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Catch up on our curated list of headlines for today, hand-picked from across the Web by Bruce Gourley.

July 13, 2015

  1. Crowds Cheer as Confederate Flag Removed from South Carolina Confederate Capitol (NBC News)
  2. One Battle the Confederate Flag is Still Winning (CNN)
  3. Texas Officials: Schools Should Teach that Slavery was ‘Side Issue’ to Civil War (Washington Post)
  4. A Psychologist’s Explanation of Why Racism Persists in America (Huffington Post)
  5. After Charleston Shooting, Baltimore Gun Control Advocates Take to Church to Spread Message (Baltimore Sun)
  6. Yielding to Atheists, Alabama Town Removes Christian Flag, Citing High Cost (Christian Today)
  7. Jesus Camp for Adults Seeks to Impose Christianity on U.S. by Converting 1,000 Pastors into Politicians (Raw Story)
  8. Two Christian Colleges Extend Employment Benefit to Same-Sex Spouses (Christian Post)
    Pope Calls Greed ‘the Devil’s Dung’ (CNN)
  9. Evangelicals Support Israel, Disagree on Why (Baptist Press)
  10. Israel: Police Make Arrest in ‘Loaves and Fishes’ Church Arson (CNN)

July 10, 2015

  1. South Carolina House Votes to Remove Confederate Flag from Statehouse Grounds (Washington Post)
  2. Jenny Horne’s Tearful Speech Against Confederate Flag Shakes S.C. House (CNN)
  3. S.C. Governor Haley Signs into Law Removal of State House Confederate Flag (Slate)
  4. Amid Backlash, U.S. House GOP Scraps Vote on Confederate Flag (NBC News)
  5. Debates on Racism, Gay Rights Take Toll on Pastors (Baptist News Global)
  6. ‘Last Thing we Need': Christian Pastors Oppose Satanic Statue Unveiling in Detroit (Christian Today)
  7. Sacramento Mosque Honors Christian Church (Sacramento Bee)
  8. An Evangelical Revival in the Heart of New York (New York Times)
  9. Pope Francis’ Deep Ties to Evangelicals (National Catholic Reporter)
  10. Indiana’s Church of Cannabis Files Religious Liberty Lawsuit (Huffington Post)
  11. For Social Workers, Religion is the Elephant in the Room (Consumer Affairs)

July 9, 2015

  1. U.S. House Votes to Ban Confederate Flag at Federal Cemeteries (The Hill)
  2. Americans United Attacks ‘Bogus’ Religious Liberty Claims (Baptist News Global)
  3. Seventh Day Adventists Vote Against Female Ordination (Washington Post)
  4. First African Baptist Church Lexington KY Celebrates 225 Years, Rich History (Lexington Herald-Leader)
  5. Two Texas Baptist Colleges Ask Supreme Court for Protection from Mandate (Baptist News Global)
  6. For Low-Income Kids, New Program Offers a Shot at College (Baptist News Global)
  7. South America: Pope Arrives in Bolivia Amid Church-State Tensions (Boston Herald)

July 8, 2015

  1. Missouri Minister Launching Network for Busy, Isolated (Baptist News Global)
  2. Baylor University Quietly Drops ‘Homosexual Acts’ From its Sexual Misconduct Policy (Huffington Post)
  3. Thomas Road Baptist Church Will Never Bless Same Sex Union – Jonathan Falwell (Christian Today)
  4. Baptist Universities Weigh Next Step on HHS Mandate (Baptist Press)
  5. Christian College’s Right to Deny Married Housing for Gay Couples May be ‘Indefensible’ (Christian Post)
  6. The Christian Terrorist Who Vowed to Kill Muslims and May Go Free (Daily Beast)
  7. How American Muslims Are Helping Black Churches Rebuild After Spate of Fires (Huffington Post)
  8. Alabama Restaurant Begins Flying Christian Flag (
  9. Vacation Bible Schools Align with Common Core (Louisville Courier-Journal)
  10. China: Religion Grows Among Young People, Islam Most Popular (International Business Times)

