News Headlines

Catch up on our curated list of headlines for today, hand-picked from across the Web by Bruce Gourley.

April 18, 2015

  1. In Indiana, a Baptist Church and a Methodist Church Merge (Lebanon Reporter)
  2. Tennessee Republican Legislators Seek Veto Override on Bible as Official State Book (WPSD6)
  3. North Carolina Vouchers Head to Religious Schools (Charlotte News & Observer)
  4. Virginia’s Culpeper County Denies Islamic Center’s Permit Request (WUSA9)
  5. Mississippi Hospitality & Restaurant Association Speaks Out Against Religious Anti-LGBT Law (MSNewsNow)
  6. The Southern Social Divide: Cities Move Past States on Liberal Social Issues (Sun Herald, MS)
  7. Turkey: President Erdogan Seizes Six Christian Churches, Making Them State Property (PJ Media)

April 15, 2016

  1. When a Tiny Church Houses Three Religions (Washington Post)
  2. Tennessee Governor Vetoes Bill Making Bible Official State Book (ABC News)
  3. Christian Therapists Push Back Against Anti-LGBT Tennessee Counseling Bill (Colorado Springs Gazette)
  4. Ohio Supreme Court: Christian Radio Station Tax-Exempt as a Place of Worship (Columbus Dispatch)
  5. Noah’s Ark Job Float Your Boat? Then You Must Be a Christian (ABC News)
  6. A Moral Case for Putting a Stop to Payday Lending Abuses (White House)
  7. Family Mourns Loss of Baptist Minister, Wife in Street Racing Crash (Houston Chronicle)
  8. Church Has Plan to Save Historic Villa Rica Home (Times-Georgian)
  9. New York Yankees Call Ken Whitten ‘Mentor’ (Baptist Press)

April 13, 2016

  1. How Religion Affects Everyday Life (Pew Research Center)
  2. Trump Touts Wrong Evangelical Leader as a Supporter (CNN)
  3. Mississippi Governor’s Church a Window into Gay Rights Debate (Clarion Ledger)
  4. North Carolina Governor Says He Wants Anti-LGBT Law Partially Changed After Backlash (Washington Post)
  5. Tennessee Governor to Decide on Bible Bill by End of This Week (ABC WABE)
  6. Tennessee Librarians Say No to Bible as Official State Book (Tennessean)
  7. National Baptist Group Plans to Bring 5,000 to Birmingham in June (AL.com)
  8. Middle East: Oldest Glass Factory in Israel Dates to 4th Century AD (Christian Science Monitor)

April 12, 2016

  1. The Bible is Really Old, Handwriting Analysis Reveals (Live Science)
  2. Backlash Grows Over Widespread Christian Discrimination Against LGBT Community (NBC News)
  3. 95 Mississippi Authors, Including John Grisham, Call for Repeal of State Anti-LGBT Law (AP)
  4. Georgia Capitol Police Put Out Alert on Gun-Toting, Anti-Islam Rally (Atlanta Journal Constitution)
  5. Helped by 6 Congregations, New Detroit Church Aims to Bridge Divides (Detroit Free Press)
  6. The Story of a Stolen Bike and a Winona Cop With a Big, Big Heart (Winona Daily News)
  7. Obama Administration Changes ‘Freedom of Worship’ to ‘Freedom of Religion’ on Naturalization Tests (Aleteia)
  8. Norway: State Church Votes in Favor of Same-Sex Marriages (KSL)

April 8, 2016

  1. Why the Onslaught of Anti-LGBT-Discrimination ‘Religious Freedom’ Laws? (CNN)
  2. Tennessee Southern Baptist Leader Urges Support for Revived Anti-Trans Bathroom Bill (Nashville Scene)
  3. Tennessee Bill Would Allow Counselors to Deny Service Based on Religion (Reuters)
  4. Christian Cross Has No Place on L.A. County Seal, Judge Rules (Los Angeles Times)
  5. Indiana State Trooper Fired for Asking Motorists About Their Religion, Lawsuit Says (WCPO)
  6. Morgan Freeman’s ‘The Story of God’ Explores Christian Testimony of Hurricane Katrina Survivors (Christian Post)
  7. American Baptists Tap International Missions Head (Baptist News Global)

April 6, 2016

  1. Alabama Lawmakers Move to Impeach Governor, a Southern Baptist, Over Sex Scandal (CNN)
  2. Mississippi Governor Signs Religious Anti-LGBT Discrimination Law (Washington Post)
  3. Bill Allowing Guns in Church Heads to Mississippi Governor (ABC News)
  4. PayPal Withdraws Planned N.C. Expansion Due to Religious Anti-LGBT Discrimination Law (USA Today)
  5. Idaho Governor Vetoes Bill Permitting Use of Bible in Public Schools (WTOP)
  6. Franklin Graham: For Disobeying the Bible, U.S. May Vanish Like Babylon (WND)
  7. Church Sues Members Who Ran Bingo Games (Indianapolis Star)

April 5, 2016

  1. Bill to Make Bible Official State Book of Tennessee Heads to Governor (Tennessean)
  2. Southern Baptists’ ERLC Calls Upon Mississippi to ‘Lead the Way’ in Discriminating Against LGBT Community (ERLC)
  3. Groups to Rally Against Mississippi Religious Anti-LGBT Discrimination Bill (Clarion Ledger)
  4. Mississippi Chamber of Commerce Opposes Religious Anti-LGBT Discrimination Bill (ABC News)
  5. White House Announces Final Rules for Federally Funded Service Programs (Baptist Joint Committee)
  6. Trump Has Benefited From Evangelicals’ Support, But He’s Not the First Choice of the Most Committed (Pew Research)
  7. Human Sacrifice Linked to Social Hierarchies in New Study (National Public Radio)
  8. How Religion Can Help Explain the Wage Gap (New York Magazine)
  9. Pakistan Attack: How the Christian Minority Lives (CNN)

April 4, 2016

  1. Anti-Gay ‘Freedom of Conscience’ Bill Raises Concerns in Mississippi (Commercial Appeal)
  2. North Carolina Could Lose Federal Funding for Passing Anti-LGBT Bill (Instinct Magazine)
  3. Proposed Illinois Bill Aims to Keep Transgender Students Out of Preferred Gender Bathrooms (Depaulia Online)
  4. NC Couple Begin Process to Resurrect Old Primitive Baptist Church (Stanley News and Press)
  5. LDS Church Membership Approaches 16 Million (Deseret News)
  6. U.K.: More Than Half of all Scots Now Have No Religion (Herald Scotland)
  7. U.K.: Modern Humanities Teaching: Brought on by the Chicken or the Egg? (Times Higher Education)

April 2, 2016

  1. The Baptist-on-Baptist Fight Within Georgia’s ‘Religious Liberty’ LGBT Discrimination Debate (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)
  2. Christian Universities Increasingly Apply for Exemptions From Anti-Discrimination Rules (Truth-Out)
  3. Did Alabama Gov. Bentley Lust in His Heart? Former Baptist State President Explains Church Discipline (AL.com)
  4. Ted Cruz’s Evangelical Problem (Politico)
  5. Satanic Book, Bible Sex Tracts Provided in Colorado Schools (ABC News)