News Headlines

Catch up on our curated list of headlines for today, hand-picked from across the Web by Bruce Gourley.

June 28, 2016

  1. Supreme Court Strikes Down Texas Abortion Access Law (CNN)
  2. There’s a Deep Divide in How Blacks and White See Race. New Numbers Prove It. (Los Angeles Times)
  3. Mississippi Lawmakers React to Southern Baptist Condemning Confederate Flag (MPB Online)
  4. Judge Rules Mississippi Clerks Cannot Cite Religion to Abstain From Issuing Marriage Licenses (TPM)
  5. Iowa Official Raises Concern About Courthouse Bible-Reading Event (KCCI)
  6. ‘Grace Without God’ Explores Life in America Without Religion (Chicago Tribune)

June 24, 2016

  1. Cooperative Baptists Remember Victims of Mass Shootings, Hear About Global Missions Renewal (CBF)
  2. Survey: White Evangelicals Say US No Longer a Christian Nation (Religion News Service)
  3. 5 Key Findings About Global Restrictions on Religion (Pew Research Center)
  4. Trump Struggles to Close the Deal with Evangelicals (National Review)
  5. First Trial Begins in Deadly New York Church Beating (ABC News)
  6. Men Cleared in Heckling Case at Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church (Houston Chronicle)
  7. Hollywood Aims for Christian Market, Too (Cincinnati Enquirer)
  8. Alaska Goldpanners Lead Missouri Baptists in Postponed Midnight Baseball Game (WebCenter11, Fairbanks)

June 23, 2016

  1. Through Deliberative Dialogue, CBF Seeks to Model the Way of ‘Unity Through Cooperation’ (CBF)
  2. CBF Governing Board Forms Task Force on Clergy Sexual Misconduct (CBF)
  3. Pew Study: How Different Religious Groups View Abortion (Opposing Views)
  4. Falwell, Jr. Totally Cool With Trump’s Playboy Cover (New York Post)
  5. Franklin Graham to Evangelical Leaders: Donald Trump is Better Option Than Hillary Clinton (Christian Post)
  6. Floyd, Jeffress, Others New Trump Advisers (Baptist Press)
  7. 7 Conservative Christians Who Are Not Supporting Trump (Religion News Service)
  8. Arkansas Woman Dead After Participation in LDS Church Trek (Fox13Now)
  9. Egypt: Christians Attacked and Homes Burned by Muslim Mob Over Rumored Church Building (Christian Today)

June 22, 2016

  1. CBF Field Personnel, CBF North Carolina Partner to Provide “Welcome” to Syrian Refugee Families (CBF)
  2. Trump Taps Outgoing Southern Baptist Head for Religious Board (Tennessean)
  3. Trump Thrills Christian Conservative Audience (Washington Post)
  4. Donald Trump’s History of Questioning Others’ Religion (NBC News)
  5. Evangelical Leader Says Trump is ‘Un-Christian,’ Endorses Clinton (The Hill)
  6. Missions Ineffectiveness Examined by SBC Leaders (Baptist Press)
  7. Church Whose Pastor Celebrated Orlando Massacre Will Not Have Lease Renewed (New York Daily News)

June 20, 2016

  1. Mississippi Southern Baptist Pastors Discuss SBC Vote on Confederate Flag (Biloxi Sun-Herald)
  2. In Wake of Orlando, Conservative Faith Leaders Won’t Say ‘Gay’ (Wisconsin Gazette)
  3. Orlando Vigil and Church Services Urge Unity After a Week of Death and Fear (Los Angeles Times)
  4. A Year After Massacre, Charleston Church Embraces Its Community (CNN)
  5. Trump Says US Should Mull More Racial Profiling After Orlando Shooting (Reuters)
  6. Philadelphia Church Sign on Ramadan Sparks Angry Call and Posting (NBC Philadelphia)
  7. Embattled Christian Conservatives Ponder Presidential Pick (Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier)
  8. Africa: Supreme Court of Liberia Places Baptist Seminary Sale on Hold (Front Page Africa)

June 16, 2016

  1. Southern Baptists Go Beyond Conservative Politics at Annual Meeting (ABC News)
  2. Southern Baptists Debate Religious Liberty for Muslims (Religion News Service)
  3. Sacramento Pastor Defends Hate-Filled Sermon on Orlando Shootings (KTLA)
  4. Orlando Chic fil A Workers Reverse Sunday Hours Policy to Feed Volunteers (USA Today)
  5. Franklin Graham Draws Thousands at Political Rally (WPR)
  6. Medieval Rabbit Doodles Reveal Our Ancestors Had a Sense of Humor (CNN)
  7. 2,000-Year-Old Lump of Butter, Perhaps an Offering to the Gods, Found in Irish Bog (CNN)

June 15, 2016

  1. Carolyn Blevins Honored for Work in Baptist History (Jefferson Standard Bearer, TN)
  2. Hate Crimes Against LGBT People are Common (FiveThirtyEight)
  3. Christian Response to Orlando Leaves Some LGBT Activists Cold (Crux)
  4. Catholic Bishop: ‘It is Religion, Including Our Own, Which Targets’ LGBT People (Tampa Bay Times)
  5. Southern Baptists Condemn Confederate Flag as Racist (Dallas Morning News)
  6. Three Evangelical Groups are Tackling Racial Reconciliation: First Up, Southern Baptists (Christianity Today)
  7. Kenya: Anglican Priest Joins Lawsuit Demanding Greater Rights for Gays (Religion News Service)
  8. Russia: ‘Unity Cannot be Imposed on Churches’ – Russian Orthodox Church Spokesman (RT)