News Headlines

Catch up on our curated list of headlines for today, hand-picked from across the Web by Bruce Gourley.

October 25, 2014

  1. Author Says South Should Form New Nation Without Gays and Hispanics (Raw Story)
  2. Seminary Trustees Clear President in Muslim Flap (Baptist Press)
  3. First Baptist Church of District Heights, Md. Seeking Souls in Humble Places (Washington Post)
  4. Christian Group Fights for Identity Against Cal State Policy (Los Angeles Times)
  5. Christian Church Offering Beer to Congregation During Service (CBS Houston)
  6. Why Evangelical Churches are Getting into the Legal Services Business (Think Progress)
  7. Is Islam a Religion? Christian Seminary Debates Accusations of Islamophobia in the U.S. (Christian Post)

October 23, 2014

  1. The Georgia Chamber Draws a Line in the Sand on ‘Religious Liberty’ Bills (Atlanta Journal Constitution)
  2. Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson to Release Study Bible (Western Journalism)
  3. Mormon Bloggers Spreading Reports of Marriage Changes in Church (Herald Extra)
  4. FBI Investigating Embezzlement Claims at SouthLake Christian Academy (Charlotte Observer)
  5. No Magic Bullet for Church Survival, Rick Warren and Other Baptists Say (Baptist News Global)
  6. SNAP Says SBC Leader Poor Choice for Prayer Chairman (Baptist News Global)
  7. 22-Year-Old Kentucky Baptist Killed in Chile (Alabama Baptist)
  8. Pope Francis Plays Long Game to Reform Catholic Church (Reuters)

October 22, 2014

  1. Former Churches Blessed with New Lives in Pittsburgh (New York Times)
  2. Boston Church Official Pleads Guilty in Looting Case (ABC News)
  3. Alabama Baptists to Decide Between Nominees in All 3 Convention Officer Positions (Alabama Baptist)
  4. American Released from North Korea (CNN)
  5. Marc Driscoll Resurfaces at Evangelical Conference (Seattle Post Intelligencer)
  6. U.S. Prof on Loan to Liberia for 2 More Years (Baptist News Global)
  7. Amid Wars, Rumors of Wars, Baptist Leaders Voice Hope (Baptist News Global)
  8. African-American Baptist Groups Protests ‘Black Jesus’ (Baptist News Global)
  9. Pakistan: Court Upholds Death Sentence for Christian Woman Accused of Insulting Islam (Fox News)

October 21, 2014

  1. Religion and the Midterm Election Vote (Religion News Service)
  2. Evangelicals Road Test 2016 Strategy (Politico)
  3. Cardinal Dolan Stresses Strictness of Catholic Church Doctrine After Vatican Approves Conservative Document (New York Daily News)
  4. Mars Hill Board of Directors: Mark Driscoll Resigned Instead of Entering a Restoration Plan (Patheos)
  5. As Ebola Crisis Depletes Food Supplies, Baptists Find Ways to Fill the Gap (Baptist News Global)
  6. Guy Sayles Stepping Down at FBC Asheville (Baptist News Global)
  7. U.K.: Christian School ‘Downgraded for Failing to Invite an Imam to Lead Assembly’ (Telegraph)

October 20, 2014

  1. First Baptist Church Brings Awareness to Perils of Domestic Violence (Cleveland Plain Dealer)
  2. Vatican Meeting on Family Walks Back Liberal Language on Gay Couples, Divorce (Washington Post)
  3. Catholic Bishops Scrap Landmark Welcome to Gays in Sign of Split (Fox News)
  4. TX Judge Responds to Complaints about Bible Reading in Court by Hosting Prayer Breakfast (Raw Story)
  5. Pakistan: Christians Struggle to Find Space for Cemeteries (Washington Post)
  6. Brazil: Evangelical Lawmakers Worry Gay Activists (Reading Eagle)

October 18, 2014

  1. Southern Evangelicals: Dwindling – and Taking the GOP Edge With Them (Atlantic)
  2. Baptist Church Turned Single-Family Mansion for $5.875 Million (SF Chronicle)
  3. Iman: It’s ‘Code Red’ for American Muslims (CNN)
  4. Higher Ground: The Church that Would Not Sink (Independent Mail, SC)
  5. Broad Baptist Coalition Asks Houston Mayor to Withdraw Subpoenas for Sermons (Baptist News Global)
  6. 2 Seminaries With Baptist Ties Join Others Adding Science Curricula (Baptist News Glbal)
  7. LGBT Leaders Open to Dialogue with SBC (Baptist News Global)

October 16, 2014

  1. Wisconsin Campus Gifted to Southern Seminary (Baptist Press)
  2. Nashville-area Faith Leaders Divided on Abortion Measure (Tennessean)
  3. Mark Driscoll, Top Megachurch Pastor, Resigns (CNN)
  4. Mark Driscoll Resigns from Mars Hill (Christianity Today)
  5. NC Baptist Preacher Claims God Will Send Something Worse than Ebola as Punishment for Gay Marriage (Huffington Post)
  6. Baptist Pastor Sued After Revelation of Affairs (ABC News)
  7. Houston Subpoenas Pastors’ Sermons in Equal Rights Ordinance Case (Houston Chronicle)
  8. More Than 1800 Pastors Advocate for Political Speech Rights in Church (CNS News)
  9. Atheist Group Says Mississippi School Aided in Bible Giveaway (Gulf Live)
  10. Faith Leaders Support Economic Opportunity for Americans With Disabilities (Baptist News Global)

October 15, 2014

  1. Vatican Backtracks on Gay Comments (CNN)
  2. Next Gay Marriage Fight: Religious Exemptions (ABC News)
  3. Germany: Catholics Petition to Reinstate God in Constitution (Religion News Service)
  4. Oklahoma City Named National Bible City for 2014 (KOCO)
  5. Two from Jamaica Plain Baptist Church Arrested During Ferguson Protests (Boston Globe)
  6. Supreme Court Blocks Parts of Texas Abortion Law (Fox News)
  7. How Churches Are Slowly Becoming Less Segregated (Wall Street Journal)
  8. NYC Developer Embraces Religion in Search for Condo Sites (Business Week)
  9. Archaeologists in Israel Unearth Ancient Storm God Cult Complex (Christian Science Monitor)
  10. Baptist Disaster Relief Team Brings Prayers, Chain Saws (Monroe News-Star)

October 14, 2014

  1. Crowds Gather for Christian Prayer Service at Lincoln Memorial (WJLA)
  2. Christian Quartet Singer Killed After RV Crashes in Boone County (Fox 59 NC)
  3. Pro-Gay Baptists Welcome Same-Sex Marriage in N.C. (Associated Baptist Press)
  4. For West Pastor and Family, New Home Means Recovery (Associated Baptist Press)
  5. Vatican’s Stunning Shift on Gays, Lesbians (CNN)
  6. Minnesota Churches Settle Catholic Clergy Abuse Lawsuit (ABC News)
  7. Middle East: Iraqi Christian Village Takes the Fight to ‘IS’ (Deutsche Welle)