5 Great reasons to visit the enhanced website

The Baptists Today website has a fresh look with added features — along with all of the popular offerings that have long been enjoyed. Here are fi ve good reasons to check out baptiststoday.org.

1. More content, easier to access

All the content usually found at baptiststoday.org is still there, including Daily News Headlines and Baptists Today blogs.

However, the upgraded site also offers more Baptists Today news, full-length features, and additional religion news stories. There’s also additional information about the growing resources from Nurturing Faith, the book and church resources publishing imprint of Baptists Today.

Subscribers to the digital version of the monthly news journal have access to all the content from current and recent issues of Baptists Today — now offered in easy-to-read web format (more on this below).

The site design offers a quick look at the latest content — all from the homepage. And a prominent slider allows for a look at featured stories, events and opportunities.

Just below the slider, a quick link offers the day’s news headlines (and past ones too). Scrolling on down gives a look at the latest blog posts from John Pierce and Tony Cartledge, as well as “Baptists Yesterday” and “Jackie’s Bookshelf.” Click any of these to read the full post.

Below the blogs are highlights from the latest Baptists Today news story, followed by other religion news. Finally, see the theme for the upcoming Nurturing Faith Bible Study, check out the “Weekly Photo” and learn about great new books from Nurturing Faith publishing. Site menus have been reworked to make it easier to fi nd whatever content you seek.


2. Tablet and smartphone friendly

Because more readers are using tablets and smartphones to access websites, the new Baptists Today site is optimized for use by mobile devices.

When visiting the site from a smartphone, the same content is provided — but automatically resized to fit the screen, removing any need for pinching or zooming. On smaller screens, the menus change to a format that is easier to “tap” from touchscreens.

Combined with the enhanced online edition, online subscribers to the news journal can comfortably read articles using tablets and smartphones. We hope you will add Baptists Today to your device’s home screen for ready access.

3. Enhanced online edition

For online subscribers, the new subscriber area is a big leap forward. In the past, issues of Baptists Today were offered in a format that sought to replicate the layout of the printed news journal. This offered a faithful replica of the paper, but was not as easy to read — especially from tablets and smartphones.

Now the content appears as a series of web articles. Clicking on any article opens the full text and images of the article in the browser for easy reading. Because it is a web article, the browser can be used to enlarge text size, if needed.

So when you’re relaxing in your favorite chair with your tablet, you can comfortably read the latest from Baptists Today. Or if waiting for an appointment, you can read an article or two on your smartphone.

Existing subscribers will use a personalized code to access to the subscriber-only area. If interested in checking it out, you may use this coupon code to get free one-month access: freebt2014. Just click on “Subscriber Login” in the top menu on the far right to get started.

4. Photo sharing

Both words and images tell the stories of faith and express spiritual meaning. Our travels, places of worship, and the world all around us have beauty that photography can reveal.

Baptists Today would like to share your photos. You can submit them online, and each week one photo will be specially featured. Just visit the “Blogs” menu and choose “Photo of the Week.” You will see submitted photos and fi nd a form for submitting yours.

5. Help us help you

Baptists Today is excited to provide additional content and greater ease of use through its enhanced website. More features and new resources are envisioned, too.

As a supportive partner, you can help us provide trusted, innovative and needed resources with a generous gift to Baptists Today. The “Donate” tab is a fast, safe and easy way for you to make a real difference.

Please visit baptiststoday.org and let us know what you think. BT

 —David Cassady is president of Faithlab and church resources editor for Baptists Today.