News Headlines

Catch up on our curated list of headlines for today, hand-picked from across the Web by Bruce Gourley.

January 27, 2016

  1. Revolutionary War Treasure Unearthed at New Jersey’s Oldest Baptist Church (WTSP)
  2. Kentucky Won’t Fight Tax Break Ruling for Noah’s Ark Project (ABC News)
  3. Jerry Falwell Jr. Endorses Donald Trump for President (CNN)
  4. Trump Attacks Evangelical Leader in Iowa Who Endorses Ted Cruz (Washington Post)
    Conservative Christian Leaders Balk at Falwell’s Trump Endorsement (Politico)
  5. Ted Cruz’s Evangelical Gamble (New York Times)
  6. Rubio Returns to Religion in Final Iowa Push (Politico)
  7. Anti-Abortion Activists Turn Themselves in to Authorities (CBS News)Florida:
  8. Christian Schools Can’t Say a Pre-Game Prayer at Championship Game (Fox News)
  9. ‘Bible Patrol Man’ Fighting Crime With Prayer (WREG, Memphis)
  10. Study: Fewer Young People See Marriage, Procreation as Requisites for Sex (Baptist News Global)

January 26, 2016

  1. Hillary Clinton Explains How Christianity Has Guided Her Politics (TIME)
  2. In Iowa Intro, First Baptist Dallas’ Jeffress Says He Can’t ‘Officially’ Endorse Trump, However… (Dallas Morning News)
  3. Marco Rubio Top Presidential Pick of Evangelical Insiders (Christian Post)
  4. Ted Cruz, the Empty Evangelical (New Yorker)
  5. Alabama Southern Baptist Rival Attacks Congressman’s Episcopal Faith, Says too Tolerant on Gay Marriage (
  6. Charleston Church Where Parishioners Killed Has New Pastor (Fox2Now)
  7. Tale of Evangelical Sex Scandal Hits Washington (Baptist News Global)
  8. Supreme Court Rejects North Dakota’s Bid to Save Strict Abortion Law (NPR)
  9. Creator of Anti-Planned Parenthood Videos Faces Felony Charges (Washington Post)
  10. Race, History and Racial Reconciliation (New York Times)
  11. Televangelist Wants to Build $125M Christian Resort in San Diego (ABC News)
  12. Texas Not so ‘Bible-Minded’ After All (Houston Chronicle)
  13. Franklin Graham on Wheaton Row: Muslims and Christians Do Not Worship the Same God (Christian Today)
  14. Tennessee’s Evangelical Universities Keep Close Watch on Wheaton Case (Tennessean)
  15. Whistleblower Florida Priest Claims Roman Catholic Church Ostracizing Him (CBS12)
  16. New Study Documents Shifts in Latin American Religion Affiliation (Baptist News Global)
  17. What is the Role of Women in World Religions (World Religion News)
  18. Israel: ‘You Can’t Boycott the Bible,’ Say Settlers on Airbnb Controversy (Jerusalem Post)
  19. U.K.: Tempers Flare as Britain First Holds ‘Christian Patrol’ in Bury Park (Luton Today)
  20. Russia: Putin Says He Likes Communist Ideas Echoing Bibles (Russia Beyond the Headlines)

January 25, 2016

  1. Georgia Church’s Second Story Ministry Aimed at Local College Students (Columbus Ledger-Enquirer)
  2. Trump, Clinton Go to Church in Iowa (CNN)
  3. How a Facebook Comment Turned Into a Nightmare for ‘the Evangelical Harvard’ (Washington Post)
  4. How Donald Trump is Stealing Iowa’s Evangelical Vote (Bloomberg)
  5. Why the March for Life is Becoming a Destination for More
  6. Evangelicals (Washington Post)
    Some Evangelicals Struggle With Black Lives Matter Movement (New York Times)

