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Catch up on our curated list of headlines for today, hand-picked from across the Web by Bruce Gourley.

March 24, 2017

  1. Jewish Groups Says They are Relieved and Heartbroken After Arrest in JCC Threats (Washington Post)
  2. White Supremacist Blames Arson in Fire at Ex-Church Property (Bismarck Tribune)
  3. North Carolina House Delays Debate on Handguns at Schools Hosting Church (US News & World Report)
  4. Nebraska Lawmakers Pass Bill to Repeal Religious Garb Ban (NBCNeb)
  5. Freedom from Religion Files Suit Against Texas Justice of the Peace Over Courtroom Prayers (Houston Chronicle)
  6. Religious Countries Likely to Perform Worse in Science and Maths, Study Finds (Independent, UK)

February 10, 2017

  1. Federal Appeals Court Rules 3-0 Against Trump on Muslim Ban (Washington Post)
  2. How Russia Became the Leader of the Global Christian Right (Politico)
  3. Trump’s Gift to His Fundamentalist Base (History News Network)
  4. Trump Moves Leave LGBTQ Groups, Religious Conservatives Wary (NBC News)
  5. Republican Bill-on-hold Would Have the Power to Silence and Imprison Politically-Active American Muslims (Independent, UK)
  6. Baptist Church in Ohio Opens Museum to Mark 110th Anniversary (Columbus Dispatch)
  7. Little Church Hosts Big Ministry with Free Lunches in Minnesota (Episcopal News Service)
  8. Israel: New Dead Sea Scrolls Cave Discovered (CNN)
  9. Vatican: Pope Admits Corruption at the Vatican in Wide-Ranging Talk (National Catholic Reporter)
  10. Zimbabwe: Meet the Pastor Challenging Africa’s Oldest Dictator with Surprising Success (Christianity Today)

February 9, 2017

  1. 100 Evangelical Leaders Sign Buy Ad to Denounce Trump’s Refugee Ban (CNN)
  2. 500-Plus Evangelical Pastors Send Trump Letter Denouncing Refugee Ban (PennLive)
  3. ‘This is Not a Christian Gesture’: Pope Francis Denounces Walls While Praising Immigrants (Washington Post)
  4. Petition Seeks Sanctuary Status for Baylor Campus (Baptist Standard)
  5. Southern Baptists Back Away from Backing Mosques (Christianity Today)
  6. Most Americans Opposed So-Called ‘Religious Freedom’ Allowing for LGBTQ Discrimination (Daily Dot)
  7. A Public School in West Virginia is Being Sued Over Its Bible Classes (Salon)
  8. Mississippi Retains Standing as Most Religious State (Gallup)
  9. Church in New Orleans East Destroyed, One Wall Left Standing After Tornado (WGNO)
  10. William Carey University Tornado Cleanup Draws Baptist Support (Baptist Press)
  11. Israel: Archaeologists to Break Ground on Biblical Site Where Ark of Covenant Stood (Times of Israel)
  12. India: Report Examines Legal Restrictions Religious Minorities Face (US Commission on International Religious Freedom)
  13. Canada: Woman Turned Away From U.S. Border After Questions About Religion, Trump (CBC)
  14. Greece: Survey Says Greeks Tie Religion With Nationalism Above all Nations (Tornos News)

February 8, 2017

  1. Two Fla. Churches – One Black, One White – Merge in ‘Racial Reconciliation’ Effort (Washington Post)
  2. Trump’s Church-Politics Idea Drawing Opposition from, of All Places, Churches (Salt Lake Tribune)
  3. Evangelical Leaders Attack Vladimir Putin, Just as Trump Praises ‘Killer’ Russian Leader (Christian Today)
  4. New Arkansas Law Lets Husbands Sue Wives to Stop Abortion – Even In Rape Cases (CNN)
  5. Charter School Controversy Will Only Grow Under Trump (CNN)
  6. Puerto Rico Baptists Withdraw Support for Franklin Graham Rally (BNG)
  7. Why it Took Five Years to Give Away this Free Christian College Campus (Christianity Today)
  8. Majorities in All Major Religious Groups Support Requiring Childhood Vaccination (Pew Research)
  9. Israel: Settler Law Angers World Powers, But U.S. Silent (Yahoo News)
  10. Kenya: It’s Discontent, Not Religion, that Draws People to Al-Shabaab (The Wire)

