Vandals: ‘Trump Nation, Whites Only’ (New York Daily News)
  2. Philadelphia Church Shields Undocumented Father from Deportation (Huffington Post)
  3. Trump Won. Here’s How 20 Evangelical Leaders Feel. (Christianity Today)
  4. I Was an Evangelical Magazine Editor, But Now I Can’t Defend My Evangelical Community (Washington Post)
  5. Wilshire Baptist Church Votes to Allow LGBTQ Members (CBS Local)
  6. Church Helps Firefighters Battling Wildfire in North Georgia (Fox5Atlanta)
  7. Muslim College Chaplains Extend a Hand Across Religious Divides (New York Times)

November 14, 2016

  1. Churches Vandalized with Anti-Gay, Nazi Trump-Inspired Slurs (USA Today)
  2. Wilshire Baptist Church Considers Allowing LGBT Members (Fox4News)
  3. Texas Baptist Association Threatens to Expel Churches Allowing LGBT Members (Dallas Morning News)
  4. Christian Entertainers Warn Evangelical Trump Supporters That They’ve Been Duped (Christian Post)
  5. Religious Environmentalists Gird Themselves for a Trump Presidency (RNS)
  6. KKK Announces North Carolina Trump ‘Victory’ Parade (Charlotte News-Observer)
  7. Hate Crimes Spread Post-Election (CNN)

November 11, 2016

  1. The Rage of White, Christian America (New York Times)
  2. The Evangelical Reckoning Over Donald Trump (The Atlantic)
  3. Evangelicals, Family Values, and the Rise of Donald Trump (Huffington Post)
  4. An Open Letter to the Evangelical Church, From the Black Girl in Your Pew (Huffington Post)
  5. Muslim Women Wearing Hijabs Assaulted Just Hours After Trump Win (NBC News)
  6. Transgender Americans Fear for Safety After Trump Win (Guardian)
  7. ‘Not My President’: Thousands Protest Trump in Rallies Across the U.S. (Washington Post)
  8. More Anti-Trump Protests Planned Across United States (Reuters)
  9. CBF’s Paynter Prays that Light of God ‘Shine on Us’ in Post-Election Interfaith Event (CBF)
  10. Evangelical Left Admits It Doesn’t Really Exist (RNS)
  11. Death Penalty Affirmed by California, Nevada, Oklahoma Voters (Baptist Press)

November 10, 2016

  1. Evangelicals Back Donald Trump in Record Numbers, Despite Earlier Doubts (Wall Street Journal)
  2. White Evangelicals, Catholics and Mormons Carried Trump (National Catholic Reporter)
  3. Why Some Fear This Election’s Lasting Damage to American Christianity (Washington Post)
  4. Christian Leaders Respond to a Trump Presidency (Washington Post)
  5. Can the U.S. Be a Model of State-Religion Relations for the Arab World? (World Politics Review)
  6. Two Churches Face Removal from BGCT Due to Gay Issue (Baptist Standard)
  7. Kentucky Baptists Focusing on Human Trafficking at Annual Meeting (Western Recorder)
  8. Religion May Play a Role in Determining the Size of Your Paycheck (Cheat Sheet)

November 8, 2016

  1. White Men and Evangelical Christians Keeping Trump Afloat (NY Times)
  2. Election Exposes Widening Chasm Among Southern Baptist Evangelicals (Christian Examiner)
  3. ‘Vote or Pick Cotton’: Alabama Pastor Says Sign Not Racially Motivated (AL.com)
  4. July Selection Postponed in Dylann Roof Trial (USA Today)
  5. Hopewell Baptist Church Holds First Service Since Vandalism (WJTC)
  6. After $7M Buy, Russian Investors Transforming North Beach Church into Place for Thought Leadership (San Francisco Chronicle)
  7. Embattled School Board in CA Votes to Limit Role of Religion in Meetings (BJC)
  8. Liberia: Liberian Baptist Seminary Gets New President (Liberian Observer)

