News Headlines

Catch up on our curated list of headlines for today, hand-picked from across the Web by Bruce Gourley.

August 11, 2014

  1. Macon Baptist Missionary Home from Ebola-Striken Liberia (Macon Telegraph)
  2. LifeWay Stops Selling Mark Driscoll’s Books at 180 Christian Stores (Christianity Today)
  3. In Iowa, Perry and Cruz Make Pitches to Evangelical Voters (Dallas Morning News)
  4. Strip-Club Dancers Take off Tops in Heated Protest Outside Ohio Church (Cleveland Plain Dealer)
  5. Customers are More Forgiving When Businesses Identity Religious Affiliations, Study Finds (Michigan Live)
  6. What is it About Religion That Keeps us Healthy? (DigiNews)

August 8, 2014

  1. Losing Religion at College? Not Anymore in Generation X, Says Study (Salt Lake Tribune)
  2. Ebola Comments Prompt Christian Backlash Against Coulter, Trump and Carson (Washington Post)
  3. Baptist Church Cancels Gungor Concert Event Over Views on Bible (Christian Post)
  4. Bible Banner Suit Heads to Texas Supreme Court (KGNS TV)
  5. Atheist Group Threatens Legal Action Over Bible Display at Processing Station (Military Times)
  6. Baptists in Gaza Appeal for Prayer After Month of Shelling (Associated Baptist Press)
  7. Texas Shelter Plans Canceled, But Needs Continue Along Border (Associated Baptist Press)
  8. Baptist Leader in Missouri Arrested for Seeking Sex With Animal (Associated Baptist Press)
  9. Strippers Plan Topless Protest in Front of Ohio Church (USA Today)
  10. Iraq: ISIS Overtakes Iraq’s Largest City (CNN)
  11. China: China Plans it’s own ‘Christian Theology’ (BBC

August 7, 2014

  1. West Africa: Baptists Take Precautionary Measures in Wake of Ebola Outbreak (AllAfrica)
  2. West African Baptists Take Measures as Ebola Outbreak Worsens (Associated Baptist Press)
  3. After Braxton Caner’s Suicide, Baptist Preacher Says He Regrets Twitter Battle With Teenager (Christian Post)
  4. Conservative Christian Groups Target ‘Black Jesus’ as ‘Blasphemous’ (Salt Lake Tribune)
  5. Texas Church Becomes Oasis for Central American Migrants, Their Children (National Geographic)
  6. Arizona Church Defies Immigration Officials, Shelters Undocumented Immigrant (Think Progress)
  7. Weighing in on Border Crisis, SBC President Says Jesus was an Immigrant (ABP)
  8. Minnesota Church Must Pay PCUSA Over $1.2 Million to Leave Denomination (Christian Post)

August 6, 2014

  1. House Republican Sends Bible to Every Member of Congress (New York Post)
  2. Restaurant’s ‘Prayer Discount’ Sparks Mix of Praise, Anger (National Public Radio)
  3. Evangelical Leaders Ask McConnell, Grimes to Participate in Forums (Lexington Herald-Leader)
  4. Kathy Hillman Nominee for BGCT President (Baptist Standard)
  5. Kentucky Evangelical Leaders Invite Senate Candidate to ‘Issues Forum’ (ABP)
  6. Prison Beard Case is Supreme Court’s Next Church-State Decision (Associated Baptist Press)

August 5, 2014

  1. This Baptist Charity is Being Paid Hundreds of Millions to Shelter Child Migrants (TIME)
  2. Orlando Drops Church Lawsuit, Moving MLS Stadium (ABC News)
  3. Why Artists Want to Preserve Church Tied to L.A. Church’s Chicano Movement (LA Times)
  4. The Spirituality of Surfing: Finding Religion Riding the Waves (Huffington Post)
  5. ‘Third-way’ Baptist Church Faces Possible Expulsion (Associated Baptist Press)
  6. Churches Widen Impact, Relevance by Working With Outside Groups (ABP)

August 4, 1862

  1. Liberian Pastor Speaks at Ebenezer Baptist Church (11 Alive Atlanta)
  2. Christian Evangelicals Show Muscle on Israel (Washington Post)
  3. Iraqi Christians ‘Should be Offered Asylum in U.K.’ – Bishop (BBC)
  4. Brazil: As Evangelical Clout Grows, Brazil May Face New Culture Wars (NPR)
  5. Two Bible Belt Filmmakers Expand Box Office Horizons (ABC News)
  6. North Korea: Bible Left in North Korean Sailor’s Club Triggered U.S. Tourist’s Arrest (Reuters)
  7. Dozens Protest ‘Poisonous’ Mars Hill Church Pastor (KOMO News, Seattle)

August 1, 2014

  1. Property of University Baptist Church, Abilene, Up for Sale (KTXS)
  2. Former Members Protest Mars Hill Church, Pastors Rant Revealed (KIRO TV)
  3. No, Christians Should Not Believe in ‘Left Behind’s’ Rapture Theology, Says Prominent Christian Philosopher (Christian Post)
  4. Bible, Tile Work Nominated for Endangered Artifacts List (Lynchburg News Advance)
  5. Al Sharpton Opens Voter-Rights Center with Rally at Historic Baptist Church (ABP)
  6. Millennials Warn Churches Against Catering to Their Generation (Associated Baptist Press)
  7. Baptists Joining Financial, Spiritual Fight Against Ebola Outbreak (Associated Baptist Press)
  8. Baylor Student, Graduate Die in Car Wreck (Associated Baptist Press)
  9. Gaza City: Christians and Muslims Grow Closer in Defiance of Israeli Attacks (Middle East Eye)

July 29, 2014

  1. Religion Remains a Strong Marker of Political Identity in U.S. (Gallup)
  2. Millions Flee Homes Due to Religion (SkyNews)
  3. Editor Fired for Criticizing “Queen James Bible” Fights Back (New American)
  4. Iraq’s Beleaguered Christian Community Offered Asylum by France (NBC News)
  5. China Removes Crosses from Two More Churches in Crackdown (New York Times)
  6. Minister on Death Row Surprised by Only One Thing: Fellow Baptists’ Support for Capital Punishment (Associated Baptist Press)
  7. Baptists Join Others in Praising Nominee for Religious Freedom Ambassador (ABP)
  8. Golden Gate Campus Fetches $85 Million (Associated Baptist Press)
  9. Papal First: Francis Visits Pentecostal Church (ABC News)