February 7, 2017

  1. He Faced Threat of Arrest, Ebola and More. Still, Mercer Professor is Thankful (Macon Telegraph)
  2. Humanitarian Groups Say Refugee Vetting Process is Strict (KDLG)
  3. Conservative Christians are Divided on Trump’s Stance on Refugees – But They Can be Convinced (Salon)
  4. Wisconsin Governor Scott Wilson Plans ‘Transformative’ Evangelical Alaskan Cruise (TMJ4)
  5. 5 Faith Facts: Betsy DeVos, Trump’s Pick for Secretary of Education (RNS)
  6. Watchdog Group that Fought Catholic Church Faces Upheaval (ABC News)
  7. Falwell: Reducing Regulations on Higher Ed, Including Sex Discrimination Regulations, a Priority (Baptist Press)
  8. Africa: In Kenya, a Pastor Fights Female Genital Mutilation with the Gospel (Sight Magazine)
  9. Add Nature, Art and Religion to Life’s Best Anti-Inflammatories (KnowRidge Science Report)

February 6, 2017

  1. Hundreds Attend Greenville’s ‘Meet Your Neighbor’ Rally (WYFF4)
  2. In Trump Era, Bay Area Churches Offer Sanctuary to Undocumented Immigrants (San Jose Mercury News)
  3. Stephen Bannon Described Jews as ‘Enablers’ of Jihad in America (Forward)
  4. Swastika Scrawls Unnerve Three Cities (CNN)
  5. Houston-Area Lawmaker Files Creationism Bill (Houston Chronicle)
  6. Creationists to Climate: States’ Bills Allow Teachers to Choose What Science They Teach (Laboratory Equipment)
  7. DeVos’ Code Words for Creationism Offshoot Raise Concerns about ‘Junk Science’ (Pro Publica)
  8. The Controversy of Teaching Evolution, State by State (Austin-American Statesman)
  9. Law Professor Predicts Failure for State Arkansas Senator’s Push to Amend U.S. Constitution to Ban Gay Marriage and Abortion (Arkansas Matters)
  10. Protest in Mississippi Town After Removal of Christian Flag (WCBI)
  11. The Bishop Eddie Long I Knew: Revelations From a Megachurch Pastor’s Messy Legacy (CNN)
  12. Vatican City: Mysterious Posters Take Jabs at Pope Francis as Conservative Criticism Intensifies (NBC News)
  13. Australia: Staggering Rates of Child Abuse in Some Church Orders Revealed (New Daily)
  14. Philippines: Officials Brush Off ‘Out of Touch’ Criticism of Drug War (Newsweek)

February 4, 2017

  1. A Baptist World Alliance Statement on Refugees (BWA)
  2. Federal Judge Temporarily Halts Muslim Ban Nationwide (CNN)
  3. Tulsa Pastors Divided on Trump’s Efforts to End Political Limits on Churches (Tulsa World)
  4. Congress Proposes to Tear a Hole in the Church State Wall of Separation (Baptist Press)
  5. Arkansas GOP Targets Sharia Law After Passing a Bill to Allow Rapists to Sue Their Victims for Abortion (Raw Story)
  6. Catholic and Evangelical Leaders Object to EPA Nominee (Santa Monica Observer)
  7. Church Leaders Take Varied Approach to Muslim Newcomers (KHOU Houston)
  8. Archbishop of Boston Calls ‘Solidarity With Muslims’ Meeting With Massachusetts Gov. Baker (MassLive)
  9. 10 Journalism Brands Where You Find Real Facts Rather Than Alternative Facts (Forbes)
  10. Opinion: Trump Needs a Holy War (Haaretz)
  11. Indonesia: Christian Governor Fights Blasphemy Charge in Muslim-Majority Nation (NPR)

February 3, 2017

  1. Poll: 4 in 10 Support Impeaching Trump (The Hill)
  2. Howard Stern: Trump is Pro-Abortion, Angry He Won; Wants to be Loved, Presidency Will be ‘Detrimental’ to His Mental Health (CNNMoney)
  3. Trump Threatens to ‘Straighten out the World’ in Chilling Speech to Religious Leaders (Mirror, UK)
  4. Trump Mocks Opponents, Talks Tough on Security at National Prayer Breakfast (New York Daily News)
  5. Trump Vows to End Prohibition on Church Political Activity (Reuters)
  6. White House Considers Order on Religious Freedom that Critics Warn Could Lead to Discrimination (Fort Worth Star-Telegram)
  7. Trump ‘Religious Freedom’ Executive Order Draft Could Curtail LGBT Rights (ABC News)
  8. Exploring the Nationalistic and Christian Right Influences on Trump (Maine Public Radio)
  9. Chuck Colson, Greg Boyd, and Shane Claiborne – How to Be a Christian Citizen: Three Evangelicals Debate (WBEZ)
  10. Trump Draft Executive Order Full of Sound and Fury on Immigration, Welfare and Deportation (Washington Post)
  11. For Victims of San Bernardino Terrorist Attack, Conflicting Views About Trump Muslim Policy in Their Name (Los Angeles Times)
  12. Will Global Citizens Stand Up to Trump Ban? (Daily Beast)
  13. On Phone Call About Refugee Resettlement Trump Lashes Out at Australian PM (The Hill)
  14. Kentucky Bill Would Require Social Studies Classes on the Bible in Schools (Owensboro Messenger-Inquirer)
  15. Virginia House OKs Bill Protecting Anti-LGBT Religious Groups (News Leader)
  16. Albany Baptist Church Relocates After Storm Damage (WALB, GA)
  17. Middle East: Peoples of the Bible: The Legend of the Amorites (Haaretz)

