News Headlines

Catch up on our curated list of headlines for today, hand-picked from across the Web by Bruce Gourley.

November 12, 2015

  1. Interfaith Ministries Focuses on Reality of Diversity in Annual Dinner (Houston Chronicle)
  2. Advocacy Demonstrates God’s Love, Texas Baptist Public Policy Director Says (Baptist Standard)
  3. Missouri Southern Baptist Convention Resolutions Oppose Abortion, Demand Religious Liberty Privileges for Christians, Pledge Loyalty to Israel (Word and Way)
  4. Thousands to Quit Mormon Church Over New Anti-Gay Stance (New Civil Rights Movement)
  5. Baptist Church Opens Disc Golf Course (Fountain Hills Times, Arizona)
  6. Tennessee School District Bans Distribution of Bibles, Other Religious Materials (Chattanooga Times Free-Press)
  7. Inside Virginia’s Church-Burning Werewolf White Supremacist Cult (Daily Beast)
  8. Egypt to Ben Carson: No, the Pyramids Were Not for Storing Grain (The Guardian)
  9. Illegal Mexican Immigrant to Leave Arizona Church After 461 Days (Yahoo News)
  10. Baptist General Association of Virginia Elects Officers, Adopts Reduced Budget (Baptist News Global)
  11. CBF Renews Scholarship With Global Women (Baptist News Global)
  12. Middle East: Christians and Muslims Fight to Protect Ancient Christian Town Against ISIS (Christian Today)

November 11, 2015

  1. Donald Trump: ‘Maybe we Should Boycott Starbucks’ (CNN)
  2. Kansas White Supremacist Sentenced to Death for Three Murders (Reuters)
  3. Jimmy Carter Gets Optimistic Update on Cancer Treatment (CNN)
  4. Praise the Lord: 9 Breweries in Renovated Churches (Paste Magazine)
  5. Commentary: Defining Welcome to Refugees by Religion, Race or Ethnicity Aids Haters & Conflict (Huffington Post)
  6. Augusta Heights Baptist Church Dismissed from Greenville Association After Pastor Performs Same-Sex Marriage (Baptist Courier)
  7. University Chief to Lead Texas Baptists (San Antonio Express-News)
  8. Smith Elected as First African-American President of Kentucky Southern Baptist Convention (Western Recorder)

November 10, 2015

  1. Football and Faith: The Temptation of Baylor (Inside Higher Education)
  2. Ted Cruz: An Atheist ‘Isn’t Fit to Be’ President (Huffington Post)
  3. Denver’s Zion Baptist Church Celebrates 150 Years (9News)
  4. Can in ‘God We Trust’ Be Displayed on Police Cars? (Constitution Center)
  5. National Religious Summit: God to Punish Fans of ‘Let it Go’ as it is ‘Satan’s Rebellion Anthem’ (Right Wing Watch)
  6. Missouri President’s Resignation Shows Realm Where Young Minorities Have Power (New York Times)
  7. Southern Baptists to be Host for Kentucky Governor-Elect’s Inaugural Worship Service (Baptist News Global)

November 9, 2015

  1. University Baptist Church: We’re Going to Be Fine (Hattiesburg American)
  2. Mormon Church Bars Same-Sex Couples and Their Children from Baptism, Blessings (NBC News)
  3. Supreme Court to Hear Religious Non-Profit Challenge to Obamacare Contraception Mandate (CNN)
  4. God ‘Judges Nations for Sins,’ Says Host of Evangelical Event Featuring 2016ers (MSNBC)
  5. College Football Players Go on Strike to Protest Racism on Campus (CNN)
  6. Christian Group Slams Starbucks Holiday Cup as ‘War on Christmas’ (New York Post)
  7. Pew Survey Shows Religious Acceptance of Gays (Baptist News Global)

November 6, 2015

  1. Georgia Teen: Forced to Swear ‘I’m Not Pregnant’ on Bible (13NewsNow)
  2. Lawsuit Says Moody Bible Institute is Taking Advantage of Elderly (WSBTV)
  3. After Bizarre Freeway Sign Death, a Spotlight on Misunderstood Church Tradition of ‘Sacrifice’ (LA Times)
  4. Religion Makes Children More Selfish, Say Scientists (Forbes)
  5. A Tale of Two Carsons (CNN)
  6. Church Replaces ‘Black Lives Matter’ Sign (Baptist News Global)
  7. SBC Leader Says Racism is Alive and Well (Baptist News Global)

November 4, 2015

  1. Church Advertises ‘HIV … It’s Time to Take Control of This Gangsta’ (WGNO, LA)
  2. Religious Rants in the Classroom: Students in Public School Say Christianity Forced Upon Them (Slate)
  3. Class Controversy: Missouri Parents Worried Course on Islam Teaches Religion (Fox2Now)
  4. Pew Study: More Americans Reject Religion, But Believers Remain Firm in Faith (Washington Post)
  5. Poll Watch: Republicans Diverge on Religious Liberties and Guns (New York Times)
  6. Poll: Survey Shows Religious Decline Among Democrats, GOP (CNN)
  7. Steeples and Millennials – Does Church Architecture Matter? (Baptist News Global)
  8. Society and Tech: Average U.S. Teen Watches Nearly Seven Hours of Media Daily (Christian Science Monitor)
  9. Society and Tech: Teenage Instagram Star Quits Social Media: ‘It’s Not Real’ (Christian Today)
  10. Christsploitatian – Hollywood Gives Thanks for the New Wave of Faith Movies (Guardian)
  11. In Religious Arbitration, Scripture is the Rule of Law (New York Times)
  12. Prestonwood Baptist Church Sells Dallas Campus (Baptist News Global)

November 3, 2015

  1. Jimmy Carter Says He Feels Fine, Keeps Busy Despite Cancer (Miami Herald)
  2. Ben Carson: My Denomination Should Ordain Women (Christian Post)
  3. Evangelical Vote is Splintered in Iowa (Boston Globe)
  4. Duke Energy Wants Fines Against Greensboro Church’s Solar Project (Winston-Salem Journal Now)
  5. Rome: Vatican Arrests 2 for Betraying ‘Pope’s Trust’ (CBS News)
  6. For Many, Bible No Longer Good Book (Baptist News Global)
  7. Intrigued by its History, Developer Spares Abandoned Church From Demolition (Baptist News Global)

November 2, 2015

  1. Episcopal Church Installs Its First African American Presiding Bishop (Washington Post)
  2. Boston-Area Mosque Spray-Painted with ‘USA’ Graffiti (ABC News)
  3. First Baptist Church of Columbia, South Carolina, Raises $60,000 for Flood Relief (ColaDaily)
  4. Protest and Prayer Fill Air Outside Greater Church of Lucifer in Texas (ABC13)
  5. ‘LDS Democrats’ Says Separation of Church, State is Not Infringement on Religion (KUTV)
  6. Report Details Decline of Church-State Separation in Orthodox States (