November 7, 2016

  1. Falwell on Radio for Trump Heading into Home-Stretch (Roanoke Times)
  2. Evangelical Leader: I’m Voting for Hillary Clinton Because of Her Emails (Christian Post)
  3. Michael Medved, Conservative Christian Radio Host, Suffers for His Anti-Trump Slot (Politico)
  4. When Evangelicals Clergy Oppose Trump, Their Flocks Listen. But They’re Not Speaking Up (Washington Post)
  5. Evangelical Values Voters Struggle With Choosing Trump for President (ABC News)
  6. People of Faith Draw Disparate Conclusions at the Ballot Box (Knoxville News-Sentinel)
  7. Top 10 Stats Explaining the Evangelical Vote for Trump or Clinton (Christianity Today)
  8. Latino Evangelicals Are the Ultimate Swing Voters That Could Tip Florida’s Scales (NPR)
  9. Post-Election Church Services Aim to Reconcile Christian Voters (RNS)
  10. Chattanooga Hamilton County Black Caucus Asks for Inclusion at New Prayer Breakfast (Times Free Press)
  11. The Most and Least Educated U.S. Religious Groups (Pew Research)
  12. Jury Selection Set to Begin in South Carolina Church Shooting Trial (NPR)

November 4. 2016

  1. San Diego Catholic Church Flyer Says Voting for Democrats is a Mortal Sin (NY Daily News)
  2. 500 Interfaith Clergy and Laity Answered the Call to Stand With Standing Rock (Episcopal Digital Network)
  3. Why Understanding Native American Religion is Key to Resolving Dakota Access Pipeline Crisis (RNS)
  4. Arkansas Baptist Boys Ranch Rebuilt (5NewsKFSM)
  5. Dallas Baptist Coach Celebrates World Series (DFW CBS Local)
  6. FBI Investigating Burning of Black Church Painted With ‘Vote Trump’ (NPR)
  7. Over $180k Raised for Baptist Church Burned and Vandalized With ‘Vote For Trump’ (World Religion News)
  8. With the Bible, One Little Word Can Stir a Ruckus and, Thus, Produces a News Story (Get Religion)
  9. U.K.: Catholic Church in England and Wales Apologizes for 30 Years of ‘Forced’ Adoptions (Washington Post)
  10. U.K.: Parents Fear the Religion Will Make Their Children Outcasts (The Telegraph)

November 3, 2016

  1. Pope Francis Reiterates: Women Forever Banned from Priesthood (Catholic News Agency)
  2. KKK’s Official Newspaper, ‘The Political Voice of White Christian America,’ Supports Donald Trump for President (Washington Post)
  3. Trump Campaign Denounces KKK’s Official Newspaper Endorsement (CNN)
  4. KKK, Neo-Nazis Plot Election Day Pro-Trump Show of Force for Trump to Suppress the Black Vote (Politico)
  5. Assailants Set Fire to Black Mississippi Church, Spray Paint ‘Vote Trump’ (PBS)
  6. Evangelical Women ‘Speak Up’ for Donald Trump (Charisma News)
  7. An Evangelical Leader Makes Her Case for Clinton (Politico)
  8. He’s Young, Christian and Relying on God to Help in the Voting Booth (Kansas City Star)
  9. Evangelical Latinos in Florida Unconvinced by the Choices for President (CNN)
  10. Evangelicals Consider Whether God Really Cares How They Vote (Minnesota Public Radio)
  11. 4th Circuit Agrees to Re-Hear NC Legislative Prayer Case (BJC)
  12. Millennials Agree With Marx More Than the Bible, Study Finds (Fox News)
  13. Greece: Hospitality is Put to a Religious Test (RNS)

November 2, 2016

  1. Amy Grant’s New Christmas Album Reignites the Old ‘What’s Christian Enough?’ Question (Washington Post)
  2. Americans United Ally Brent Walker Reflects on a Career Defending Religious Liberty (AU)
  3. Baptist Church Comes Under Fire for Message to Black Males: ‘Respect Authority’ (Atlanta Black Star)
  4. The Guilt-Free Gospel of Donald Trump (CNN)
  5. Evangelicals in NC Struggle With Presidential Election (WRAL)
  6. After Trump, An Evangelical Examination of Conscience? (Fox News)
  7. Evangelicals Across the Spectrum are Clarifying Marriage as a Core Belief (Christianity Today)
  8. Cherokee County, AL, Schools Clear up Bible Rumor (Gadsden Times)
  9. Baylor Vows Openness on New Sexual Assault Response Website (USA Today)
  10. Guam: New Child Abuse Suit Filed Against Catholic Church (Fox News)