News Headlines

Catch up on our curated list of headlines for today, hand-picked from across the Web by Bruce Gourley.

May 12, 2016

  1. American Bible Society Marks 200th Anniversary (Religion News Service)
  2. Bible Event Held at Capitol as Fewer Americans Identify as Religious (Voice of America)
  3. New Jersey Mosque Gets Interfaith Support in Building Permit Fight (Huffington Post)
  4. Muslims at the Center of Campus Debate at Wingate University (WFAE)
  5. ‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Phil Robertson Faces Transgender Bathroom Backlash (CNN)
  6. How Donald Trump Has Split the Christian Right (New York Magazine)
  7. Citing Privacy of Religion, Casper, Wyoming City Council Passes on Opening With Prayer (Wyoming Star-Tribune)

May 11, 2016

  1. Memorial Service for Merle Haggard at Valley Baptist Church, Bakersfield (Kern Golden Empire, CA)
  2. 500-Year Old “Good Jesus” Shipwreck Discovered (CNN)
  3. Trump Selects White Nationalist Leader, Christian Radio Talk Show Host as a Delegate in California (Mother Jones)
  4. Survey Probes Pastors’ Views on Handling Misconduct (Baptist Press)
  5. Can Pastors Make a Comeback After Scandal? One Baptist Pastor Tries (Religion News Service)
  6. Georgetown Church Becomes Sanctuary to New Homeowners (Washington Post)

May 10, 2016

  1. Beloved William Carey University Professor Fired (Insider Higher Ed)
  2. ‘There’s Nobody Left’: Evangelicals Feel Abandoned After Trump’s GOP Ascent (Washington Post)
  3. Trump Knocks SBC’s Moore After National Media Comments (Baptist Press)
  4. Indiana’s Evangelicals Fell Short in Big Races (Indianapolis Star)
  5. North Carolina Files Lawsuit Against the Federal Government Over ‘Bathroom Bill’ (Washington Post)
  6. Defying Church Ban, Dozens of United Methodist Clergy Come Out as Gay and Lesbian (CNN)
  7. ACLU Files Lawsuit Against Mississippi’s Religious Anti-LGBT Law (WAPT)
  8. Top Alabama Leaders, 2 of 3 Southern Baptist, Embroiled in Controversy (Fox News)
  9. Alabama House Passes Two Bills Banning Dismemberment Abortions, Restricting Clinic Locations (Christian Today)
  10. Harlem Will Make Way for – What Else – Apartments (NY Curbed)
  11. Survey: Most Evangelicals Believe Church Plays Major Role in Racial Reconciliation (Christianity Daily)
  12. Charleston Church Under Fire for Mass Shooting Payouts (CBS News)
  13. Families Mourn Death of Dallas Baptist University Students (KHOU, TX)
  14. Religion Could Die Out as World’s Population Gets Richer, Evolutionary Scientists Claim (Independent, UK)
  15. UK: Scottish Composer Says Religion is Music’s Most Radical Force (Slipped Disc)
  16. Pakistan: Can a Christian be Mayor of Lahore? (Daily Times, UK)

May 9, 2016

  1. ‘I Said Yes’: How Finding Religion Saved Daryl Strawberry (New York Post)
  2. Southern Baptists Asked to Endorse Ban on Public Display of Confederate Battle Flag (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)
  3. Six Things to Watch at Methodist General Conference (Religion News Service)
  4. Roy Moore Suspended, Faces New Judicial Ethics Charges (Montgomery Advertiser)
  5. Few Stand in Trump’s Way as He Piles Up the Four-Pinocchio Whoppers (Washington Post)
  6. SBC Leader: Many Evangelicals Won’t Support Trump or Clinton (WBT)
  7. Three Dallas Baptist University Students Killed in Car Accident (Fox News)
  8. New Ouachita Baptist University President to Assume Duties June 1 (Arkansas Online)
  9. Lancaster Bible College Requests Exemptions to Title IX Anti-Discrimination Law (Lancaster Online)

