News Headlines

Catch up on our curated list of headlines for today, hand-picked from across the Web by Bruce Gourley.

February 16, 2015

  1. Jimmy Carter: Women’s Rights the Fight of My Life (CNN)
  2. ISIS Releases Video Claiming Beheadings of Egyptian Christians (CNN)
  3. Egypt Says it Bombed ISIS Targets in Libya After Killings of Christians (CNN)
  4. ‘We Want to be a Part of the Solution:’ Milwauke Church Hangs ‘Black Lives Matter’ Sign on Building (Fox 6 Now)
  5. Parishioner, Artist Turns Glass from Razed Lorain Church into Keepsakes (Chronicle-Telegram, OH)
  6. Steeple Collapses During Northeast Philly Church Service (Philadelphia NBC 10)

February 14, 2015

  1. Nation’s Largest Christian Bookstore and Gift Chain Files for Bankruptcy (Michigan Live)
  2. Nashville Church Properties Draw Developers (The Tennessean)
  3. Evangelical Portland Church Loses Funding Because Pastor’s Support for Same-Sex Marriage (Oregon Live)
  4. New York Archdiocese Parishioners See System of Secrets as They Fight Church Closings (New York Times)
  5. Pastor/Blogger Says Southern Baptists Should be Honest About Their Racial History (Baptist News Global)
  6. Dean Smith’s Pastor Remembers Him as Courageous (Baptist News Global)

February 13, 2015

  1. U.S. Satisfaction with Religion Settling at Lower Levels (Gallup)
  2. Southern Baptist Leader: Gospel Can Overcome Gay Marriage (The Tennessean)
  3. Atheists Knock Florida School on ‘God Bless America’ Statement (USA Today)
  4. Proposed Religious Freedom Amendment in Texas Raises Concerns (Baptist News Global)
  5. Halt Drone Strikes, Say Faith Leaders (Baptist News Global)
  6. Iraq: Islamic State Could End Middle Eastern Christianity, Archbishop Warns Synod (Christian Today)

February 12, 2015

  1. Lawmaker Wants to Make Bible Official Book of Tennessee (The Tennessean)
  2. Manslaughter Charge Prompts Church to Examine Relationship With Alcohol (Washington Post)
  3. The Night Dean Smith Broke the Rules on Race in Chapel Hill (Fayetteville Observer)
  4. Klan Group Issues ‘Call to Arms’ Over Alabama Same-Sex Marriage Ruling (SPLCenter)
  5. College Sexual Assault Victims Healed by Religious Communities, Chaplains and Study Say (Baptist News Global)
  6. Southern Baptists, Catholics Oppose Human Rights D.C. Laws (Baptist News Global)
  7. Ala. Baptist Head Says Churches Whose Ministers Perform Gay Marriages ‘Not in Friendly Cooperation’ (Baptist News Global)
  8. Christians in Iraq: Peace or Sword? (The Economist)

February 11, 2015

  1. A Church Fulfills its Duty (Newsday)
  2. City, Congregation at Odds Over Century-old Church (USA Today)
  3. Colorado Bill to Let College Clubs Pick Leaders’ Religion Fails (Denver Post)
  4. Mormon Church Excommunicates Popular Podcaster (CNN)
  5. NM Company Brings Bible to the Battlefield (KRQE)
  6. The Culture Clash in Mississippi’s Mosques (National Journal)
  7. CBF Field Personnel Laments Death Sentence for Two ‘Bali Nine’ Members (Baptist News Global)

February 10, 2015

  1. New York Church Taking Walmart to Court Over Gun Sales (Forbes)
  2. In Search of the Great American Bible (The New Yorker)
  3. Christian Group Fires Woman for Not Making Efforts ‘oo Reconcile Her Marriage’ and Now She Can’t Sue (Think Progress)
  4. Alabama Gay Marriages Allowed After Supreme Court Order (CNN)
  5. For Alabama Chief Justice, Soldiering in the Name of God is Nothing New (New York Times)
  6. Florida Church Builds Partnerships with Schools, Nonprofits – and Laundromats (Baptist News Global)

February 9, 2015

  1. Alabama Pastor Sees Same-Sex Marriage as Part of Civil Rights Struggle (LA Times)
  2. Creationists: To Dismiss Unicorns Found in Bible as Mythical Animals ‘is to Demean God’s Word’ (Raw Story)
  3. The Little-Known Relationship Between Religion and Chocolate (Deseret News)
  4. Obama Draws Ire of Right at National Prayer Breakfast (Newsweek)
  5. Vatican: Pope Says It’s OK to Spank Children if You Don’t Demean Them (CNN)
  6. Brazil: Afro-Brazilian Religions Struggle Against Evangelical Hostility (Washington Post)

February 6, 2015

  1. Ashes to Go: Church Offers Drive-thru Ash Wednesday (Shreveport Times)
  2. Why Huntsville’s First Seventh-Day Adventist Church is Starting a Sunday Service (Huntsville Times)
  3. Obama Praises Dalai Lama at Prayer Breakfast (USA Today)
  4. Obama Warns at National Prayer Breakfast of Those Who Use Religion to Wage War (Washington Post)
  5. Obama Praises Church/State Separation at Prayer Breakfast (Baptist News Global)
  6. Muslim-American Leaders Meet With Obama at White House (Detroit Free Press)
  7. Bible Belt Loves ‘Fifty Shades of Gray’ (Bloomberg)
  8. Video Surfaces of Pastor of Prominent L.A. Church Purportedly Comparing Police to KKK (CBS LA)
  9. Victim Sues Garland Church Where Youth Pastors Were Convicted of Child Abuse (Dallas Morning News)
  10. India: Christian Protestors Clash With Police in Delhi (Reuters)
  11. Nigeria: Nigerian Baptist Minister Castigates International Community (Alabama Baptist)

February 5, 2015

  1. College Freshmen are Leaning Away from Religion (Wall Street Journal)
  2. Bible Will Not Become State Book of Mississippi (WMC Action News 5)
  3. 4000-Strong Christian Militia Forms to Fight ISIS in Northern Iraq (Newsweek)
  4. Creationist Park in Kentucky to Sue State Over Tax Incentive Rejection (Baptist Joint Committee)
  5. Answers in Genesis Files Lawsuit Against Kentucky (Baptist Press)
  6. Seminary Course Seeks ‘Nexus’ Between Clergy and Police (Baptist News Global)

February 4, 2015

  1. Judge Rules in Favor of Group that Left Episcopal Church (Charleson Post & Courier)
  2. Christian-Owned Bakery Risks Large Fine for Anti-Gay Discrimination (USA Today)
  3. Local Baptists Object to Plans for Craft Beer Festival in Ashland, KY (WOW KTV)
  4. Furry Bandit Ransacks True Light Baptist Office (KOCO, OK)
  5. Alice Cooper: ‘I Teach Bible Study’ (Patheos)
  6. Indiana Senate OKs Bill Allowing Religious Discrimination (Indianapolis Star)
  7. Franklin Graham Urges Christians to Get Involved in Politics, Warns ‘The Anti-God People Are’ (Gospel Herald)
  8. Family Leader Distributes Bibles to All Iowa Lawmakers (Des Moines Register)
  9. Atheist Feels Guilty About His $100,000-Per-Year Bible App Business (CBS Local San Fransisco)
  10. BJC, Others, Oppose North Carolina Voucher Plan (Baptist News Global)
  11. Some Churches See Health, Wellness as Track to Missional Niche (Baptist News Global)
  12. Woes Persist at Georgia Baptist College (Baptist News Global)