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Catch up on our curated list of headlines for today, hand-picked from across the Web by Bruce Gourley.

January 19, 2015

  1. Charlie Hebdo: Niger Protesters Set Churches on Fire (BBC)
  2. Charlie Hebdo Editor-in-Chief: ‘Religion Should Not Be a Political Argument’ (Washington Post)
  3. Cameron Rebuts Pope on Speech Offensive to Religion (Yahoo News)
  4. Study: Islamic Fundamentalism is Not a Marginal Phenomenon in Europe (
  5. Duke vs. Franklin Graham: Which Christian Spaces are Off Limits to Muslim Worship? (Christianity Today)
  6. Black Caucus Members Invoke MLK at Ferguson Church Service (ABC News)
  7. Illinois Bible College Sues for Right to Issue Degrees (Chicago Tribune)
  8. Kentucky Bill: Catch Trans Student in Wrong Restroom, Win $2,500 (US News & World Report)

January 16, 2015

  1. Duke Reverses Decision to Allow Muslim Call to Prayer (CNN)
  2. Christian Mom Alarmed that School Bus Tail Lights Form ‘Pagan’ Pentagram (Raw Story)
  3. Atlanta Mayor Branded ‘Antichrist,’ ‘Muslim’ for Firing Christian Fire Chief (Christian Post)
  4. Boy Who Claimed He Visited Heaven Reads Bible and Recants Story; LifeWay Pulls Book (Christian Post)
  5. Baptist Leaders Challenged at Summit to Exit Comfort Zones, Build the Beloved Community (CBF)
  6. ‘Holy Irritant’ Can Move White, Black Baptists Beyond Comfort Zones (Baptist News Global)
  7. In Hard-Hit Appalachia, Women Find New Opportunities (Baptist News Global)

January 15, 2015

  1. Is Britain Still Christian? And Other Concerns of the Far Right (Christian Today)
  2. Arkansas Schools Considering Elective Bible Studies Class (KTAV)
  3. Oklahoma Bill Seeks to Protect Schools That Want to Teach Bible Classes (Huffington Post)
  4. Mom-to-be Claims She Was Fired from Baptist Church for Not Scheduling Wedding Date (Fox News)
  5. Once Among the Healthiest of Professions, Clergy Seeing Spike in Obesity (Baptist News Global)
  6. Clergy Divided on Georgia’s Religious Liberty Bill (Baptist News Global)

January 13, 2015

  1. Proposal Wants to Make Bible Mississippi’s State Book (Clarion Ledger)
  2. Supreme Court Weighs a Church’s Right to Advertise Services (Washington Post)
  3. Russia: Why Evangelicals Thank God for Putin (Christianity Today)
  4. First African Baptist Church, Beaufort, Celebrates 150 Years (Beaufort Gazette)
  5. In Thick of Syrian Refugee Crisis, Couple Learns to ‘Love the Enemy’ (Baptist News Global)
  6. Former International Seminary Head John David Hopper Dies (Baptist News Global)

January 12, 2015

  1. France: Rally for Unity Against Terrorism is France’s Largest Ever (Washington Post)
  2. France: Charlie Hedbo: Time to ‘Impose the Enlightenment’ on Islam (Die Zeit, Germany)
  3. France: The Values of the Enlightenment Must Prevail (Hindustan Times)
  4. Judge Could Rule in Dispute Over MLK Bible and Nobel Medal (ABC News)
  5. Church Takes Aim at Atlanta Fire Chief’s Dismissal (WSBTV, GA)
  6. Concern Raised About Georgia ‘Religious Freedom’ Bill (Columbus Ledger-Enquirer)

January 9, 2015

  1. Scientists Seek Religious Experience—in Subject’s Brains (Los Angeles Times)
  2. ATF Investigates West Tennessee Church Fires (WMC Action News 5)
  3. Bombing of NAACP Headquarters Hearkens to Bad Old Days (MSNBC)
  4. Republicans Introduce Five Anti-Abortion Bills in First Days of New Congress (Huffington Post)
  5. Antioch Baptist to Host Prisoner Re-entry Conference in Durham (Durham Herald-Sun)
  6. Survey Seeks to Educate Parents, Youth Ministers on Teen Texting (Baptist News Global)
  7. Georgia Baptists Stand by Fired Atlanta Fire Chief (Baptist News Global)
  8. Turkey: First New Church in 90 Years (The Economist)

January 8, 2015

  1. France: Paris a Turning Point in Divisive Debate on Religion (Globe and Mail)
  2. Vandals Desecrate Phoenix Church With ‘Fascist Symbols’ (Arizona Republic)
  3. Lansing Church Seeks to Keep Cars Out of Building (Detroit Free Republic)
  4. Alabama City Council Declares God ‘Owns’ City of Winfield (
  5. Oklahoma Church Paves Way on Interfaith and Missions (Baptist News Global)
  6. Baptist Fire Chief Fired Over Anti-Gay Book Controversy (Baptist News Global)
  7. Mo. Convention Receives $5M Partial Settlement (Baptist Press)

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