August 15, 2014

  1. Dallas Researchers Are Out to Scientifically Prove the Biblical Version of Creation (Dallas Morning News)
  2. Evangelical Leaders Quiz McConnell During Issues Forum (WDRB, KY)
  3. Golden Gate Announces Purchase; Requests ‘Gateway’ Name Change (Baptist Press)
  4. LifeWay Explores Sale of 14.5 Acre Property (Baptist Press)
  5. St. Louis Pastor Says Racial Violence Not Justified, But Anger Is (Associated Baptist Press)
  6. Campbellsville, KBC Leaders Discuss Partnership (Associated Baptist Press)
Bruce Gourley

About Bruce Gourley

Bruce T. Gourley is online editor. In addition to managing Baptist Today’s web presence, Bruce is the executive director of the Baptist History and Heritage Society (, general editor of the Baptist History & Heritage Journal, editor of the Baptist Studies Bulletin, creator and author of the "Baptists and the American Civil War Project" (, and author of six books. Bruce is also a photographer ( and previously served as a campus minister and professor of history at Yellowstone Baptist College in Billings, Montana. A graduate of Mercer University (B.A.), Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (M.Div.), and Auburn University (Ph.D.), he and his family live near Bozeman, Montana.

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