February 2, 2017

  1. The Abortion Rate is At An All-Time Low. Better Birth Control Under the Obama Administration is Largely to Thank. (Vox)
  2. Trump Trashes the Press at First Black History Month Meeting (New York Daily News)
  3. A Full Transcript of Donald Trump’s Black History Month Remarks (Deadspin)
  4. Trump’s High Court Nominee Neil Gorsuch: Another Scalia on Church-State Issues (Americans United)
  5. ERLC-Organized Coalition Endorses Gorsuch for Confirmation (Baptist Press)
  6. Hobby Lobby and Executive Power: Gorsuch’s Key Rulings (CNN)
  7. Neil Gorsuch Wrote the Book on Assisted Suicide. Here’s What He Said. (Washington Post)
  8. Draft of Trump Executive Order Allows Firing Based on Religion (Reveal News)
  9. BJC’s Amanda Tyler: Trump Executive Order on Immigration a ‘Back Door Ban on Muslim Refugees’ (Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty)
  10. Trump’s Muslim Ban: ‘It’s Shock and Awe Without Bombs’ (Al Jazeera)
  11. Most Americans Don’t Think Trump’s Immigration Ban Will Make Them Safer (TIME)
  12. Chattanooga Religious Leaders Provide Direction Amid Uncertainty About Trump’s Travel Ban Executive Order (Times Free Press)
  13. You Have to be a Christian to Truly be ‘American’? Many People in the U.S. Say So. (Washington Post)
  14. LGBT Groups Brace for Trump Religious Freedom Executive Order (Newsweek)
  15. Texas Pastor Finds Burning Cross Outside Historic African-American Church (Christian Post)
  16. Opinion: The Myth that Christianity Provides Ethical Guidance (TIME)
  17. Artists Transform Church Pews into Art (Austin American-Statesman)
  18. Homeless Find Rest in Faith-Based Shelters More than Others (RNS)
  19. Facts are the Reason Science is Losing During the Current War on Reason (The Guardian)
  20. You Won’t Believe What Baby-Making Science Could Soon Deliver (NBC News)

February 1, 2017

  1. Trump Nominates Conservative Anti-Church State Separation Ideologue Neil Gorsuch to Supreme Court (Right Wing Watch)
  2. Trump’s Supreme Court Pick: Defender of Religious Freedom, Favoritism for Christians (Christianity Today)
  3. Trump’s Supreme Court Pick is Payoff to the Religious Right (Daily Beast)
  4. 5 Faith Facts on Trump’s Supreme Court Pick, Neil Gorsuch (RNS)
  5. Poll: Trump’s Travel Ban Polarizes America (Reuters)
  6. Christian Groups Express Concern Over Trump’s Refugee Ban (CNN)
  7. Large Crowd Supports Muslim Day at Texas Capitol (Austin Statesman)
  8. Trump’s Immigration Order is Just the Opening Salvo in Steve Bannon’s War Against Islam (Mother Jones)
  9. Her Husband Was Murdered in the San Bernardino Terrorist Attack – But Her Biblical Message to Trump is Going Viral (Daily Kos)
  10. Hate Crimes in the US: Jewish Community Centers Shaken Across the Country in Wake of Recent Bomb Threats (International Business Times)
  11. Christian Terrorist Bissonnette Kills Six at Quebec Mosque (Patheos)
  12. Birmingham City Council Unanimously Passes Sanctuary Resolution (ABC3340)
  13. Trump Keeps LGBT Protections for Federal Workers (Christian Post)
  14. Conservative Christian Leader Expects Trump to Advance Discrimination Against LGBT Community (CNBC)
  15. Jerry Falwell Jr. Says He Will Lead Federal Task Force on Higher Ed Policy (Chronicle of Higher Education)
  16. Abortion Argument Continues in Richmond (Lynchburg News & Advance)
  17. ETBU and the T.B. Maston Foundation Honor the Life of Dr. T.B. Maston (ArkLaTex)
  18. Southwest Baptist University Dismisses 2 Students After Child Beating Video Surfaces (KY3)
  19. Mormon Church Weighing Acceptance of Transgender Boy Scouts (Salt Lake Tribune)