News Headlines

Catch up on our curated list of headlines for today, hand-picked from across the Web by Bruce Gourley.

July 24, 2014

  1. Same-Sex Marriage and Religion: When a Pastor is Re-Frocked (The Economist)
  2. How LGBT Students are Changing Christian Colleges (The Atlantic)
  3. Abortion Protestors Interrupt Church Service, Tell Pro-Choice Worshippers to ‘Repent’ (Think Progress)
  4. McAfee Trip Expands Limits of Faith, Culture and Ministry (ABP)
  5. Middle East: Gaza Muslims Find Refuge in a Christian Church (Daily Beast)
  6. Iraq: ISIS Expels 16-Year-Old Christian Community from Mosul (The Wire)

July 23, 2014

  1. In 30 Countries, Heads of States Must Belong to a Certain Religion (Pew Research Center)
  2. Creationist Ken Ham Calls to End Space Program Because Aliens are Going to Hell Anyway (Raw Story)
  3. Children Exposed to Religion Have Difficulty Distinguishing Fact from Fiction, Study Shows (Huffington Post)
  4. Evangelical Group Sets Sights on Secular Portland (ABC News)
  5. Heirs of Brooklyn Man Sue Florida Couple for $60 Million for ‘Ancient’ Bible (New York Daily News)
  6. Burned Cross Found Outside Clarksville Church (News Channel 5)
  7. U.K.: ‘God’ Seen in Photograph of Clouds Over Norfolk—But it Could be Sean Connery or Karl Marx (Telegraph)

July 22, 2014

  1. American Baptist College in Talks About Developing Riverfront (The Tennessean)
  2. Tallahassee Church Leaders Plan Response to Gun Violence (Tallahassee Democrat)
  3. Billy Graham Has Shaped Life in Colorado Springs, World (Colorado Springs Gazette)
  4. A Boise Church Bell was Lost, and Now it’s Found (Idaho Statesman)
  5. American Baptist Leaders Asks Churches to Address Growing Global Conflict (ABP)
  6. Kentucky Baptist Convention Escrows Funds for Campbellsville (Associated Baptist Press)
  7. Anti-Malaria Campaign Making an Impact, Say Baptist Groups (Associated Baptist Press)
  8. In Executive Order, Obama Bans Bias Against Gays by Federal Contractors (ABP)
  9. Air Force Personnel Cuts Highlight Importance of Church in Military Life (ABP)
  10. SBC’s Homosexuality Stance Reinforced by 1992 Amendment (Baptist Press)
  11. Iraq: Rise of Islamic State Deals Blow to Christian Population (Los Angeles Times)
  12. China: Police, Christian Protestors Clash (Voice of America)

July 18, 2014

  1. Hobby Lobby Family: Our $800m D.C. Bible Museum Will Save U.S. From a ‘Very Scary’ Future (Raw Story)
  2. NY Bill, Reacting to Hobby Lobby Ruling, Requires Notice of Contraception Coverage Changes (USA Today)
  3. The Potential Horrors of Hobby Lobby (MSNBC)
  4. Florida Judge Dismisses Atheist Groups Lawsuit Against School District Over Bible Distribution (Christian Post)
  5. Church Pantry Worker Fired for Being a Lesbian Sues Catholic Diocese (Kansas City Star)
  6. Labor Group Stands Up to Catholic Church, Refuses to Cut Ties With LGBT Allies (Think Progress)
  7. How You Can Help: Baptists in Texas Seek Funds, Volunteers to Aid Immigrants (ABP)
  8. NC Pastors Rally for Same-Sex Marriage Ban (Associated Baptist Press)
  9. Transgender Hobby Lobby Employee Claims Discrimination (Associated Baptist Press)
  10. Baptist College Association Approves Reorganization (Baptist Press)
  11. Vatican: Catholic Authorities Bitterly Irked by 1500-Year-Old Bible Newly Found in Turkey (Press TV, Iran

July 17, 2014

  1. Passport’s Founders Spearheaded Quiet Shift in How Youth Hear God’s Call (ABP)
  2. Evangelical Christians Love Jews, But the Feeling is Not Mutual (Boston Globe)
  3. Democratic Bid to Reverse Hobby Lobby Fails (Politico)
  4. Hobby Lobby’s Green Family Postpones Launch of Public School Bible Curriculum (RNS)
  5. BJC, Others, Oppose Religious Exemption in Non-Discrimination Order (ABP)
  6. Campbellsville Seeks New Relationship with Kentucky Baptists (ABP)
  7. Baptist Minister Wins GOP Nod for Open NC House Seat After Contentious Race (Fox News)

