News Headlines

Catch up on our curated list of headlines for today, hand-picked from across the Web by Bruce Gourley.

February 12, 2016

  1. Fear of Vengeful Gods Helped Societies Expand (Discovery)
  2. Idaho Senator’s Bill Says Bible a Good School Reference Book for ‘Astronomy, Biology, Geology,’ More (Spokesman Review)
  3. Apple Rejects ‘The Binding of Isaac’ Game Because of ‘Violence Toward Children’ (Polygon)
  4. Brazil’s Abortion Rights Debate Fails to Convince Some Mothers of Microcephaly Babies (Washington Post)
  5. More Families Join Lawsuit Against Calvary Church in Charlotte (Charlotte Observer)
  6. Battle Over LGBT Discrimination Hits Charlotte (Baptist News Global)
  7. Christian, Muslim Leaders in Cyprus Support Peace Talks (ABC News)

February 11, 2016

  1. Sanders Just Made History as a Non-Christian Primary Winner (Washington Post)
  2. Evangelicals Favored Donald Trump, Ted Cruz in New Hampshire (Christian Post)
  3. Cruz’s Evangelical Backer Seeks to Convert Jews, Predicts New Concentration Camps (Times of Israel)
  4. Institute of Religion and Democracy Says Christians Must Stand Against Drafting Women into Combat (Christian Post)
  5. Mississippi Bill Would Allow Guns in Church (Clarion Ledger)
  6. U.S. Churches Offer Safe Haven for a New Generation of Immigrants (National Public Radio)
  7. Expert Details Importance of Teaching Religion in Public Schools (Tennessean)
  8. Civil Rights Trip Unites Tennessee Churches (Tennessean)
  9. Black Lives Matter Banner in Front of Local Church Goes Missing (CBS Philadelphia)
  10. Orlando Baptist Pastor Resigns After Former Member Sues Church (Orlando Sentinel)
  11. The Controversy at Mount St. Mary’s Goes National After Professors are Fired (Washington Post)
  12. Scholars to Debate Divinity of Jesus at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary (The Advocate)
  13. Raising Kids in Changing Times: A New Study Unpacks the Landscape (Baptist News Global)

February 10, 2016

  1. This Lawmaker and Evangelical Pastor Just Got His Anti-Gay ‘Religious Freedom’ Bill Passed (New Civil Rights Movement)
  2. Gay Marriage Remains Divisive Issue in Episcopalian Church (Tennessean)
  3. Violence More Common in Bible Than Quran, Text Analysis Reveals (Independent)
  4. Bring Bible Back to Politics, Graham Tells South Carolina Statehouse Crowd (The State)
  5. Passages Bible Exhibit Extending Stay in Santa Clarita (Home Town Station)
  6. Arizona House to Mendez: No God, No Prayer (Arizona Capitol Times)
  7. Christian-Centric Kentucky ‘Student Rights’ Bill Addresses Religion in Public Schools (State-Journal)
  8. Guatemalan Refugee Seeks Asylum Inside Austin Church (KVUE)
  9. Children with a Religious Upbringing Show Less Altruism (Scientific American)
  10. Baylor Under Fire for Sexual Assault Response (Baptist News Global)

February 9, 2016

  1. Freedom Riders Reflect Upon Past and Future at First African Baptist Church (Tuscaloosa News)
  2. Third Baptist Church S.F. Settles Suit Against S.F. Housing Nonprofit (San Francisco Chronicle)
  3. School in Colorado Sued for Rejecting ‘Lord’ in Locker Room Decides to Remove all Donor Nameplates (Christian Today)
  4. Vatican Sex Abuse Commission Ends Turbulent Meeting, Cites Progress (Religion News Service)
  5. Latin America: Zika Prompts Urgent Debate About Abortion (Washington Post)
  6. Middle East: Christian Iraqi Forces Join Fight Against IS (Voice of America)

February 8, 2016

  1. Professor Who Said Christians, Muslims Share a God is Leaving Christian College (NPR)
  2. Religion or Romance? Interfaith Relationships are More Common Than Ever, but Making Them Work is a Balancing Act (Chattanooga Times Free Press)
  3. How Evangelicals Will Influence Tennessee’s GOP Primary (Tennessean)
  4. New York Gov. Cuomo Announces Regulations to Prevent Gay ‘Conversion Therapy’ (CNN)
  5. Georgia Lawmakers Want to Let Students Express Religion on Sports Uniforms (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)
  6. Sex Abuse Survivor on Leave from Vatican Sex Abuse Panel (CNN)
  7. Africa: Why Some African Governments are Clamping Down on Churches (BBC)
  8. Middle East: Women Temporarily Banned from a Saudi Starbucks (CNN)