May 7, 2016

  1. Quiverfull Conference Will Arrange Marriages for Christian Homeschoolers (Patheos)
  2. First Baptist Church Hammond Sued in Investment Scheme (North West Indiana Times)
  3. Tow Truck Driver Says He Thinks God Told Him Not to Help Disabled Sanders Supporter (ABC7 Chicago)
  4. Hillary Clinton is Now the Most Religious Candidate Running for President (Think Progress)
  5. U.K.: The Evangelical Soccer Team: No Fouls, No Diving, No Gay Players (Guardian)
  6. China: Province Orders Religion Out of School (ABC News)

May 6, 2016

  1. Focus on the Family Founder’s National Day of Prayer D.C. Address: Children Being Influenced and Perverted by an LGBT Culture (CNS News)
  2. Obama National Day of Prayer Address: Religious Freedom for All, God in Everyone, Unity of Common Humanity (TIME)
  3. It’s the National Day of Prayer, but Religion Should Support Itself (Baptist Joint Committee)
  4. The Silence of Ken Starr: Baylor’s President Focused on Football, Fumbled on Sex Assaults (Dallas Morning News)
  5. Trump Victory Marks Major Defeat of Christian Right Agenda (Religion News)
  6. Georgia Pastor Charged With Stealing $250,000 From Church (ABC News)
  7. $10 Million Suit Filed Against Cornerstone Nashville Church (Tennessean)
  8. State Department Looking into Investigation of Massive Fire at Manhattan Serbian Orthodox Church (New York Daily News)
  9. China Protests at US Accusations of Abuse of Religious Groups (Religion News Service)
  10. India Rejects US Religious Freedom Report (Religion News Service)

May 5, 2016

  1. Trump’s Win Draws Support, Concern from Evangelical Southern Baptists (Baptist Press)
  2. Atlanta Church in New Captain America Film (11 Alive News)
  3. Justice Department Challenges North Carolina Transgender Law (CNN)
  4. Colorado Christian University Requests Transgender Policy Exemption (Denver Post)
  5. First Muslim USA Converts to Christianity (Christian Today)
  6. Israel: Alliance of Baptists Rules Out Investigating in Israel-Linked Firms (Electronic Intifada)

May 4, 2016

  1. Trump Turns Evangelical-GOP Coalition Topsy-Turvy (Religion Dispatches)
  2. Are Evangelical Churches Abandoning the Working Class? (Christian Post)
  3. Bible-Reading Marathons Lead up to National Day of Prayer (AL.com)
  4. Police are Looking for an Alleged Trump Supporter Who Attacked a Muslim Woman (Huffington Post)
  5. Candles May Have Caused NYC Church Fire, Officials Say (Fox News)
  6. Stained Glass Windows at Historic Dallas Church Destroyed by Vandal (Fox4 News)

May 3, 2016

  1. Rome Georgia First Baptist Church Pastor Joel Snider Retires After More Than 2 Decades (Northwest Georgia News)
  2. Hawaii Church Fights Homelessness With Affordable Alaskan ‘Igloos’ (Inhabitat.com)
  3. Alabama’s Largest Church Buys Conference Center on U.S. 280 (AL.com)
  4. Florida Man Charged With Plotting to Blow Up a Miami-Area Synagogue (Washington Post)
  5. Investigation: Former Pastors, Member Call Pennsylvania Church Cult-Like (CBS Pittsburgh)
  6. Why Prayer Appeals to Americans (Christian Science Monitor)
  7. Illinois School Settles Church State Case (Portland Press Herald)

May 2, 2016

  1. Wheaton Group Blasts College’s Silence Over Hastert Abuse Confession (Religion News Service)
  2. Arkansas Baptist College Student With Troubling Past Defeats the Odds (KATV 7)
  3. Video of 4-Year-Old Boy Singing at Greensoboro Church Goes Viral (Fox 8)
  4. Church Brings History to Life With Original Movie (TV6 Michigan)
  5. Massive Fire Engulfs Historic New York Church on Orthodox Easter (New York Post)
  6. Kentucky Confederate Monument to Be Removed After 120 Years (Fox News)
  7. Survey Says Most Protestant Pastors Don’t Believe in the Rapture (Christian Today)
  8. Bentonville School Board to Consider Bible Class (Arkansas Online)
  9. North Korea: Christian Missionary Sentenced to Ten Years of Hard Labor (Christian Today)
  10. Canada: Replacing Christian Prayers in the Saskatchewan Legislature? (Global News)