January 22, 2016

  1. Devil Goes up Outside Florida City Hall (Sun-Sentinel)
  2. The Bible Belt is Still Buckled: America’s 100 Most Bible-Minded Cities of 2016 (Christianity Today)
  3. Why Donald Trump is Winning Over Christian Conservatives (TIME)
  4. Owner Seeks Historic Preservation Status for Yakima’s Former First Baptist Church (Yakima Herald)
  5. Gender Gap in Clergy Pay is ‘Shameful,’ Say Some Baptist Women (Baptist News Global)
  6. Islam Will Become Dominant Religion, According to New Research (Charisma News)
  7. Ireland: Catholic Church’s Hold on Schools at Issue Amid National Changes (New York Times)

January 21, 2016

  1. Chattanooga Regains Title as America’s Most Bible-Minded City (Times Free Press)
  2. Arkansas Public School District to Offer Controversial Bible Class Next Fall (Christian Post)
  3. Ex-Aide Says Polygamous Church Helped Pick Town Officials (ABC News)
  4. In Robocall, Pastor Promises Hell if You Don’t Join Church (Fox40)
  5. Fairy Tales Predate Bible and Greek Myths (Discovery)
  6. William ‘Bill’ Self, 83: Baptist Leader Preached Around the World (Atlanta Journal Constitution)
  7. New Baptist Covenant Among Faith Groups ‘to Watch’ in 2016 (Baptist News Global)
  8. For Baptists-Turned-Episcopalians, Anglican Disagreement Feels Familiar (Baptist News Global)
  9. Middle East: ISIS Reportedly Destroys 1,400-Year-Old Christian Monastery in Iraq (ABC News)

January 20, 2016

  1. Religious Groups Focus on Flint’s Water (Religion News Service)
  2. Religion Often Intersects With Tennessee Politics (Tennessean)
  3. Paid Fantasy Sports Sites Violate Texas Law, Attorney General Says (Baptist Standard)
  4. Citing ‘ Two Corinthians,’ Trump Struggles to Make the Sale to Evangelicals (NPR)
  5. Sara Palin to Woo Evangelicals for Donald Trump (Frontier Media)
  6. Southern Baptist Leader Criticized for Criticizing Donald Trump (Christian Examiner)
  7. Kenya: New Church Laws Spur Debate (DW)

January 19, 2016

  1. At Martin Luther King Service at Ebenezer Baptist, Talk of Legacy Turns to Politics (Atlanta Journal Constitution)
  2. Newly Discovered MLK Speech Released (CBS News)
  3. Donald Trump Pledges to ‘Protect Christianity’ at Liberty University Rally (WRIC)
  4. Ted Cruz Exposes a Christian Divide (Charlotte Observer)
  5. Man Who Saved 150-Year-Old Church Facing Another Fight (KARE11)
  6. Central Texas: Residents Come Together for World Religion Day (KWTX)
  7. Online Tool Tracks ‘Faux Religious Freedom’ Claims (Baptist News Global)

January 18, 2016

  1. Reno Church Joins Growing Immigrant Sanctuary Movement (Reno Journal-Gazette)
  2. Planning to Drill for Oil on Church Site Draws Protestors (Detroit News)
  3. American Missionary Among at Least 23 Killed in al Qaeda-Linked Attack (NBC News)
  4. What Does the Pope’s Synagogue Visit Mean for Jews and Christians? (Christian Science Monitor)
  5. Britain: Majority of White Adults Say They Have No Religion, and the Number is Set to Rise (Daily Mail)
  6. Israel: Jerusalem Church Vandalized With Crude Anti-Christian Slogans (Jerusalem Post)

January 14, 2016

  1. What Arab Christians Think of Wheaton-Hawkin’s ‘Same God’ Debate (Christianity Today)
  2. Ted Cruz Chases the Evangelical Vote in Iowa (CBS News)
  3. This Glass Church is Made to Look Like a High-Heeled Shoe (Fox News)
  4. Leader of Southern Baptist Woman’s Auxiliary Stepping Down (Baptist News Global)
  5. Inspired by Obama, Baptist Pastor Offers ‘State of the Church’ (Baptist News Global)
  6. Rev. Bill Self Remembered for 60 Years in the Ministry (Forsyth Herald)