February 6, 2016

  1. Baptist Pastors and Ministers Conference at Philadelphia and Vicinity Installs New Officers (Philadelphia Sun)
  2. Trump’s Unwelcome Support: White Supremacists (CNN)
  3. How the Satanic Temple Forced Phoenix Lawmakers to Ban Public Prayer (Washington Post)
  4. Alabama Supreme Court Denies Methodist Church Request to Dismiss Lawsuit Over Killer Pastor (
  5. Massive Overhaul Slated for Chicago Archdiocese (Chicago Tribune)
  6. Global Persecution of Christians Prompts Historic Meeting (Christian Science Monitor)
  7. ABC Interim Executive Minister Gillies Focuses Attention on Relationships (Word and Way)
  8. Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary Gives Away Guns (Baptist News Global)
  9. Baptists Take Sides in Abortion Case (Baptist News Global)
  10. China: Religion Ban for China Communist Party Ex-Officials (BBC)

February 5, 2016

  1. Obama at Prayer Breakfast: ‘Faith is the Greatest Cure for Fear’ (CNN)
  2. Bigger Church = Less Engaged Parishioners (
  3. Georgia Southern Baptist Pastors Push for Bill Allowing Christians to Discriminate Against Others (CBS46)
  4. Religious Exemption Bills Cause Sharp Divide in Georgia Capitol (WABE)
  5. Godless Church Forms in Michigan’s Bible Belt (Michigan Live)
  6. Early Christian Church Found in Turkey (Sci-News)
  7. LifeWay Announces New Headquarters Site (Baptist News Global)

February 4, 2016

  1. Obama Rebuts GOP Muslim Rhetoric in First U.S. Mosque Visit (CNN)
  2. Democratic Hopefuls Brave Far-Right Prestonwood Baptist (Texas Observer)
  3. A Crisis of Faith: Zika Tests Catholic Position on Birth Control (CNN)
  4. Evangelical Voters Mobilize in New Hampshire (Wall Street Journal)
  5. University-Sponsored Archaeology Trips Yield Biblically Significant Finds (Chattanooga Times Free Press)
  6. Jacksonville Latest City to Grapple With Human Rights Ordinance (Baptist News Global)
  7. Georgia House Bill Focuses on Bible Verses Concerning High School Athletes Clothing (NBC26)
  8. Tennessee Subcommittee Delays Anti-Religious Indoctrination Bill (Tennessean)
  9. Why Nepal Has One of the World’s Fastest Growing Christian Populations (NPR)
  10. UK Church Leaders Condemn ‘Christian Values’ March as ‘Blasphemy’ (Christian Post)

February 3, 2016

  1. Baylor Faces Accusations of Ignoring Sexual Assault Victims (ESPN)
  2. Baylor Not Commenting on Procedural Changes for Sexual Assault Allegations After Scathing ESPN Report (Waco Tribune)
  3. Catholic Bishops Back Law Mandating Abortionists Have Hospital Admitting Privileges (CNS News)
  4. Minnesota Church Reportedly Tells 84-Year Old She Can’t Be Buried Next to Husband (Fox News)
  5. New Stamp Honoring AME Church Founder Celebrated in Tacoma (News Tribune)
  6. Iowa Caucuses: Southern Baptists ‘Highly Involved’ (Baptist Message)
  7. Baptist Journalists Want Answers About IMB Layoffs (Baptist News Global)
  8. China: Christian Mega-Pastor Under Investigation After Criticising Cross Removal Program (ABC Australia)

February 2, 2016

  1. Britain Approves Controversial Gene-Editing Experiments (Washington Post)
  2. Faith Communities Unite for Action on Climate Change (Orlando Sentinel)
  3. Experts: Christian Doctrine is Causing the Zika Virus Outbreak to Explode (Raw Story)
  4. Ted Cruz Wins Iowa with Help from Evangelical Voters (Washington Post)
  5. One Homeschooled Christian Family Band’s Mission to Elect Ted Cruz (PBS)
  6. Donald Trump Exposes the Split Between Ordinary and Elite Evangelicals (Atlantic)
  7. Trump Accidentally Put Money in the Communion Plate at a Church in Iowa (Washington Post)
  8. Mark Driscoll Unveils New Phoenix Church (Seattle Post Intelligencer)
  9. Evangelical University Requires Fitbit Ownership, Data Synching for Freshmen (Arstechnia)
  10. CBF to Vote on New Plan for Funding Global Missions (Baptist News Global)
  11. Arguments Set for Religious Challenge to Obamacare (Baptist News Global)