July 7, 2015

  1. Editorial: To Countless Baptists, James Dunn Was an Instrumental Influence (Baptist News Global)
  2. Newseum: Only 19% Know 1st Amendment Guarantees Freedom of Religion (CNS News)
  3. Religious Denominations Unite at Statehouse to Honor Charleston Church Shooting Victims (Greenfield Reporter)
  4. South Carolina Lawmakers Vote to Remove Flag (CNN)
  5. Pastor’s Plan to raise the Christian Flag Over the American Flag (Baptist Press)
  6. N.C. Lawmakers Lift Ban on Sunday Hunting (Baptist News Global)
  7. Cruz, Huckabee Competing for Evangelical Votes (US News and World Report)
  8. Episcopal Church Votes to Withdraw Investments in Fossil Fuels (Think Progress)
  9. Brazil: ‘Facebook for Christians’ Takes Off (TIME)

July 6, 2015

  1. James M. Dunn: 1932-2015 (Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty)
  2. James Dunn, Robust Advocate for Religious Liberty, Dies July 4 (Baptist News Global)
  3. Charleston’s Black Leaders Want to See Justice as Much as Forgiveness (National Public Radio)
  4. Ebenezer Pastor: Church Burnings Should Concern Us All (11 Alive, Atlanta)
  5. Baptist Pastors Protest Same-Sex Marriage (Montgomery Advertiser, AL)
  6. Alabama Town Removes Christian Flag After Legal Threat (Tuscaloosa News, AL)
  7. Voice of the Southern Baptists: How the Coast Formed Russell Moore (Biloxi Sun-Herald, MS)
  8. Tectonic Shift: Pam Durso on 30 Years of Progress for Baptist Women Ministers (Baptist News Global)

July 3, 2015

  1. Churches Face Reality on Gay Union (Rocky Mount Telegram)
  2. How Gay Marriage Ruling May Impact Christian Colleges (Michigan Live)
  3. BJC Says Same-Sex Marriage Ruling Unlikely to Affect Tax-Exemption (Baptist News Global)
  4. Anonymous Donors Raise $3 Million for Scholarships After Charleston Church Shooting (Reuters)
  5. Poll: Majority Sees Confederate Flag as Southern Pride Symbol, Not Racist (CNN)
  6. Stone Mountain’s Confederate Flags Will Still Fly (Atlanta Journal Constitution)
  7. Woman Who Removed Confederate Flag at SC Statehouse: “Enough is Enough” (ABC News)
  8. Racial Slur Painted on Michigan Church Spurs National Support (Michigan Live)
  9. A Sudden, Tug-of-War for White Evangelical Voters in Georgia (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)
  10. Church Group Calls Osteen a ‘Charlatan’ Before Court Appearance (KHOU)
  11. Winton’s Rescue of Jewish Children Revealed After 50 Years (Houston Chronicle)
  12. Man Who Killed Baptist Minister Found Not Guilty (CBS St. Louis)
  13. An Epistle of Metanoia From the 2015 Mission Summit to the ABCUSA Family (ABC-USA)

July 2, 2015

  1. Oklahoma Supreme Court Says Ten Commandments Must Go from Capitol Grounds (The Oklahoman)
  2. Oklahoma Supreme Court Orders Removal of Ten Commandments from Capitol Lawn (Baptist News Global)
  3. Black Church Fires Raise Fear; Crime Data Suggests Blazes are Not Unusual (Los Angeles Times)
  4. Baptist Pastor, Tennessee Store Owner Posts Signs Telling Gays to Stay Away (Business Insider)
  5. University Baptist Church Opens Art Gallery (Hattiesburg American)
  6. What You Say in Tuesday’s Night Sky Could Account for Bible’s Star of Bethlehem (WQAD)
  7. Kentucky Baptist Fellowship Names Coordinator (Baptist News Global)
  8. China: A Problem of Religion, and Polling (New York Times)

July 1, 2015

  1. Poll: After Charleston, a Nation Divided on the Confederate Flag (USA Today)
  2. Despite Supreme Court Ruling, Some Bible Belt Clerks Refusing to Issue Marriage Licenses (Oregon Live)
  3. Christian Activist Decries ‘Evil’ Gay Marriage with a Honey-Smooth Voice (Los Angeles Times)
  4. On Their Own: the Challenges, Blessings of Being Sole Pastors of Small Churches (Baptist News Global)
  5. Finding an Antidote to Toxic Churches and Toxic Leadership (Baptist News Global)

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