News Headlines

Catch up on our curated list of headlines for today, hand-picked from across the Web by Bruce Gourley.

December 3, 2016

  1. Supreme Court to Decide Whether Church-Affiliated Hospitals Can Underfund Pensions (Los Angeles Times)
  2. Why Physics is a Friend of Religion More than Other Sciences (Big Think)
  3. Texas Will Require Aborted Fetuses to be Buried or Cremated (CNN)
  4. Christian Professor: Four Things Evangelical Trump Supporters Should Keep in Mind (University of Texas News)
  5. Maryland Church Fined $12,000 for Helping the Homeless (ABC2News)
  6. Imprisonment Under Castro Recalled by Missionary (Baptist Press)
  7. Will the Catholic Church Split Over Marriage? (RNS)
  8. Indonesia: Muslims Push to Jail Christian Politician Accused of Blasphemy (Wall Street Journal)

November 30, 2016

  1. Soul Searching: Researchers Claim that Humans Have Souls Which Can Live on After Death (The Sun)
  2. Religious Thoughts Trigger Reward Systems Like Love, Drugs (CNN)
  3. For Some, Scientists Aren’t the Authority on Science (NPR)
  4. Harassment in Schools Skyrockets After Election, Teachers Report (CNN)
  5. ISIS Calls Ohio State University Attacker a ‘Soldier’ (New York Times)
  6. Can a Christian School be Both Ethical and Athletic? Liberty Raises the Question Again (Washington Post)
  7. Amy Grant Lives Her Life by Two Rules: Love God and Love Everybody Else No Matter What (Fox News Entertainment)
  8. Leah Remini Reveals Secrets About Former Religion: ‘There is No End to Scientology’ (San Francisco Chronicle)
  9. Israel: Bill Could Mute Muslim Call to Prayer (CNN)

November 29, 2016

  1. Georgia Baptists Take a Hard Line on Illegal Immigration (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)
  2. ‘We’ve Never Had Anything Like This’: Racist, Threatening Message Left on Door of Indiana Black Church (Washington Post)
  3. First Baptist Church Mahan Celebrates 150 Years in Suffolk (Virginian Pilot)
  4. Amid Negative News in Petersburg, Church Strives to Strike Positive Note (Richmond Times-Dispatch)
  5. Bonhoeffer Scholar: Has the Bonhoeffer Moment Finally Arrived? (Huffington Post)
  6. Accused S.C. Church Shooter to be Own Attorney in Trial (USA Today)
  7. Falwell Declines Trump’s Education Secretary Offer (Baptist Press)

November 28, 2016

  1. Trump’s Education Secretary Pick Draws Religious Liberty Concerns (BJC)
  2. The Biggest Victim Under a President Trump? Freedom of Religion (The Hill)
  3. Wisconsin Sikh Community Raises Awareness of Religion After Post-Election Nationwide Hate Crimes (NBC26)
  4. Group Seeks Public Input on How to Restore Natchez College (Natchez Democrat)
  5. Georgia Trust Names Americus Church ‘Place in Peril’ (Albany Herald)
  6. State of Ohio Takes Legal Action to Oversee Historic Athens Church (Athens Messenger)
  7. IRS Denies Exempt Status to Christian Coffee Shop (Forbes)
  8. Sociologist: The Rise of the Alt Right and Religious Right are Chillingly Similar (AlterNet)
  9. The Church and the Dakota Pipeline Protests (Economist)
  10. Cuba: Fidel Castro, Jesuit-Influenced Marxist Revolutionary (RNS)

November 25, 2016

  1. 2 Mississippi Churches Transcend Racial Barriers After Arson (The Grio)
  2. Virginia Baptists Pass Resolution Opposing Anti-Muslim Views, Rhetoric (BJC)
  3. William Carey University Marks 110 Years in Hattiesburg (Clarion Ledger)
  4. ‘Post-Truth’ Named 2016 Word of the Year by Oxford Dictionaries (Washington Post)
  5. Trump’s National Security Adviser Pick Regularly Pushed Sharia Law Conspiracy Theories in Speeches (CNN)
  6. Betsy DeVos, Trump’s Education Pick, is a Billionaire With Deep Ties to the Christian Reformed Community (Washington Post)
  7. Secretary of Education Pick Betsy DeVos May be a Disaster for Church/State Separation (Patheos)
  8. Meet the DeVos Family – Wealthy Right Wingers Working With the Religious Right to Destroy Public Education (Raw Story)
  9. Trump’s Battle Against Illegal Immigrant Sanctuary May End at Church Steps (Fox News)
  10. Religious Groups to Obama: Dismantle Immigration Registry’s Framework (RNS)
  11. Why Did Obama Win More White Evangelical Votes than Clinton? He Asked for Them. (Washington Post)
  12. Former SBC Leader Says ERLC Out of Touch with Mainstream (BNG)
  13. Africa: South African Pastor Sprays Insecticide on Congregants ‘to Heal Them’ (CNN)
  14. U.K.: New BBC Head of Religion Named (Premier)
  15. U.K.: Hundreds of Pentecostal Christians to Gather in London for Landmark Meeting (Christian Today)
  16. Middle East: Iraqi Christians Revisit Ghost Towns Abandoned by ISIS (Reuters)

November 22, 2016

  1. Rewriting the Biblical ‘Curse’ of Womankind (The Atlantic)
  2. FBC Columbus, Mississippi Selling Downtown Property (Columbus Dispatch)
  3. Mississippi Residents Unsure of Controversial Billboard’ Intent (CNN)
  4. U.S. Holocaust Museum Calls on Americans to ‘Confront Racist Thinking and Divisive Hateful Speech” (Fast Company)
  5. The ‘Alt-Right’ is a Hate Movement, and It’s Scarier Than You Think (Huffington Post)
  6. History Shows Us Why Being Evangelical Matters (Christianity Today)
  7. Can Evangelicals Unite After 2016 Election? (Charisma News)
  8. Vatican: Pope Extends Forgiveness for Abortion, Creates Day of the Poor (Crux)
  9. Rwanda: Catholic Church Apologies for Church’s Role in Genocide (Crux)

November 21, 2016

  1. Evangelical Support for Trump Strains Relationships Among Believers (Waco Tribune)
  2. Steve Bannon, Trump’s Chief Strategist, in Referencing ‘Satan’ Says ‘Darkness is Good’ (CNN)
  3. Donald Trump’s Team Won’t ‘Rule Out’ Muslim Registry (Fortune)
  4. Is GOP Flexing Muscles for Christian Conservatives? (Indianapolis Star)
  5. In Billings Church, Coffee House Welcomes LGBT Teens (Billings Gazette, Montana)
  6. What Happened to Texas Baptists? Moderate Churches Shaken by Perceived Shift to the Right (BNG)
  7. Canadian Study Finds Literal Interpretation of Bible ‘Helps Increase Church Attendance’ (Guardian)
  8. Iraq: Survival and Sadness in Christian Towns (PBS)

November 17, 2016

  1. Church Vandalized with Swastikas, Woman’s Car Window Smashed (ABC7News)
  2. Evangelical Christians Owe Their Fellow Americans Something Better (Washington Post)
  3. A Letter to My Evangelical Friend Who Betrayed Me (and All Jews) by Voting for Trump (Forward)
  4. U.S. Army Veteran Says Confrontational Trump Supporter Made Him Feel Like a Slave (CNN)
  5. Wisconsin Legislature Holding Bible Studies in Capitol Office Raises Church State Questions (Daily Progress)
  6. Gotham Chopra Investigates the ‘Religion of Sports’ (CBS News)