News Headlines

Catch up on our curated list of headlines for today, hand-picked from across the Web by Bruce Gourley.

May 6, 2016

  1. Focus on the Family Founder’s National Day of Prayer D.C. Address: Children Being Influenced and Perverted by an LGBT Culture (CNS News)
  2. Obama National Day of Prayer Address: Religious Freedom for All, God in Everyone, Unity of Common Humanity (TIME)
  3. It’s the National Day of Prayer, but Religion Should Support Itself (Baptist Joint Committee)
  4. The Silence of Ken Starr: Baylor’s President Focused on Football, Fumbled on Sex Assaults (Dallas Morning News)
  5. Trump Victory Marks Major Defeat of Christian Right Agenda (Religion News)
  6. Georgia Pastor Charged With Stealing $250,000 From Church (ABC News)
  7. $10 Million Suit Filed Against Cornerstone Nashville Church (Tennessean)
  8. State Department Looking into Investigation of Massive Fire at Manhattan Serbian Orthodox Church (New York Daily News)
  9. China Protests at US Accusations of Abuse of Religious Groups (Religion News Service)
  10. India Rejects US Religious Freedom Report (Religion News Service)

May 5, 2016

  1. Trump’s Win Draws Support, Concern from Evangelical Southern Baptists (Baptist Press)
  2. Atlanta Church in New Captain America Film (11 Alive News)
  3. Justice Department Challenges North Carolina Transgender Law (CNN)
  4. Colorado Christian University Requests Transgender Policy Exemption (Denver Post)
  5. First Muslim USA Converts to Christianity (Christian Today)
  6. Israel: Alliance of Baptists Rules Out Investigating in Israel-Linked Firms (Electronic Intifada)

May 4, 2016

  1. Trump Turns Evangelical-GOP Coalition Topsy-Turvy (Religion Dispatches)
  2. Are Evangelical Churches Abandoning the Working Class? (Christian Post)
  3. Bible-Reading Marathons Lead up to National Day of Prayer (AL.com)
  4. Police are Looking for an Alleged Trump Supporter Who Attacked a Muslim Woman (Huffington Post)
  5. Candles May Have Caused NYC Church Fire, Officials Say (Fox News)
  6. Stained Glass Windows at Historic Dallas Church Destroyed by Vandal (Fox4 News)

May 3, 2016

  1. Rome Georgia First Baptist Church Pastor Joel Snider Retires After More Than 2 Decades (Northwest Georgia News)
  2. Hawaii Church Fights Homelessness With Affordable Alaskan ‘Igloos’ (Inhabitat.com)
  3. Alabama’s Largest Church Buys Conference Center on U.S. 280 (AL.com)
  4. Florida Man Charged With Plotting to Blow Up a Miami-Area Synagogue (Washington Post)
  5. Investigation: Former Pastors, Member Call Pennsylvania Church Cult-Like (CBS Pittsburgh)
  6. Why Prayer Appeals to Americans (Christian Science Monitor)
  7. Illinois School Settles Church State Case (Portland Press Herald)

May 2, 2016

  1. Wheaton Group Blasts College’s Silence Over Hastert Abuse Confession (Religion News Service)
  2. Arkansas Baptist College Student With Troubling Past Defeats the Odds (KATV 7)
  3. Video of 4-Year-Old Boy Singing at Greensoboro Church Goes Viral (Fox 8)
  4. Church Brings History to Life With Original Movie (TV6 Michigan)
  5. Massive Fire Engulfs Historic New York Church on Orthodox Easter (New York Post)
  6. Kentucky Confederate Monument to Be Removed After 120 Years (Fox News)
  7. Survey Says Most Protestant Pastors Don’t Believe in the Rapture (Christian Today)
  8. Bentonville School Board to Consider Bible Class (Arkansas Online)
  9. North Korea: Christian Missionary Sentenced to Ten Years of Hard Labor (Christian Today)
  10. Canada: Replacing Christian Prayers in the Saskatchewan Legislature? (Global News)

April 29, 2016

  1. Low Pay, No Savings and Financial Stress: The Reality for Evangelical Pastors (Christian Today)
  2. Oxford, Alabama: Use the Wrong Bathroom, Go to Jail (CNN)
  3. Wayland Baptist University Announces New President (KCBD)
  4. Book Club Invites Evangelical Conversation on Hot-Button Topics (Religion News Service)
  5. The Good Life? Practices at New Orleans East Church Questioned (WWLTV)
  6. Brazil: President’s Impeachment Shows Growing Evangelical Power (Charisma News)