July 15, 2014

  1. Church of England to Allow Female Bishops (CNN)
  2. Pope Francis: ‘About 2% of Catholic Clergy Pedophiles (BBC)
  3. Tweeting in Church? Sacred, Social Media Worlds Blend (Raleigh News Observer)
  4. Survey: Republicans Confuse ‘Atlas Shrugged’ for the Bible (Salon)
  5. Mesa Charter School Teaches Religion, Group Says (Arizona Central)
  6. The Science-Religion Crisis at Christian Colleges (Huffington Post)
  7. Science Vs. Religion: Beyond the Western Traditions (National Public Radio)
  8. Supreme Court Ruling Gives Atheists a Prayer (Wall Street Journal)
  9. At Zion Baptist, a Pastor is Dismissed (Philadelphia Inquirer)
  10. Campbellsville University, Kentucky Baptist Convention at Odds Over Selection of Trustees (Lexington Herald-Leader)
  11. Kentucky Baptist Convention Leaders, Campbellsville University Trustees
  12. Clash (ABP)
  13. Major Doctors’ Group Endorses Hobby Lobby Override (Huffington Post)
  14. Experts Grapple to Find a Balance Between Optimism and Pessimism in Future of Congregations (Associated Baptist Press)
  15. Richard Land Says Transgenderism ‘Ultimate Rebellion’ (Associated Baptist Press)

July 12, 2014

  1. Urban Poverty, in Black and White (CNN)
  2. ‘We Just Need to be the Church,’ Says Anti-Poverty Activist (ABP)
  3. Southern Baptists Join Other Conservatives in Calling for Repeal of Houston’s Non-Discrimination Ordinance (Biblical Recorder)
  4. SBC Leader Opposes Legislation to Reverse Hobby Lobby Ruling (ABP)
  5. Why Every American Should Worry About the Hobby Lobby Ruling (Univ. of Texas)
  6. Right-Wing Media’s Fan Fiction on Hobby Lobby And the War on Women (Media Matters)
  7. Law Prof: Hobby Lobby a Boon for Lawyers (Review Journal)
  8. The Most Partisan Supreme Court Justice of All (Bill Moyers)
  9. Monks Brew Beer to Keep Abbey Open (CNN)
  10. South African Tapped to Lead Baptist World Alliance (Associated Baptist Press)

July 11, 2014

  1. WV Mom Sparks Backlash for Posing on Twitter with Bible, Gun, and American Flag (New York Daily News)
  2. How America’s Biblical Ignorance Enables the Christian Right (Salon)
  3. Crafty Activists are Trolling Hobby Lobby by Rearranging In-Store Craft Displays to Spell ‘Pro-Choice’ (Washington Post)
  4. The Hobby Lobby Backlash Hits Whole Foods (Daily Beast)
  5. Disaster Relief Groups Challenged by Border Crisis (Associated Baptist Press)
  6. Baptist Church Ordains Transgender Woman (Associated Baptist Press)
  7. Baptists Represented in Presidential Meeting on Child Immigrant Crisis (ABP)
  8. Australia: King James Bible from 1669 is a Holy Book at the Lifeline Book Fair (Daily Telegraph)
  9. Northern Ireland: Catholic-Protestant Feud Flares Anew (USA Today)

July 10, 2014

  1. The Evangelical Crusade Against Immigration (Mashable)
  2. Christian Bookstores are the Next Gay-Marriage Battleground (The Week)
  3. Legal Battle Over North Carolina Town’s Sectarian War Memorial to go to Trial (Americans United)
  4. Historic Cincinnati Church to Become Event Space, Bar (Cincinnati Enquirer)
  5. Vatican Turns to Wall Street to Fix Bank (CNN)
  6. Meet the ‘Evangelical’ Catholics Remaking the GOP (National Catholic Reporter)
  7. Senate Democrats Unveil Bill to Override Hobby Lobby Decision (Washington Post)
  8. Clergy Divided Over Religious Exemption to Discrimination Ban in Upcoming Executive Order (Associated Baptist Press)
  9. Anti-Trafficking Campaigner Recognized with Human Rights Award (ABP)
  10. Disaster Relief Groups Challenged by Border Crisis (Associated Baptist Press)
  11. Iraq: Christians Flee to Safety (Newsweek)
  12. Iraq: Inside an Iraqi Christian Ghost Town (Al Jazeera)