April 28, 2016

  1. And on the Seventh Day Americans Rested – But Pass on Religion, Poll Finds (Guardian)
  2. Atlanta’s Friendship Baptist Church to Tear Down Fire-Damaged Former Morris Brown Dorm (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)
  3. Georgia Baptist Leaders Unite Black, White Churches in ‘Covenant of Action’ to Expand Missions (Christian Post)
  4. ABHMS Launches New Website, Features Free Brian McLaren Bible Study Video (American Baptist News Service)
  5. Knoxville Church Groups Work to Stem Violence by Reaching Ex-Offenders (Knoxville News)
  6. Fire at Haverhill Church Considered Suspicious (Boston Globe)
  7. Tennessee Governor Signs Law Allowing Therapists to Refuse Patients on Religious Grounds (National Public Radio)
  8. When Religion and the LGBT Collegiate Athlete Collide (USA Today)

April 27, 2016

  1. Faith Groups Are Rallying Against North Carolina’s Anti-Transgender Law (Huffington Post)
  2. Latino Faith Leaders Unite Over Colorado River Protections (PR Newswire)
  3. Backlash Greets Plans for Muslim Cemeteries Across U.S. (Associated Press)
  4. Why Oklahoma Cops Are Returning $53,000 to a Christian Band, an Orphanage and a Church (Washington Post)
  5. How North Carolina Became the Epicenter of the Voting Rights Battle (Washington Post)
  6. Campus Christian Group Sues NC State (ABC11)
  7. Faith-Based Drama ‘The Reason’ Underscores Spirituality of Cast (EurWeb)
  8. In Idaho, Mother Says Daughter’s Case Not Faith Healing (KTVB)
  9. NAACP Focuses on Six Things (Columbus Ledger-Enquirer)
  10. Kerry Explains Why Religion is Relevant to U.S. Foreign Policy (Washington Post)
  11. China: The Dawn of Robot Religion: Programmable Buddhist Monk (TruNews)
  12. Liberia: Rev. Dr. Olu Q. Menjay Re-Elected as President of Baptist Convention (All Africa)

April 26, 2016

  1. Colorado Court: Ruling Stands that Baker Can’t Cite Religion (ABC News)
  2. Friend of Man Charged in S.C. Church Shooting to Plead Guilty in Related Case (Reuters)
  3. Transgender Law Spurs More Rallies in North Carolina (Wall Street Journal)
  4. Is Anti-LGBT Legislation the New Southern Strategy? (Religion Dispatches)
  5. Authorities Continue to Investigate North Wales Church Shooting (Fox 29 Philadelphia)
  6. 6 Countries Where Owning a Bible is Dangerous (Christian Today)
  7. Russia: Scientologist Arrested for Stealing $2 Million and Giving it to Church (Daily Beast)

April 25, 2016

  1. Ohio Pastor Looks to Bible, But ‘There Are No Words’ (USA Today)
  2. For Hillary Clinton, Church Offers a Trusted Comfort Zone (Washington Post)
  3. Vineville Baptist, First Georgia Baptist Convention Church to Integrate, a Faith Community Cornerstone (Macon Telegraph)
  4. In Michigan, Muslim, Christian Women Build Friendships, Community (HomeTownLife)
  5. Singer Bono and Author Eugene Peterson Teaming Up to Make Film About the Psalms (Christian Headlines)
  6. Charlotte Gay Wedding Defies United Methodist Church Rules (Charlotte Observer)
  7. How One Small Religion Changed Prince (Daily Beast)
  8. Church Member Hasn’t Been Charged After Deadly Shooting of Another Member at Pennsylvania Sunday Service (ABC News)
  9. Seattle Church Vandalized With Racist Messages (KING5)
  10. Oklahoma Voters to Decide Whether to Amend State Constitution to Allow Ten Commandments Monument (Christian News Network)
  11. The World’s Newest Major Religion: No Religion (National Geographic)
  12. Middle East: Orthodox Christians Mark Palm Sunday at Jerusalem Church (Jerusalem Post)
  13. Brazil: What Impeachment Process Says about Nation’s Christian Faiths (Christian Science Monitor)